Kumkum Bhagya 10th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya and Abhi are in the show

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Tanu is trying to blackmail Pragya, she says that she is only;y doing this because
she wants to steal Abhi from her, Pragya ask her to not be so insecure and let her live her life,
Tanu wonders what is happening and why is she is here, she then thinks that what is she has a child.
Pragy is walking when King calls her, Tanu sees this and says that she came with King and may not have a child.

King is receiving gifts from the teachers and when she comes to him, he asks if she was waiting fr him then
starts to tease her and says that he will leave, she then take his hand and starts to walk towards the auditorium,
Kiara and Sunny are talking,she says that he must not get scared as Abhi will help them like in a movie,he gets worried says that he doesn’t understand,

she calms him down.

Abhi and Tanu along with everyone are waiting for the show to starts, Abhi sees Pragya coming with King and he gets emotional, the principal starts the show, King says that he is waiting for the reaction of Kiara.

In the house Mitali is with a women trying to find a husband for someone, she says that she will find a good boy for her,Mitali says that if she waits then the girl will come, the women says that she has to leave for other places,her mom says that it is not right to hide these
Kind of things Mitali says that nothing will happen and they will find someone for their daughter.

In the show it is announced the Sunny and Kiara will perform now, both King and Abhi get overly excited and then feel awkerd when everyone else stops,Pragya wonders how both of them have a relation with her daughter and that they both love her so much, she fears what will happen if they call both of them on stage.

Sunny starts the show with his performance in The Beauty and The Beast, they starts to tell the tale after which everyone gets emotional, Kaira comes as the Princess and Pragya is left speechless,Tanu thinks of what robin said and that she is the witness in the murder of his brother.
The show ends and hearing what Sunny says Pragya and Abhi think of their love stiory, at the end Abhi is not able to control his emoptions for both of them,King asks Pragya as about
whom Abhi is talking about,even the parents like the performance of Kiara and Sunny, Pragya thinks of what the teacher said, she prays that kiara must not win, she thinks as to what
is happening now that she wants her own child to fail; Kiara starts to wave Pragya quickly handles the situation.

The host says that the parents can have a break and take the sweets, she says that the results will be announced after ten minutes.

Precap: Kiara yells at Pragya asking her how she played, she comes, Tanu sees them together

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What happened? I turned on the show and nothing happened. And then it was over. But nothing happened. Only some time passed. What is going on?

  2. to keep you watching

    1. So what are they really selling here?
      And I love it, Zo, that you keep calling her “Tuna” . Just have to ask if it is on purpose? You see, there is a very old habit/joke in the West… and I have wondered if you are actually making that joke? ; )

      1. Cathy

        I thought the same..about the tuna joke. LOL

      2. Girl I hate her face body , from the start. and her live style. na na . It is a joke for a model and the same cloth day after day. The only gold is to get Abhi. the way she yells and get away with it. and we do call woman like her who goes after someone husband and sleeps around fish names. lol

  3. and why tuna gee have to be there

  4. An you please finish the update, thank you.

  5. Cathy

    So does anyone know why Abhi’s Dadi left the show was she unhappy? i just found her on the new Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega show…was just curious.

    1. I didn’t realize that she was working again. That’s good. But I wondered why she left as well. Possibly, it was because she represented the glue that brought and kept Abhi/Pragya together. Without her, Pragya would not have become ‘Mogambo’ thus remaining in the MM. She represented tradition, kundali, sanskar and all that. More than that, they needed a perfect reason for Abhi to blame Pragya… with the help of Aliyah and Tuna. Maybe viewers were getting tired of an event/party always being ‘the’ drama. It’s interesting that they have switched the ‘glue’ to Kiara. A child. Easier to write about. A character representing youth, play, cheerfulness juxtaposed with the main characters embrace of the more mature settled life. Opens the door to lighter sets, future type costumes (oh gawd no! some of them are just silly) and the addition of a lighter tone. Likely some endorsement opportunities for children’s items. Perhaps all the ‘happy’ is supposed to frame the depth of the romance. Who knows? All the great stuff they do with the production is not enough to balance the lack of plot. Even though all the side dishes are fabulous, if the main dish doesn’t arrive, many will be left hungry. I keep waiting for another fabulous scene were the director uses furniture, doorways to brilliantly ‘ground’ emotion into the experience. He uses some old techniques but I have never seen them done so well as in this production.

  6. Did not understand today’s episode. What is it that they are trying to portray or prove. Once again only the eviln tanu saw Kiara and pragya together.. Where is abhi and disha and purab.. So now that tanu knows that Kiara is pragya’s daughter and she has also witness the murder guess the writers will have a great time showing tanu blackmailing pragya and also targeting Kiara. When will all this stop… In India this week we are celebrating Ganesh chaturti.. The lord who ends all evil and beginning of all good times. Hope this brings end to all evil and we get to see see some positive things. Also let the police start the investigation abd let tanu and aliya get caught.. But guess it’s wishful thinking that good will dominate evil especially in kumkum bhagya

  7. Hey Cathy, have not given up on connecting. Will be back to it, later this week.

    1. Cathy

      You go girl!!! LOL

  8. Cathy, I know that you don’t watch AKAJS anymore but just to let you know that there are smarter writers on other serials than what KKB passes as writers. In one mahasangam episode AKAJS started and accomplished positive results on a terrorist attack on….ohh yes, a school room of kids…bomb detonation, blood, action shooting with full impact..a feat KKB took two weeks to do. Now, you see how these foolish people on the writing team fiddle with our brains and emotions? They wanted Prags and Abhi to bond further so instead of letting them continue with their illicit situation..remember Abhi is a married man, never mind Tanu realizes this now when the shoe on her feet but not when Prags was married to Abhi….So they had this terrorist crap to help them realize that they are still madly in love with each other… Now, this episode is like pulling teeth…its so drearily tedious waiting for Abhi to know that Kiara is his daughter is like having days of labor pains… Sigh… Tanu aka TUNA….. I really think this name is appropriate for Tanu so I’ll call her this as well… She’s like a greasy fish…very slippery…. How I wish that Nikhil could turn around and swallow that Tuna…for her abusive behavior towards him when she obviously knows that she needs to lie low as she’s an accomplice to murder ,no one would want to rile up the partner in crime… Nikhil should just do like what’s happening in the White House…write an Op Ed..No one would know who wrote it but Tuna’s criminal deeds would be exposed…another borrrrriiinnnnnggg…..episode. BTW… Thanks for the concern concerning the passing of a dear friend..Much appreciated…

    1. you got it who is Tanu aka TUNA lol. what kind of woman is that? Not in my culture.

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