Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi finishing his live performance and getting excited seeing fan’s praising. He says he wants to sing some lines from his new song and recites it like, instead of singing. Fans clap hearing the lines. Once he goes backstage, Akash praises his new song and asks when did he write it. Abhi reminisces him reciting his son to Pragya and Pragya reciting her song. He praises her and asks whom she is in love with. She points at him and then points at herself. Akash says whoever has written this is madly in love.

Suresh says Pragya that she looks like in love with Abhi. She says yes. He says he is happy for her.

Abhi gets Tanu’s video and is shocked to see it. Aaliya and Tanu look at Abhi and think today Pragiya will be out of house. The smirk

seeing Abhi panicking. Abhi shows video to Akash and says he will have to stop daadi from seeing it. He toes to Tanu and Aaliya first. Aaliya acts as getting the same video. Abhi says Daadi should not see this. Aaliya says she is also worried about Daadi. Abhi goes and sees Daadi watching video, asks even if she saw that video. Daadi says yes and asks how can anybody send this. Abhi says he will find out who did this. Daadi asks him to stop panicking and shows his performance spoof video. Abhi gets relaxed. Daasi says she will slap the person who sent it. Abhi asks them to reach home via car and leaves.

Pragya gets Bulbul’s call who complains that she did not allow her to see Abhi’s performance and instead enjoying live performance herself. Pragya says even she did not go to concert and is watching it on TV due to her injury.

Abhi brings his whole family home. Tauji asks Taiji why did he bring us home before concert finished. Pragya comes down and says Abhi that his performance was superb and as he told, with his lucky guitar he performs well. Aaliya says she brought shame to their family, etc., and continues scolding her. Pragya asks what did she do. Mitali starts scolding then. Pragya asks again what did she do. Aaliya says she will prove us wrong even this time, so she will show it to everyone. She plays Pragya and Suresh’s intimate video on projector. Pragya says this is wrong. Aaliya says Abhi that this is her real character, for whom he even went to jail. She says daadi believes you so much and asks Abhi to kick Pragya out of house. Abhi drags her to his room. Aaliya and Tanu smirks.

Abhi drags Pragya to room. Pragya says this MMS is wrong and she cannot think of any other man except him after this marriage. He asks her to stop her drama and says he thought she is greedy but did not think she is characterless. Pragya asks if he believes the MMS than herself. He asks why did not she think about her character, self-esteem, self-respect before doing this. He says she betrayed him. Pragya pleads that she did not do this and asks him to look at her eyes and think if she can do this. He looks into his eyes and asks her to stop her drama and shut up. She says even he goes to some other girl’s house and sleeps with her, but she did not complain about it. He asks if she is taking revenge from him and says he loves Tanu and goes with her after informing her, but she did it behind him and is trying to deny it. He then says he does not care what she does to him, but cannot see her betraying daadi, he does not believe her as his wife. He shouts why did she betray daadi and says if anything happens to Daadi, he will destroy her life. Pragya starts crying vigorously.

Precap: Aaliya asks Pragya to pack her bags as even Daadi will not stop her this time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Get d show on track!

  2. Divya Rampaul

    Why Pragya can’t leave Abhi and look for a good looking husband and leave ugly Abhi to marry his sister Aaliya

    1. Divya rampaul,r u telling abhi to marry his own sister??

    2. Haha… That would be okay-ish if they weren’t related, but they are BROTHER and SISTER

  3. Romba Mokka da

  4. vashtie motilal


  5. Divya rampaul,r u telling abhi to marry his own sister??

  6. Pls kkb writers . . .i beg u 2 put kkb script in dustbin. .
    … . . . . . . .Hw can a hero b this much dumb & brainles felow who cant identify truth,? ?? .0

  7. Once again predictable outcome for aliyah and Tanu plotting

  8. This show is full of CRAP!!!!

  9. this show is lacking in morals and self respect. yes we all need to have some modern aspects incorporated within the show but never loose site of one’s values. I don’t like the stories on these recent shows. Lacking in depth and substance, We need another like Pavita.

  10. It waz jst Lyk a joke u guyz ar takin it serioz if he keeps supportin her evil ideas why dosnt he marry his sister or eat her:) smh

  11. Whatever it is..i just love this serial..

  12. I hate aaliya.

  13. What is this nonsense every time hiding truth or modulating truth to make PRAGYA bad . Everyone in the family are dum ? Do not understand the concepts. Making viewers see same tracks. Think smartness and make viewers glued to see what is next.

  14. When s abhi gonna understand d real face f pragya and throw tanu and Aliya out f d house!!

  15. Divya Rampaul

    yes i am since she seems to want to control all of his life
    it seems she does not want Abhi to be with anyone

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