Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that she didn’t break the specs and refuses to talk to him until he trust on her. She cries and thinks this specs have connected us, why I would break it. Tanu peeps in the room and sees Pragya crying. She thinks Pragya gets affected by Abhi. She thinks to make Pragya lose through Abhi. She gets an idea to get back everything from Pragya, and thinks who can convince Abhi for this. She thinks Aaliya can convince Abhi for this plan. She tells Aaliya that she saw Pragya crying with her eyes. Aaliya smiles. Tanu shares her plan. Aaliya says it is a brilliant idea, but I will not talk to him. She says Abhi will not agree to me. Tanu says then who will talk to Abhi? She says Dadi. Aaliya says Dadi is traditional and will not agree. She says she will think

something. Dadi comes to Pragya and sees her crying. Pragya tells her that Abhi kept her old specs, but it was broken. She says she didn’t know how it was broken. Dadi says she will scold Abhi. Pragya says she didn’t feel bad when Abhi scolded her, and says she felt good as Abhi loves her very much. She says she is afraid that her love in his heart will end. Dadi says we have to hurry up and bring Tanu’s truth infront of him, and then things will be fine. Pragya tells her that they will not talk to each other from now, but she is sure that Abhi will make excuses to talk to her.

Dadi says you both can’t stay without each other. Pragya smiles shyly. Aaliya gets an idea and says we have to convince Dasi. Tanu stops her. Dasi asks why did you stop me? Dasi says she is spying to know what is going on in the house. Aaliya says we need help. She says Pragya is the problem and says we are finding way to kick Pragya out. Tanu says don’t know who can do this tough task. Aaliya says you will refuse. Dasi asks her to tell. Tanu says we have to convince Abhi to deal with Pragya and says I think you can’t do this. Dasi asks them not to take her lightly, and says she can do anything to teach a lesson to Pragya. Aaliya asks her to decide. Dasi says yes. Tanu shares her plan with Dasi. Dasi asks have you gone mad? Will Abhi agree? Aaliya says you said you will agree him. Dasi says she can convince him but. Tanu requests her to help her. Dasi says Abhi will not do this. Abhi and Pragya argue and tries talking through Payal and Ronnie. Pragya says may be his thing was broken because of him. Abhi tells that he can break her head also. Pragya and Ronnie leaves.

Abhi thinks he has taught a good lesson to Pragya. Tanu asks Dasi to talk to him. Abhi tells her that he taught her a lesson. Dasi says you should do something to deal with her, and says I have a permanent solution. Abhi says I can do anything for my family. Dasi asks him to trap Pragya in fake love. Abhi asks are you fine and asks her to take rest. Tanu says we are not joking and are serious. Abhi says I knew that this cheap idea is yours. Tanu asks him to impress, love and then cheat Pragya. Abhi doesn’t like the idea. Dasi asks what is wrong in this. Abhi says he gets angry seeing her. Dasi says you can try…Abhi refuses and asks Tanu to keep cheap tricks to herself. Aaliya says she knows that Abhi would react like this. Raj comes and asks what is going on? Aaliya expresses anger towards him, and says you couldn’t handle the killer which I hired to kill Pragya. Raj says he was an useless man. Abhi talks to the broken specs and says he will punish the guilty. Pragya hears him and thinks she is missing real happiness. She thinks Abhi loves her so much, and wishes she was with him instead of specs. Abhi thinks Pragya might be thinking him as stupid and wonders why she left him and oversee his love.

Dadi asks the servants to decorate house well. Pragya gives instructions to Ronnie. Dadi asks Pragya who will do the puja. Pragya says Abhi. Dadi says husband and wife do the puja together. Taiji says Tanu will sit with Abhi. Dadi says she is intelligent. Pragya says she will sit with Abhi as she was his ex wife. Dadi agrees. Pragya asks her to make her grand son understand not to roam around her. Abhi says he is rockstar and people roam around him. Dadi thinks they are still fighting and how they wul do the puja.

Aaliya thinks to enjoy the drama which is happening between Pragya and Abhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. srija

    Did u notice… Dadi was telling Pragya dat we shud reveal Tanu as soon as poss. It means are dey gonna end this track soon???? Wat do u think guys???

  2. Rammy

    Why is this series losing focus? It used to be the best! If Abhi really loved Pragya he wouldn’t always believe the worst of her.

  3. Ali

    Again bakwas episode …

    Now Aliya tanu and dasi will create more misunderstanding between abhi and pragya ..

    What the hell Ekta kapoor wanted to show … Waste of time its better to see some other program
    . now abhi will start emotional blackmailing with pragya to get his property back …

  4. oh my god again dragging this tanu and aliya is a idiotic fellow and cheap too giving cheap tricks to indu dasi and dasi to abhi wat abhi today said was right tanu is so cheap for love and war she can go which extend …………

    GUYS AM I RIGHT????????????!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>……………

  5. anisha

    plzzzzz !!! For goodness sake ! Expose tanu n aliya. Am getting sick of seeing them still being in the house!!

  6. Diamond

    This is pure rubbish why all this draggy? why not end this tanu, aliya and raj issue. Madam Ekta Kapoor pls do something fast to change this draggy draggy draggy thing thank u.

  7. Really such a cheap idea but gud thing is thus that abhi believes that only tanu could gave such cheap types idea. But what u think guys abhi will work on it like reporter said in today’s segment when abhi was behaving with pragya naughtily with that fuggy doll or he will not work on it as he said to dasi and tanu that this is cheap idea and he will not do like this? Guys if abhi will do like tanu said and will follow this idea then what if they will lead it to abhigya’s wedding again, to get abhi’s property back from pragya? I know we r true fans of abhigya’s so we will not like this idea of abhi faking love for pragya but through it we could see romantic scenes between them and as we knows that abhi couldn’t develop hatred for pragya becoz he sees and searches his fuggy in her. So if he will faking love with pragya then also he couldn’t becoz of his love feelings for fuggy. So through this may b they comes close to each other or may b through it, abhi will get to know pragya’s truth slowly. My heart says abhi will lead this idea but with different aim, like finding pragya’s truth and bring back his fuggy from mogambo but on other side, if we think from my mind then it says that abhi could do this to get back his property from pragya becoz during these days his most activities r anti- mogambo( pragya). So let’s see what is more important to abhi? Get back his property from mogambo or get back his fuggy from mogambo. I think if his love is really true and his desperation of getting his fuggy is deep then he will use this idea to get back his fuggy from mogambo. What u guys think?

      • ya nikki wat u said the point is correct wat to say i don’t know angriness is dancing at the top of my head because of this bullshit serial i have lost my total patience because now abhi is angry with pragya so i am choosing option A abhi will get back his mogambo because of his angriness and wen they will reveal like somebody said in their comment junior rock star will his face and genetic features will be like nikhil and then abhi will get to know that it is nikhil’s baby this is going to be and wat about salman and sonam i think they got frightened of this serial couples and ran away

  8. lee yann

    nikki i think you are absolutelt right… i think coming episodes would be interesting guyzzz.. sabar rakhoo tanalia would be exposed soon.. hopefullyy…………………………………

  9. TINA

    Guys r u revember me…
    After that long time i came to this site bcos i affected by degue fever… now only iam cured…

    Frnds plz wat is going on kkb …. abhi going love pragya fakely … omg i didn’t accept this… and i read some news salmankhan act in kkb for promote his film.. when will that episode came or already finished

  10. hema

    Friends Zee Rishtey Awards… Do you to think of voting KKB? as per the current tract we can’t but the awards are for previous episodes which we love most.. So I feel that we have to VOTE for our KKB…

  11. Si

    Please please end this silly goose chase. This story is getting so twisted that the audience will loose interest. Please expose Raj and let it be known to him that Mithali his wife is the cause of him being jailed….. So many secrets kept too long and Pragya is always the target .. Get real.

  12. Razzy

    How long has it been since tanu pregnancy , Gosh you can’t tell tat she is pregnant by now you wud b blowing , if diasa joins with alliya and tanu tats all you need. What if abhi listen to them and do something tat will create more saparation for pragya and abhi. Plz don’t, why doesn’t this ekta kappor understand tat she is really dragging this drama and every one is getting fed up

  13. indera

    Hi Ekta please unite Abhi & Pragya why are u making Indian women look so cruel in all your Serial. Tanu & Aliya kidnapping hasn’t come to light yet . why r u so mean to Pragya

  14. Ali

    Yes nikki I agree with you ..

    Waiting for next segment ..

    Maybe pragya will tell whole truth to abhi . I am saying it because I read it some where that

    Will abhi forgive pragya and throw tanu from abhi life..

    Maybe upcoming episode abhi will ask pragya to throw her kumkum and pragya will decide to give all the answer which is raising on her kumkum …

  15. JR

    These serials no matter how stupid and ridiculous they are; we are all still watching. So who are we kidding!

  16. Hira

    Nikki I think abhi will try to find pragya truth ..

    I am waiting for next segment ..

    And maybe after diwali .. They will try to expose tanu in front of abhi …..

    • no hira leila is saying that abhi will prove it and find some clue that pragya didn’t didn’t broke the specs and the truth is pragya wsn’t at home and i have one doubt last time pragya saw that cctv footage and caught abhi but this time why she is not checking the footage ????????????

  17. ramya

    jus checkd zee site afta hema .. even t5hough frustrated with this draggn ive voted .. fa kkb fa the previous episodes n tracks

  18. ishani

    Its getting booooring
    In last year this drama’s story line was great
    I like those past episodes very much
    In present its… nonsense

  19. jignesh

    its high time now that Pragya and Dadi to tell Abhi rgdg Tanu and Alia`s misdeeds. its taking too long for the truth to come out. they should tell abhi that nikhil is the father of Tanu`s child and Alia and his brother Raaj also are the real culprit. otherwise this is going too tedious and boring

  20. and guys one more information this time website election is going in that our zee tv website has been nominated so go to zee tv website and for rating i gave 5 *****stars and we should write some benefits like this only we should vote

    do it soon guys

  21. srimathi

    Guys new update:
    Abhi comes to room and pragya was sitting infront of mirror and he is trying to get close to pragya and ought to kiss her but he took his fuggi doll and romance with his fuggi…and moreover Abhi was dancing with bulbul and pragya feels jealous Abhi looks her jealously face and doubts..
    while telling to media sriti told I’m also a doll fuggi also a doll doll to doll cancel hogya and shabir sings doll-arrey doll-arrey(I.e, dohlarey dohlarey)and moreover sriti told whatever the drama that Abhi does I won’t give the properties to him and they crack jokes and laugh on media their look resembles on the Same day of salman’s special episode

  22. No dramatic… make something interesting to watch… really boøring…no spoiler alert tis weeek..i cant even even read written update completely… waste of time

  23. wow srimathi i have found that how to vote in zee rishtey awards 2015 i have vote fully for kkb for its best episodes before for favourite kutumbh i have vote kkb, pati patni rishta abhi-pragya
    for favourite dushmani aaliya kumkum bhagya favourite bahu pragya and for beta and anchor only i have vote someone else where end all kkb team is nominated i have voted for them


  24. Sahithi

    Whatever may be the drama, I am sure Pragya will not sign any papers. Before doing such big thing, she will definitely discuss with dadi and co. Until the property is with her, Tanu and Aaliya can only get frustrated but can’t declare success.

  25. Hira

    Yes she will not give .. Have you seen last segment in which abhi and pragya are talking …

    She said she won’t give properties .. Let’s see what happens …

    Waiting for new segment …

    • ya sahithi i am also thinking this only abhi is not nominated for favourite beta and for every nomination i have voted kumkum bhagya characters only ………….
      and anyway we can’t say anything about actors and their acting because the story track is not nice means wat will the actors will do and so i have voted for them

  26. Unknown

    Guys. Don’t get so frustrated over this. They r dragging indeed but people watch it just for the purpose of entertainment. I like this serial and do not complain about. Wait and watch n i m sure that Aaliya and Tanu’s truth will be out very soon. 🙂

    • ya u r right i liked this serial but how much time i can be with the hope that taaliya is going to be exposed i lost my hope with little confidence and energy only i am reading the updates all the guys will be like this only reading the updates i think so …….

      but and soon still from 100% ,, 99.9% hope we lost .1 % only still more

      am i right guys

  27. Dhivi

    Oh common writers… Pls pls pls change the direction of this serial. You have to think apart from at least tanu… Expose her first and immediately. Then u may drag another some episodes with aliya and raj… Because I am fed up of this tanu… I think most of viewers had already hated this show for this stupid track… If you are dragging like this then one day you will receive trp as zero…??? Hope for the new track without tanu…

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