Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pragya tries to prove her identity

Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling that she is Pragya and have proofs also. Tanu tells Aaliya that she is Pragya. Aaliya says she is Munni. Pragya asks NGO women to look at her mangalsutra, sindoor and marriage pics. She says in the initial days of marriage, he didn’t like her, but she thought she will adjust. She says if she is lying then thunderstorm will fall on her. Mitali asks others to move from there. NGO Woman asks Abhi to accept Pragya and says he must have badmouthed about her, but the thing about lookalike is not going down our neck. Other woman asks Abhi to accept her if he don’t want to go to court. Abhi says she is not Pragya. Pragya says she is hi Pragya and fuggi. Woman says only wife can do this.

Abhi is surprised and says even my fans know this. Pragya says she

knows her family and tells Tanu is her sautan. NGO Woman says you didn’t tell that you have sautan too. Pragya says her nanand Aaliya wants Tanu to marry Abhi and that’s why thrown her out of house. Aaliya says she is Pragya’s lookalike. Pragya says she is tortured much by Aaliya. NGO Woman asks her to show the proofs. Abhi asks her to bring. Pragya says I can’t prove that you are parmeshwar, but can prove that you are my Pati. She goes to room, and sees cards and fuggi doll on bed. Main Tumko Bhool Na plays….she says don’t know how you have spent the night and says today she will keep the fast and they will be unite. She hugs Abhi toy. Tanu says she is Pragya. Aaliya asks her not to start again. Tanu says if she is munni then why she will come. She says she is Pragya and needs just Abhi. Aaliya asks her not to disturb and let her think what to do.

Dadi introduces herself. NGO Woman greets her. Dadi says you are doing injustice with us. Dasi says our Pragya is missing since many days. Dasi says our Pragya is educated, but she is illiterate. Mitali says she talks to us in villagers’ accent. Raj, Taya ji, others give statement against Pragya. NGO woman tells that no two people have same face and tells that you wants your grand son to marry your daughter’s friend. She says you can’t throw her out without any reason. Abhi asks Dadi to sit and says let her bring proofs. Pragya brings proofs. Aaliya thinks so many proofs and thinks she might expose me. Tanu says how did she know where these stuffs are kept and says it is proved that she is Pragya. Pragya shows marriage pic. NGO woman says he is looking good.

Pragya shows the award which they got in the party and says Dadi blessed them after they came. She shows marriage certificate and says Dadi asked them to keep it safely like keeping mangalsutra. Dadi says she said. Pragya says she also remembers the date when she got the certificate and tells the date. She shows the marriage photos also.

NGO Woman says she is Pragya. Abhi refuses to accept that she is his Pragya. Pragya gets sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Oh and the time they spent with Pragyas father, the kidnapping when they were on the run…this is so STUPID!! please put this show out its misery.

  3. Its irritating.. I have never seen this type of worst script writer.. Dont need proofs in true love… I’m done with this story.. Shit… ???

  4. This series is a f*****g crap,the crews are making the casts stupid what line of story is this there is no moral lesson most especially they are insulting their country INDIA it is only in indian series that this crap happens just a f**king waste of time.

  5. Abhi was accepting Munni more as Pragya than Pragya being his actual wife. If this was reversed and Munni was there, I think he would have defended her and told everyone she is his Fuggi. Maybe last car explosion has damaged whatever brain cells he has, not like he had much in the beginning

    1. Absolutely rite

  6. OH my Zee TV must etiher shut down their channel if they are not ready to stop this crap show. Pragya is the most frustrated person who wants to go back to a jerk like Abhi. He does not deserve anyone not even Tanu. This show is derogating woman. Please spare us this torture.

  7. Even in real life, no one has a such a fools.like abhu pragya… Why he can’t observe a change from previous munni & present pragya, after munni leaves & pragya enters house, abhi says now he feeling that his real fuggu is back. How he can trust alia thanu , who played with his life. Abhishek is not at all love.. the. Where’s the qn of true love. Even pragya is brailess wife.

  8. Pragya was talking like a fool.such a stupid onscreen couple.no logic public voting and the award is waste.they have earned so much that they have become lazy.this shows this field of work is so bad.

  9. When this moron.Abhi will start to grow a brain and think for himself. He fell on his head that’s.why he’s been mislead and cheated.by Aaliya and Tanu aided by Raj and Mitali. When Pragya and Munni get together with Purab and Disha to expose those w#&%€$ . It will be surprising when Pragya gets the doctor who took care of her to bring out the truth of her identity. Then Abhi will feel like a [email protected]#%@$$ but it will be too late because Pragya would have left for good.

  10. I love Abhi but the writers makes him a useless man without brains!

  11. Dissappointed at ZEE script writer

    Depicts Indian women as stupid and characterless. For women in other parts of the world watching at this kind of mistreating and abusive mannerism women goes through in ZEE TV dramas tells that this is what women in INDIA subject themselves to…. very very very sad.

  12. I know it is just a show but seriously ABHI so stupid.that is y aaliyah tanu and raj feel they can do him anything.

  13. Time to put an end to this show

  14. Carol from Trini

    So when is Abhi going to have to prove himself? What kind of famous rockstar does not have women throwing themselves at them? At no time has Pragya ever doubted him so why is he always doubting her? Why isn’t she showing him her bullet wound scar? Why is Abhi believing so much in Munni’s id card and where is Pragya’s own? Why is he believing more in Aliya and Tanu, who he knows keep plotting against him but not his best friend who he knows always has his back? Pragya needs to move on from this fool.

  15. Shitty show … Abhi character is spineless brainless stupid character.belives only in those people who has always broken his trust.makers don’t have any storyline.have only watched the promos of the show.i don’t know this show has one of the highest trp rating.i think people of our country have really low intellectual level..The shittiest show ever..

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