Kumkum Bhagya 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Pragya telling Tanu entered her house without her permission. Tanu asks Dadi to call Abhi. Dasi asks why did you slap her? Pragya says Tanu may not agree and that’s why she slapped her. Tanu says she can also raise her hand on her. Pragya asks her to stop it and tells that Tanu tried to steal her bag. Dasi says she is a model and earns lakhs. Dadi asks why you are accusing her? Tanu says I am a model and have a good bank balance, why I would steal money? Pragya says I didn’t tell that the briefcase has money in it. You proved yourself that you tried to steal money. Aaliya gets worried thinking she might take her name. Ronnie interferes. Pragya asks Ronnie to answer when she asks him. She asks Tanu, what she was searching in her room. Tanu tells Dadi, that Pragya is

clever and is trapping her Tanu. Pragya asks are you doing modelling in my room, holding this briefcase. Tanu tells Abhi asked her to bring CD from the room. Pragya says he went outside. Aaliya signs Tanu. Tanu tells Abhi messaged her to bring CD. Pragya asks where is your phone? Tanu says she don’t know. Ronnie gives phone to Pragya. Pragya checks for message and says it is not there. Tanu says she has deleted the message. Pragya asks her to confess else she knows how to take truth out of her mouth. Ronnie tells her that he was keeping eye on the room and saw her going inside. Tanu asks Dadi to ask Ronnie, why he didn’t stop her. Dadi asks about the proof. Pragya says she will call Police. Tanu gets tensed. Dadi asks Pragya to call Police and says why Tanu will accept when she didn’t steal money. Tanu says she is pregnant and gets worried. Pragya says okay, and calls Police.

Abhi is in his car and thinks what to do, shall he shall go home or stayed back. Ya Rabba plays…………and he recalls moments with Pragya. He thinks why he couldn’t control his feeling and lifted her being caring towards her. Pragya tells Tanu that she called the Police and asks her to accept her mistake then she will stop her arrest. Tanu says you are a big thief. Pragya says I am thinking how you will stay in Jail? Your kid will born in Jail, and what you will say to the people that Rockstar Abhi’s baby is born in jail. Tanu says you are taking revenge on me. Pragya asks her to grow up and threatens to tell her big truth infront of everyone. Tanu asks what do you want to say? Pragya says let it be. Tanu calls Abhi and asks him to come downstairs. Pragya says you said Abhi is not at home, he messaged you and asked to bring CD. She says you are a big liar. Tanu blames Pragya for sending message from Abhi’s phone and calls him.

Pragya says police might come soon. Tanu asks her to stop scaring her. Police comes. Pragya asks her to accept her doings else don’t complain later. Purab calls Abhi, but his phone is unreachable. He thinks to go home. Police comes and asks where is the thief? Pragya says Tanu is the thief and she tried to steal briefcase from her room. Tanu gets angry. Pragya tells Police that they have to work hard to make her confess her crime and tells she is pregnant. Tanu tells Dadi that she is going to Jail as she couldn’t prove her innocence. She asks Dadi to tell Abhi, how Pragya trapped her. She says she will tell the truth to Abhi’s fans and they will throw stones on Pragya. She asks Dadi to bless her. Dadi acts to bless her and asks her to return soon. She hugs Aaliya and asks her to get her out within 1 hour. Aaliya says she will get her out within a day and asks her not to take her name.

The Police asks Pragya to check her bag for the money, else he will get money from her. Pragya says thankfully she didn’t give her time to open the bag. Police asks her to check once. Pragya opens the bag and is shocked to see it empty.

Police informs Purab that theft happened here. Purab asks who called you here. Aaliya tells him that Pragya called the Police.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. After watching yesterday’s episode’s abhi’s scene and after watching this new segment, now I can say surely that abhi heard nothing and he is still believing on pragya’s this changed side which is in front of his eyes. It means he is believing on his eyes not on his heart. That’s why he is not understanding that there could b any big reason behind pragya’s this changed behavior. He is giving pressure on his eyes more than his heart and mind. That’s why he fails everytime whenever he tries to search old pragya in this new changed pragya. If he loves pragya truely and deeply and his love is passionate then he should win pragya from his love and trust, he should determine on this, that pragya couldn’t change. He tells it to pragya everrytime that she is his old pragya and he will never believe on her this changed attitude. He should say these words until pragya herself confess that yes she is her old pragya and he should make pragya so much forced by his love so then she herself tell whole truth to him. Only then it will call as true, deep and passionate love. Not this type of love which he is showing during these days. But CVS r ruining this passionate love story with abhi’s dumbness, egoistic behavior and oversmartness. I just don’t understand what kind of love story CVS wants to show us, by showing this much illogical love story. And dadi! I have so much anger for her during these days. What she is doing? She already have been put abhigya’s love on stake by hiding truth from abhi and now where is her promise which he gave pragya that she will take care of abhi if he will get angry with her. If they will hide truth from abhi like thisthis and truth revelation will not happen soon or if abhi couldn’t recognize that pragya has not changed and she is only pretending then no one could save abhigya’s relationship. And pragya! I can understand that she is forced to hide truth from abhi becoz of dadi but what she us doing to complete her aim? She is making spineless waste plans to expose taaliya, without any proof. What was she wants to proof about taaliya by this money stealing plan? By this she could not proof tanu’s truth and she could not aaliya’s truth. If they accept that they stole money then also they could save in front of family by saying that this is abhi’s money or they stole this money for hiring a lawyer against her to get back abhi’s property from her. Then they becomes gud in everyone’s eyes and she becomes lower in everyone’s eyes. So I meant to say she should make full proof plan against taaliya by which she could reveal their actual truth from instead of making idiotic proof less plans which create differences between her and abhi. And she should do it as soon as possible, at least she should brings tanu’s pregnancy’s truth out now. Becoz now it’s high time to expose her before it becomes late becoz it already has been late.

    1. From 1st itself abhi was not showing even not having tat much Luv like pragya. They showed 1st pragya’s dumbness now abhi. Like u said already I think six months over still they didn’t stop this nonsense. It’s too late once the trp go down surely they ll end this Tanu’s pregnancy. Or else they won’t stop it. I think writers thought tat v lik this new sequence a lot so they started dragging again. One more thing nikki c Tanu’s tummy still no symptoms is there. Where the Nikil went I think writers forgot him.

      1. Ya priya where is nikhil and where is tanu’s parents and now sarla maa and bulbul also vanished. And ya Priya they will loose their trps if they will show abhi against pragya. So they could maintain their top ranking in trps chart only by making and showing abhi in favor of pragya.

  2. Tanu has been pregnant for so long but is not showing any physical signs of it. Her boyfriend Nikhil suddenly disappeared, and this programme is slowly starting to veer towards the boring.
    When will we see real drama in terms of exposure of all the evil-doers or will we just be herded along like sheep following a boring story line.
    As paying supporters of this Channel why are we fed such hogwash when we pay exorbitant amounts for entertainment.
    Seriously, watch Sony it provides for much better entertainment.

  3. I’m completely agree with you Nikki.I’m fed up with this whole matter.I don’t like abhi’s behavior toward pragya.he always believe the two evils than his own wife.what kind of love is this.I don’t like him anymore.I’m also disappointed in dadi

  4. Where is sarla maa n bulbul
    Purab is looking for them since 2 episodes

    1. Ya Maggie I was also thinking now what happened with sarla and bulbul? Why and where they r vanished suddenly. So purab is searching for them. Does this is related to pragya’s track or it is someone’s planning? Well let’s see if they will come own self or purab will find them or not?

  5. Pragya’s action too smart. Gd going. Catch Talliya with proof.

  6. Very boring episodes & irritating to watch,think big and happy episodes crew members

  7. when this dragging scene come to end??????????!

  8. Story kyu itna keech raha hai pata nahi. Sabko pata aagey kya hone wala hai. Then why so much suspenses. Dono ladkiyo ko punish karo. Pragya aur abhi ka jagadah bi Khatam karo aur Khatam karo yeah sequence. Faltu ka bore kar rahy hai.

  9. Kkb is going v bad nowadays.. 1st i was a big fan of abhigya.. But nowadays im starting to think like abhi doesnt deserve pragya and abhi deserves only tanu? and pragya deserves a better guy who will have complete faith in her… And in my opinion i think pragya shud loved by another guy who is mature enough and wud believe her.. And at that time abhi should try his best to get pragya..that shud b punishment for him..sory guys if someone hates my opinion… But wat shall i do?? Cvs are showing abhi as complete dumb.. And at last pls any one ans my question-RACHNA STILL PREGNANT??????????? She still dint get her child delivered… And purvi?? I dont knw wat happnd to hr character… Lols..and nikil.. That stupid guy has vanished from this serial… And still who r responsible for kidnapping drama,& many more dramas are sitting happily hale and healthy!!!!!! And abhi dint take measures to find them & punish them..i havent seen this much dumbest guy anywhere… Guys lets stop watching dis for sometime.. This will b gud lesson for cvs and they will com up with a gud story… Until then lets read d written updates alone….

    1. No sandhya… rachana delivered her baby… boy child…

      Ur right…… ialso think like that pragya give punishment to abhi but not like this my opinion is, now abhi hurt pragya more so after pragya releaving truth to abhi … then abhi really feel for his brhaviour.. that time pragya can show her angry to abhi bcos of he not beliving her nomore and also my opinon is after truth releave pragya go aways from abhi some time i want abhi can feel more and say sorry to pragya and do somemorethinks to convince pragya…. after that more effort only pragya can accept to marry abhi again… sry this my view

      1. Good one actually srithika

  10. Nw aftr reading nikkis comment in damn sure dat abhi knws evrythng n is playing games to bring out d truth.. Fingers crossed .

  11. Boring but y abhi z going out fear of pragya

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