Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya helping Abhi with a song lyrics. He gets happy and kisses on her cheek. He says what a line..and says this will be super hit song. He asks about all lyrics. Pragya is stunned and says she forgot in shock. Abhi says what kiss, and asks where did I kiss you. Pragya says no kiss and asks him to stay far from her. He says I am doing this for you, so that you get your memory back. Pragya runs from there. Abhi says you will get kiss today and runs after her. Pragya collides with Tanu. Tanu asks what has happened? Pragya says actually…Abhi says I kissed her as she helped me with lyrics. Tanu is angry. Abhi says it was professional kiss. Tanu asks are you mad? Abhi says there was no enjoyment and feelings in the professional kiss. Pragya smiles. Tanu says you are acting childish.

Abhi teases her and goes. Tanu is irked. Sarla recalls nikhil threatening Sarla that he will kill Pragya today. Sarla wakes up and asks God to show her some way. Pragya comes to the room, and says you gave me so much happiness. You can kiss me after Tanu is exposed. She gets a call. The woman says I am Nikhil’s wife. Pragya thinks she is trying to fool her. The woman says Nikhil has married me and kept our marriage as a secret. She says I have proofs against Tanu and Nikhil, and asks her to come and take it.

Pragya asks why you are not helping Tanu. The woman says she wants justice and wants Nikhil and Tanu to get punished. Pragya says I am ready to meet you and asks where to meet you. The woman turns and reveals her face. She is actually Tanu. Tanu asks her to meet secretly. Pragya agrees. Tanu coughs and says oh my god. Pragya hears her voice, but dismisses her doubt. She calls her, but Tanu don’t pick her call. Robin comes and says Dadi is calling you. Dadi says we have to think of permanent solution of the problem. Pragya says we will solve Tanu’s matter soon. She calls on that number again. Tanu thinks what to do? Pragya hears the bell ringing in the house and comes to Tanu’s room. Tanu sees Pragya coming to her room, and acts as talking to her mum. Pragya thinks she is talking to her mum. Tanu turns and asks what are you doing here in my room. She says you might be thinking that I am crying or packing my stuff. She says I have more right on Abhi or this home, and asks her not to think of kicking her out of house. Pragya goes. Tanu thinks it is dangerous and switches off the phone. Pragya thinks the woman might surely be Nikhil’s wife and must call her after Nikhil goes.

Purab laughs hearing Abhi telling him about kissing Pragya and then Tanu getting angry. Abhi asks Purab to help him to woo Pragya. Purab says I will think something and gets an idea. Abhi says what? Purab asks what do girls like? Abhi says kiss, and says I don’t know. Purab says girls get happy seeing themselves, and asks him to praise/compliments Pragya’s beauty.

Tanu comes to Nikhil’s house. Nikhil asks what are you doing here? Tanu says Pragya will not come. He asks did you call her. Tanu says yes, but I did a mistake and tells everything. Nikhil scolds her for not doing any work problem. Tanu scolds him for unable to kill Sarla and Ronnie. Nikhil says we will change plan to tomorrow 11 am, and asks her to call Pragya again. Tanu says okay. Dadi asks Robin to bring pani puri. Mitali gets happy and says she wants to eat it too. Just then they see some guys bringing photo frames, and asks about it. Abhi says I called them. He asks Robin to hang the photo frames in his room. Dadi asks what? Abhi says it is my marriage pics and Pragya’s solo frames. Dadi says you want to see Pragya in the room. Abhi says Pragya asked me to get the photo frames hanged in the room before she comes.

Rachna brings pani puri for Tanu and tells that their eye is on her now. She says pani puri is good for digestion and asks her to be careful while eating. Tanu gets angry. Pragya comes to room and sees their marriage pics. She reminisces their marriage and all the happy moments…..Sanam Re plays……………….She gets emotional seeing the pics and thinks Abhi did this for me…She says how did he understand my feelings.

Pragya tells Abhi that she made him fool. Abhi gets sad and says you have taken advantage of my feelings and fool me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. asmitha

    very nice of course it was dragging but abhigya screens r making to watch it today it was funny too precap is interesting what is going to happen tomorrow what pragya will do is she say sorry to him r she will open up her feelings towards him what it may be it should be nice again don’t separate them we can’t bare it what r ur opinion guys share it

  2. The Facts

    KKB is going downhill FAST….. If the writers keep separating Abhi and Pragya and showing kidnapping, accident and attempted murder scenes the show will LOSE all of its Fans. So sad for actors and writers….they will be out of a job. Fans do NOT want to see Pragya in another accident, kidnapped or attempts at murder. Why can’t the writers comprehend that???

  3. Jackie

    The Precap is the Last Straw. Why would Pragya keep pushing her husband away – when really she loves him and “wants” to be with him??? This is too Stupid. I am sick of her character. These writers are a group of IDIOTS….with absolutely No writing skills or Creativity.

  4. Naveen

    Writers not have brain now and Pragya I will die now I think waste of watching serial now

  5. Kristelle

    Is Pragya stupid? If Abhi is with her, will Tanu even matter to him? Is there any real point pushing him away when he is trying to get closer to you? It makes no sense writers!

  6. razia

    I’m jus enjoying abhigya .. Jus watched the first few mins of kkb again n again .. They both were adorable

  7. steffyrao

    What on earth is going on with the script writers? ? Gosh! ! What are they doing to Pragya’s & Abh’is characters
    Are the script writers crazy??? Pragya wants to save her kumkum by messing up with Abhis mind. The precap is really the ultimate.
    Please CVs show some form of direction. Gosh CVs u guys created a Pradabulpuakrach Team that is as senseless & bonkers like you.
    CVs have dragged this pregnancy track for sooon long that you are losing your credibility & respect.
    You were very aware that Shika aka Aliya was getting married quite some time back as it was already announced. To accommodate her absence you CVs came up with this plot. 1 moment pragya luvs abhi then she messes up with him. Tanu for the longest time has escaped every moment of being exposed or being caught. R u cvs having an “affair” with tanu that u cling on to her pregnacy track like your
    breath. Is Tanu your”heart beat”??
    Even Neil is out of jail & Tanu is still pregnant! ! Almost every zee serial lately from the glimpses i read are on a leap epidemic. I suppose KKB will too with Pragyas accident.
    Gosh Lord can you plsss knock some sense into this KKB CVs team. They toy with Abhigyas relationship & completely disrespect the loyal viewers intelligence. Time to punish KKB CVs team Lord not Tanu.
    This is self destruction cvs to your trps…
    Common man cvs either end this track or drag this track tt u hold so dear with intelligence & Sensibility pls for heavens sakes! !!

  8. sham

    Omg pragya is dumb. I think tanu is smarter than her. Now again she will go without informing anyone. And people tried to kill but no one is with sarala or cctv in her room

  9. Ria

    First time in history ,tanu’s pregnancy was shown may 5th 2015,and 1 year has passed and has not delivered .Wow, hat’s off to writters in making such episodes and watchers fool.

  10. New on location video update-
    Nikhil’s set up for pragya’s accident.
    Although video is not giving clear voice as lots of noise of traffic behind it becoz they r shooting for accident on a busy road. But something which gets understood that Pragya about to go somewhere in car. She sits in the car and smiles seeing outside someone. It seems it was sarla maa who comes to stop her but pragya thinks that it is her imagination. She closes the mirror of car and orders to the driver to move. Driver starts the car and take it from there. In next clip, tanu calls nikhil and says that mitali bhabhi saw her and now she got doubtful on me that I m making plan against pragya. She has seen me coming outside and now she is chasing me. She says to nikhil that kill mitali bhabhi too. Nikhil shouts on tanu and says her to stop and stay at house. He says that we can’t kill everybody if whole family too follows u. Like this we can’t kill nobody. Nikhil says to tanu not to come out and he will manage at here.
    In next clip, tanu again calls nikhil and says that oragya got to know everything and she called me to meet. She says something like that pragya has recognized her voice. Nukhil shouts on her and says what u spoke in ur voice. He says how can u do this such a big mistake. Tanu stammers and says no I didn’t talk in my voice. Nikhil says u did mistake. I mplanning to kill her and u r ruining everything and preparing for trapping us. He says that today he will kill pragya at any cost. He gives instructions to his biker and says make the circumstances like this so it look like a sudden normal accident which happens unfortunately. He waits for pragya’s coming.

  11. Divya chandru

    Same trick of what pragya used for blackmailing tanu, same scene of how tanu crossing checking pragya when she received the call of blackmailer, cvs are really trying fool the audience like anything , dragging , then when trps rating slips down, showing one scene of positive that wil be telecasted on Saturday until then audience will wait for it , making abhi character so dumb, I don’t understand why they are giving abhi s character a chance to thing, al evils wil happen only to good ppl only, in tis show, pathetic. Bulbul died, sarala bed ridden, only pragya was left over, until aliaya comes back they wil keep dragging this show with tanu and pragya cat mouse fight, bullshit what happened to that premature baby delivery report , what happened to video footage when first sarala was kidnapped , all are bits and pieces , so till 1000 episode tanu will pregnant , after delivery of baby , when doctors for babys blood group , it will belong to both tanu and abhi , there only abhi will start his doubt , without marriage tanu will deliver the babay … omg ., what else to say , though we keep sending feedbacks , no use

  12. gowtham

    i am in desperate condition to knw this.. i think writers are in some chaotic state… they juz dnt understand how to move the track further… they dont want to end tanus track as well as they dnt know hw to move the track forward… so they have been stuck…. bcoz juz fr showing the prgyas accident this much time they took… i thnk aftr this cvs itself dont have any idea wat to do next…. i could actually feel how desperately they are in this position… and when tabu talks to prgya why does she have to turn around and talk to pragya… bcoz on seeing that scene itslef all can understand its tanu… her hair style her dress everything shows that perfectly… and when she turns around they put one shocking tune… irritating…. even a child knws it’s tanu…. and coming to IM, our fav IM s now about to reach the starting position of dragging…. hereaftr it ll be very difficult to see IM bcoz aftr the new avatar dragging wil also be a part in that… i dnt knw hw much zee tamil and tamil audience will tolerate this…. we can say fr IM new era is about to start… (new avatar+dragging)

    • Brintha

      everything is fine… but whn pragya is unconscious because if this accident, now all the ppl who knows trurh hv to tell the truth to abhi…. that’s the human being.. a normal person cannot control the secret or angry whn sonething happening bad to the dearest one… if ppl still hiding and waiting for pragya to cone conscious its not wirth to watch..

      • gowtham

        senses are out whn we see kumkum-bhagya… we cant say even onethng about kumkum-bhagya that they have done it with normal sense lik wat human being ll thnk… so i thnk kkb is out of this frm thr starting itself

  13. aruna

    I want aliya to turn positive and make purab and bulbul united by finding bulbul as they couldn’t find her body

  14. Aishwarya

    Hey guyz I think againabhi gng to misunderstood pragya in precap abhi was so upset when she said tat she made him fool I m feeling potty for abhi y this pragya dng this she at least say that she can’t stay with him for some days or some other reasons instead of hurting him I think he again back off from his plan to get back her becoz of this but wat will happen if he go to tanu plz lots of confusion u guyzzz tell me prathiksha,gowtham,reki,shobana,sahithi or any other plzz

  15. ar

    even this murder plot will b dragged for 10 more episodes…yesterday itself thy could hav shown again drag
    ..when sarla is so sick no1 sots beside her…allways she is left alone…thy dnt evn put a bell beside her nonsense….

  16. Sahithi

    I didnt watch the BTS video, but reading the updates, I somehow have the feeling that the accident scene of Pragya we saw yday in a short segment is a dream, may be of Sarla.

    Or either they are not shooting scenes in order. Because the accident scene seems to have been shot first, partly with Sriti n partly with some dupe.
    And now the remaining scenes of Mithali knowing the plan of Tanu, Pragya herself realizing it is Tanu who was calling her, Nikhil n Tanu fight over plan execution – all these seem to be coming later.

    Also, from the update seems like Nikhil engaged some biker for accident, but in the other video we saw a heavy vehicle hitting Pragya. So I am thinking if this accident promo is only someone’s dream and may be plan with be done by Tanu n Nikhil but Pragya will escape in last minute, as she suspected some plan from Tanu.

    Let us see, but I am guessing this way.

    • Sahithi I too felt it after watching yesterday’s pragya’s accident segment that it seems it could b sarlma maa’s dream. Well let’s see.

      • Actually sahithi, nikhil’s plan was like this that a truck will come in front of biker so to showing everybody truch driver will turn the truck towards pragya as he turned to save that biker but unfortunately pragya comes in front of truck and faced accident. So when investigation will happen so it will look like a sudden unfortunate, unwilling accident and no one could get to know that it was intentional. But when I saw yesterday’s segment of pragya’s accident, I saw only that DCM vehicle which stops just little distance of her and oragya shockingly gets stopped and there was no biker in that scene but next moment they shows pragya gets hit from that vehicle and falls badly on some monument type place at a side of road. And in today’s on location video update also, nikhil was roaming around that place to execute his plan of pragya’s accident. So the segment and on location update both r giving mixed thoughts that it could b a dream or it could b for real too. So let’s see.

  17. Now present story line and sequences r irritating us. More than tanu, now pragya is irritating us. I got so annoyed and fedup seeing her fake attitude towards abhi, her excuses to keep distance from him, hurting him and his feelings again and again and constantly keeping on this determination of hiding the truth to him. Seriously now she is making herself bad more than tanu not only in front of abhi infact in front of us too. Abhi doesn’t know her truth but we knows it even after this now she is becoming bad for us becoz of her extra greatness and stupidity. When I saw the precap, and when she turned herself into fake in front of abhi and started making joke of abhi’s feelings fakely then first time I felt that I give a tight slap on her face. I know I shouldn’t say this but pragya’s character has forced me to say this now that it’s gud that she is going to face accident. It is much better that she will b on hospital bed silently with unconscious state instead of doing nothing finally and behaving fakely and foolishly. Not only pragya, it will b a gud punishment for all supporters of her who is hiding truth from abhi from the starting. Even first time, I got angry with purab also when abhi was telling his situations to him and instead of feeling his bad situation, purab was laughing on it. Instead of trying to tell him the truth, he was saying to him that how much his life is exiting!! God! What a crap and disgusting thing. In before, I was angry with abhi that he is unable to recognize her truth even after having so much love for her but now I m more angry and disappointed with pragya’s character. She have been completely lost the originality and identity of her character which we have seen in the beginning of the show. Takhil r villains so evilness and cheating is expected from them but pragya and her team also has been crossed all the limits of telling lie, which is so bad. I know it’s all the part of CVS dragging but this dragging is becoming worst with each passing week. Now they will show same accident sequence and they will again leave us hanging between samething with lots of question marks. Not a new track even it seems now CVS have not any new thing also to show. Our interest also becoming less once again in the show and track. After getting new on location update of pragya’s accident and after getting pragya’s accident news, I don’t want to watch the show this whole week. I just want to know what will happen after it. Once i get to know and if it will b interesting than I will watch it otherwise again stop watching and will again start to follow updates only. That’s it. I just can’t bear this rubbish dragging and foolish faces.

    • gowtham

      yes absolutely you are right pratiksha…. me too in a same state… i can bear tanus track but this pragyas attitude is gone beyond the limits rubbish

    • Sahithi

      Hehehe Pratiksha I said something similar about Pragya’s characterization long back, the next day after Karwachauth when she replies rudely back to Abhi, when he was trying to check if she kept fast for him. My hatred for Pragya started that day itself. And somewhere after seeing Tanu’s baby bump for long n truth not coming out, I suspected Pragya’s behavior with Abhi will only get worse. But I noticed most ppl criticized Abhi being dumb n not realizing Pragya’s truth but at same time writers made Pragya character also confused n directionless.

      When the makeover track started, it was good to see Pragya’s hitler type attitude by cutting down on expenses, making family members do household chores and show that Mogambo attitude. Also, her responses to Alia n Tanu as the property owner were good. But it started getting tedious as she didnt have a solid plan in place, and when track started dragging, her attitude towards Abhi also started frustating Abhi as well as audience. Because she became so unpredictable when she will be normal to Abhi or when she will wear Mogambo mask.

      Like in yday episode, she didnt call back on that number when she was standing in front of Tanu n how could she buy Tanu’s argument so easily. She could have tested the truth of call by calling when she was in Tanu’s room right.

      Same way, in precap, the was she was dancing ‘Ullu banaaya’ I was wondering from when did Pragya start behaving like that. Those were her antics when drunk, where is the Pragya we knew from epi 1.

      I also had same feeling like what u had, Tanu manipulating Abhi showing baby as reason is such torture, Pragya faking her feelings n still acting like Mogambo in front of Abhi is an equal torture these days. Poor Abhi – I can only pity him, for these 2 ladies in his life. Haa he recently got rid of one more torture Alia, but if Tanu is not exposed after this accident/dream accident/accident plan sequence, then the show will be plain torture for us.

    • Sahithi

      But the one thing I really liked in last episode was the pictures that Abhi got and decorated in his room. Though bit disappointed that he always does things based on Purab’s suggestions and are not his original ideas. But still, their marriage pic that replaced Abhi’s rockstar picture was like epic, best thing I saw in sometime in the show. Finally I AM the Rockstar wala Abhi transformed to I LOVE Pragya wala Abhi which is shown by one scene of putting up those pictures.

      This should have happened long back, but better late, as it finally shows Abhi’s feelings. And may be hope for the things set to happen in coming days.

      • True sahuthi. U r right. I too was very much impressed with this step of abhi of de orating walls of his room by his and pragya’s pics. He just did what I was wishing since long. I too was just wishing that abhi decorate his room with pragya’s pics and backside of his bed with their wedding pics. Finally it happened. I was so happy after seeing it. Ya like u I also thinks that instead if purab’s advice, he does all this with his own thinking and wish. But then also it’s OK beciz it is abhi’s habit that he realizes the things by others guidance. But at last he did what he should. So I was glad that’s why I got so much angry with pragya after seeing it that she is going to ruining his efforts and surprise by her fake attitude and for her so call plans.

  18. writer you better kill sarala dadi pragaya nd finally abhi why you still keeping them alive in this story let tanu nd nikhil live happily with all that money. stop Telecasting!!! just hating kkb.

  19. Ramya

    This is getting worst day by day . I loved this serial before . But now its bcm worst . Pls end all this stupidity and start a new track

  20. Sarala has indicated something unfortunate is going to happen. …..I don’t care if anything happens cuz they are dragging the show like a never ending elastic band so even if pragya dies then also there is nothing to be astonished of. I just saw the location pitcures in instagram but I find sarla hugging pragya and crying and tanu smiling. …….so I don’t know

    • Sahithi

      They wont kill the lead, but what if they show memory loss. The last time Pragya met with accident, thr were lot of spoilers n speculations that Pragya will lose her memory. What if that happens now 😀 😀

      There was no audio in the segment, but I felt may be Sarla got her speech back, as she seems to be speaking out something..

  21. Anyway I am in no mood to watch the accident drama so I quit it for the next week I will see only the good scenes cuz I don’t want to spoil my mood

    • gowtham

      hi sis.. missed you enga poninga…. apo wrk pona ipadi than elarum busy aaiduvangala?? naanum busy aaiduvena…. ?wrk pona apram

  22. Reji

    Hello guys!!….sorry for late comment. ..wat’s going on??any positive thing happened for pragya??…

  23. New segment update-
    Pragya’s accident is dream of sarla maa and actually nikhil got hit from the truck instead of pragya.
    Full update- Sarla maa imagines and sees a dream that oragya has faced a bad accident according to takhil’s plan. She sees pragya is crossing the road and gets hit by the truck just like takhil had discussed in sarla maa’s room. Pragya falls on some monument type place at a side of road. Peoples gathers around pragya and looks her. Sarla maa comes and cries a lot seeing pragya in this state. Tanu and nikhil stands opposite sides of each other on the road and smirks seeing pragya and sarla maa. Tanu shows thumps up to nikhil and smiles. But actually opposite happens as sarla maa comes in mid and calls pragya. She sees nikhil and pushes him in front if that truck instead of pragya. Nikhil got hits from the truck and pragya gets saved becoz of sarla maa. Reporter, nikhil and sriti says now after this, big twists and turns will take place as hide and seek’s game got finished now and will lot of more happenings is going to come in the show in this whole month.

    • India TV people says that after this accident sequence, abhi will come forward as a savior of his fuggy, pragya and will finish tanu’s chapter forever by giving a very hard and tough punishment to her.

    • Sahithi

      Pratiksha, if this is true, then it is BEST thing ever. That Pragya’s accident is dream and Nikhil getting hit is fact.

      For a change the writers r reducing the amount of negativity they have been showing in the show. And showing some positive things happening for Pragya also..

      • Sahithi this is all true and even I too got surprised but it is SBB peoples who shows everything and scene clearly with sarla maa’s interviews and this news that it was all her dream and imagination but in actual opposite happens and when india TV people too cleared it than it confirmed completely. Sriti says that definetly gud and positive is going to happen after this. So just wait little more and watch.

      • Actually sahithi segment says in itself that definetly gud is going to happen as it seems that sarka maa got fully recovered. If she has fully recovered now then obviously things will happen gud and positive. And if not then also after getting saved by sarla maa from this accident and takhil, pragya will not leave takhil anymore. So let’s see his will things turns in positive and pragya’s favour? By sarla maa? Or by pragya’s ownself?

      • Sahithi

        Then on other note, what will happen to Nikhil. Will he die now or lose memory? Or get paralyzed. I always thought that once Tanu is exposed, she will lose the chance to get Abhi n get her future secured. But given Nikhil’s thirst for Abhi’s property, if Tanu doesnt get married to Abhi, and Nikhil cant get the money n CEO post he was targetting, will he marry Tanu in such situation.

        I thot will Nikhil get arrested for crime committed on Sarla n will Tanu escape arrest because of pregnancy. Will she be a single parent because Nikhil is in jail.
        But now feeling is Tanu may well be single parent if Nikhil is gone permanently. So for all the dragging n torture that we were going thru all these days, may be there is some relief in store finally where Tanu’s last hope to go back to Nikhil may also be gone.

        Or there are more twists in store!!! Let us see.

        But it has to be given to Bulbul for saving Pragya even sacrificing herself, Ronnie for being the unsung hero n taking upon himself to expose Tanu, but final credit to Sarla for bouncing back at right time.

    • gowtham

      hi reji… yeah have seen the segment… wat ll be next after the segment?? can u guess??

  24. sana

    Pratiksha it’s all OK. But when tanu nikhil truth go to reveal and in real life abhi become father of 2nd child.why??is abhigya love not strong enough?? Don’t he believe her words without evidence??

  25. Mittenzz

    I don’t think the precap is about Pragya pushing Abhi away. I think she tricked him into telling her that he loves her. Remember Abhi went to Purab for advice in how and what to do to get Pragya to admit she loves him, Pragya too wants to hear Abhi admits the same. They both are playing each other to see who first will confess their love. So Abhi will be upset that he got tricked as well. That is the precap….if not then…..
    Sarla ma runs to Pragya! Wow! What drastic recovery. If Pragya’s accident is all a figment of Sarla ma’s subconcious/dream based on what she heard from Nikhil’s and Tanu’s plan and her actually pushing Nikhil infront of the truck, i must say miracle of miracles. Sarla ma is able to walk… I guess the injection the doctor gave her coupled with the pill of rage Nikhil gave her, gives her speedy recovery. She was able to get up out of bed, a woman paralyzed for months, and leave the house without no one knowing, to go to the place where they plan to kill her child. To have enough strength to push a man, though unsuspecting, into his own trap. Cvs what great plan you concieve with no logic behind it. I would believe it more if they say, yes , the accident is a dream of Sarla’s but the saving of Pragya would be by Abhi because Sarla ma could get back her speech and tell Abhi about Nikhil’s plan and Abhi gets to her in time…but Sarla going there herself?!…????? C’mon Cvs be real.

  26. Bulbul to come back in Kumkum Bhagya
    The current track of ZeeTv’s Kumkum Bhagya shows that Aaliya has finally confessed that she was the one behind bulbul’s death.
    Aaliya’s truth gets known to everybody but she is confident that Abhi cannot do anything against her.
    on the other hand, everybody gets shocked when Abhi gives Aaliya a tight slap after knowing about her crime.
    Abhi slaps Aaliya second time post her confession of killing Bulbul
    Abhi had earlier slapped Aaliya when she had taken Bulbul’s place as Purab’s bride & this is the second dramatic slap sequence.
    After Aaliya is exposed, Tanu will be left alone and will not be able to do much. Abhi has realized Pragya’s love for him and wants her to express it.
    On the other hand, another big twist will soon take place as Bulbul is all set to make a dramatic re-entry on the show.
    It is still not sure whether Mrunal Thakur will make a comeback as Bulbul or the makers will bring in another actress.
    on the other hand, Bulbul’s re-entry will surely bring an exciting twist for fans of the show.

    I hope Mrunal Thakur returns to play her character of Bulbul once again

  27. md ali

    In kkb only villain are the winners if they kill pragaya In the serial the trp will fall plz dont watch this serial bakwas serial first
    they kill bulbul and pragya

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