Kumkum Bhagya 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya getting romantic. A romantic song plays……………..Abhi recalls Pragya’s recent talk, and thinks she is not my fuggu, why do I forget everytime. Pragya thinks don’t know if I will be with you tomorrow, but I will be relieved that the truth will be out finally infront of you. Tanu comes to Pragya’s room and calls her. Pragya says let me sleep please and thinks Abhi is here. Tanu sees her holding Abhi’s favorite pillow and takes it out. Pragya scolds her for ruining her sleep. Tanu says I came to ask you about the concert. Pragya says do you want to say that you want to perform with him. Tanu says Abhi has refused to perform in the concert. Pragya says it is old news and says you can’t control him. She says she has convinced Abhi and he agreed to

perform. Tanu asks her about blackmailer. Pragya says I will call him there and asks her to handle. Tanu thinks I should inform Nikhil about it. She sees Abhi sleeping outside and wakes him up. Abhi wakes up and says he slept outside room as Pragya was sleeping in the room. He says he have practiced for the concert and is excited. Tanu gets angry on him and asks if there is something brewing between them.

Abhi says I am doing this for you and shares his plan with her. Tanu gets happy knowing Abhi is going to announce their marriage on stage. She says I love you. Abhi says I have to reach before time. Tanu thinks she has to meet Nikhil. Abhi comes to room, looks for Pragya, thinks he can’t take stress today, have to be happy and perform good. He looks in his wardrobe and thinks it is all old stuff, blames Pragya for not taking him for shopping. He thinks to wear his lucky white tshirt. He throws clothes on Pragya’s side of changing room. Pragya thinks she should leave silently else Abhi will get angry. She thinks her phone is there. Abhi is happy and thinks blast will happen at the concert. Pragya sees him happy and says I won’t let you make any announcement, and you will only sing songs. She thinks to talk to Dadi and comes out. Abhi sees her and asks why she is seeing a man? Pragya asks who is the man? Abhi says I, and asks if she is making his MMS to blackmail him. Pragya says no and says his fan might be mad after him, but not her. They argue.

Tanu meets Nikhil and tells him that she don’t think that Pragya is playing game with her. She says she told Pragya that blackmailer is blackmailing her and have her morphed pics. Pragya agreed to help her as it will be loss for her. Nikhil says okay and makes a plan. He asks Tanu to be careful and says I will search you if there is something important. Tanu thinks I want to be with Abhi, as I was waiting for this day. She says Pragya will also remember this day. Purab tells that Akash is doing all the arrangements. Pragya worries and thinks that if Tanu and her boyfriend get scared of the cameras and security and if refuse to come. Purab asks her to convince Tanu that she is helping her, and says we will modify the plan accordingly. Tanu comes to Aaliya and sees her sleeping. She wakes her up and gives her concert details. Aaliya says I will ruin his concert with these details. She says I will ruin his everything. Tanu asks her not to ruin his concert this time. Aaliya says she has been waiting for this day since long. Tanu tries to convince her. Aaliya says it doesn’t matter to her. Tanu tells that Abhi is going to propose her for marriage and will tell his fans that Pragya is against our marriage. She says this is right time for my marriage. She asks her to let Abhi announce their marriage, and asks her to wait.

Nikhil comes to abhi’s house. Purab tells him that they are going to Abhi’s concert. Dadi prays to God to help Pragya win. She asks Abhi to do aarti. Abhi tells her that he don’t believe on God. Dadi asks him to do aarti for his baby’s sake. Pragya looks on.

Abhi tells Dadi that he has only one dream and that is to marry Tanu. He says he will marry her for sure.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. precap was totally irritating…. abhi is saying he is gonna marry tanu fr sure….. such a waste….

    in tamil now pragyas pregnancy episodes going on…. somewat these episodes are way much better than the current hindi track. … hope tanus truth will be revealed and again kumkumbhagya will gain its fans..

  2. Ashly, I like your idea.
    Prathiksha where are you. We are misssing your comments.

  3. Thr will b segment today at 2:30.
    One pic Abhi was singing, 2nd he is standing in middle of stage, either to make announcement or Aaliya did something nasty.

    We will know in sometime.

  4. OMG read spoler that announcement will have some surprise twist. As someone said will he announce regd Pragya … Marriage again with her, can’t wait for segment.

  5. Expecting that to happen Ishani…

  6. guys pragya get bandaid away from abi hand this scene for doubt for pragya. abi blood used to dna test pragya idea this my gues only.

  7. Today’s episode :
    Episode begins with Abhi walking to the mandir and holds Tanu’s hand and takes her close to the mandir. Pragya is shocked seeing this. Abhi says looking at the idols that Daadi my only dream is to marry Tanu and i dont care who is happy abt it and whoz not. Pragya thinks to herself that even my only wish is to bring Tanu’s truth infront of u. If i fail in this mission then m going to leave this house forever. Tabhi catch the aarti plate together and do the aarti. Purab looks at Pragya sadly.

    *Tanu accidently burns he finger doing the aarti.. Abhi tends to her wound.

    * Abhi is w8ng near the care and Tanu comes to him all dressed and ask him how shez looking. Abhi says good. Every1 is w8ng for Pragya to come. Abhi thikns why is she taking longg to get ready. Just then Pragya comes and says sorry for comming late.. Abhi was abt to say something and gets speechless seeing her. Tanu gets angry seeing this.

    *Pragya asks Tayaji and Tavuji to come in one car. and Daadi Tanu and Mithali in one car. She asks Abhi to come with her. Abhi says why. I’ll come with Tanu in my car. Pragya says m not asking you but telling you and wat i say i final. Abhi says she cant force him and Pragya says she can as shez his boss. Abhigya argue. Daadi intervenes. Abhi says i wont do the concert do wat ever u want. Tanu takes Abhi aside and tries to calm him down talking abt announcing their marriage to the public.

    * Abhi says ok i’ll go with her bt i’ll drive the car. Pragya dosent agree at 1st but later says ok. Tanu thinks thank god Abhi is gng with Pragya. I have to meet Nikhil.

    *Purab, Akash and Ronnie at the concert discuess the security arrangements. Some guy comes and asks for Pragya mam.. Purab says shez on her way . u go and control the crowd. Tanu gets in Nikhil’s car and Nikhil scolds her for comming late. Tanu asks Nikhil to focus on the blackmailer. Nikhil says things go wrong only coz of u and control ur nerves. Tanu says i knw and m scared. Nikhil asks her to be patient, I have my men in the crown. ~He says we wont take any step unless we get our 1st clue from Pragya abt the blackmailer. Tanu thinks i forgot abt Aliya. Have to keep an eye on her.

    * Aliya is at the concert and Tanu calls Aliya. Aliya cuts the call and thinks i cam till here. now i have to be careful and no one from the house see’s me. Just them Akash see’s ALiya. he thinks that means Raj’s bhai’s shakh is right. She didnt come here to enjoy the show. and goes to meet her. Aliya greets Akash. Akash says i knw u didnt come to see Bhai’s concert or to make some bonding with the family. Alya says i came here for some personal work. i came here to meet some sponsors. and if u have a problem like every1 i’ll leave. Akash says its ok. Dont come near the stage. as far as meeting the sponsors, i’ll ask them to hear ur proposals. Aliya thanks Akash and says i wont forget ur help.

    *Abhigya in the car. Pragya gets impatient as Abhi is driving slowly. Abhi says slow and steady wins the race. Pragay says making the concert hit is imp. and ur fans r w8ng. Please go fast. Abhi and pragya argue. some nok jok.. Pragya says this is ur comeback show. Abhi says and ur go back. and says wat ever songs i told u i will sing some less songs coz m going to do something else. Pragya says wat r u going to do which i dont knw. Abhi says its a big surprise. and they argue again.

    *Pragya thinks this is my last plan.. if i dont go on time how will i execute it. Pragya tells Ahi u go slow.. If Daadi asks me y she didnt get her medicines on time then u answer. Pragya says Daadi’s medicines are with me. Abhi looks at Pragya and asks her cant u tell me abt this before and drives fast.

    *Takhil come to the concert. Nikhil says from here we go diff ways. If u want to say something then msg me. there are cams all over and i dnt want our faces on them. Takhil go seperate ways. Purab meets Tanu and asks Tanu to go on stage and control the crowd by entertaining them till Abhi comes. Ronnie comes there and tells Tanu that Pragya asked her to stay in the green room . Ronnie and Purab fake argue infront of Tanu. they both finally ask Tanu to deside wer she’ll go. Tanu says m sorry purab i have to go meet Pragya and she leaves with Ronnie.

    *Abhi and Pragya reach the concert and every1 chats Abhi’s name. A guy asks Abhi that hez late n he never is. Abhi says his boss made him drive slow. and gives the flower bouquet to Pragya which was given to him. Abhi says to Pragya keep ur eyes open as u may get a suprise at any time and it can be anything. and m giving u 1 chance now. and whispers in her ear to give him divorce. and shez be out of a big problem. Pragya nods in disagreement and Abhi says ur choice and leaves.

    *Pragya says to herself that dnt get scared. focous on ur goal and nothing else and calls Purab to tell him that shez here. and meets Purab and Ronnie. Purab says all arrangements are done. Pragya enquires abt Tanu and Ronnie says she came all alone and didnt contact any1 till now. Pragya says we have to be on high alert coz Tanu’s bf can be any1 and he can change his appearance too. he might be near us and we may not identify him . Purab asks her not to worry and says he has to show her something.

    1. kalai please can you update this every day

  8. New segment out – rocking concert, songs selection was very nice this time. Abhi sang – Illahi(YJHD), Fitoor title song and Rock On title song.

    Pragya was standing near her mom, Akash and Tanu were shown standing together.

    In offscreen, Shabir jokes daily episodes he is wearing tees and hide body but in concert there will be things like showing body, so have to be fit. So shooting concert will help staying fit 😀 😀

    Sriti mentioned that shooting concert is a very diff experience n a very nice one as everyone will be energetic. She also mentioned her mind is somewhere else as she wants to expose Tanu in front of everyone.

    As we all r guessing, at the end Abhi will make an announcement or rather propose someone. That is not shown but reporters were saying that is surprise – who will Abhi propose among Pragya n Tanu.

    Last surprise is – one more person in burqa – Aaliya who is bent on creating some drama there.

    Nikhil has company with Aaliya also in burqa.

    1. It is being said by reporters that Purab n Pragya will indeed expose Tanu and Pragya is the one whom Abhi will propose. Fingers crossed, let us see.

      1. At least thus time vl they expose her as v expect omg can’t wait .. Pls don cheat us CVS ..

  9. Read today’s episode written update .. Guys thr is a scene in which tanu n abhi together vl b doing aarti by tat time Tanus hand vl get hurt mistakenly touching the candle fire .. Does it means God going to punish her .. Is tat a clue ?

    1. Wow … very nice thinking…

  10. Where is pritiksha….. i miss pritiksha comments

  11. Ayyyyyoooooooo satiyama ennala mudiyalapa….
    Yean da indha serial la pakka aramshono varudu…..kadavule neegale konjam yosiga coming april vanda kkb 2nd year cle pannu. Eppadi 2yrs serial la one year ra oru ponnu pgnt ta erukka ava appa abhi illa vera yarunu . Oru line na vashukittu ottirukaga. Ennu adhu muduja padu illa. Ettanaikkum andha ponnuku eppadan 5month arambikuda…ahaaaaapa mudiyalapa.. enmaiya nane kevalama kettukura kelvi onakku endha managketta polappu tevaiyanu…

    1. wow…. really abhi is gonna propose pragya…. awesome news thanks guys… fr ds information…. excited to see this…. wowwwwwwwwwwww….

  12. Abhi’s performance are rockinggggg…. Lets have a lil more patience for the good news guys… I hope this time surely good thing ll happen…

  13. Fitoor song was awesome .. He performed great .. Waitn fa the episode ..

    1. Yup.. just a sample 3-4 mins itself was too good, so hoping actual episode will be rocking. If indeed truth is going to come out this time, then our beloved writers wanted to bring it out amidst more drama in Abhi’s concert hence didnt bring truth when Pragya was in watchman getup. And as all fans want Abhi to be the one to steal the show in any track, as always he may be the one finally closing this track. Hope so, really hope so.

  14. according me abhi will find the truth that’s it

  15. what really abhi gonna give marriage proposal to pragya again?this track is like the mms track.if it happened then i will be so happy.if abhi gonna end this track it will be more auspicious.guys thank u for this news.i wish this should really happen.abhi keep rocking.i will keep my fingers cross i hope abhi do this.

  16. Borinģggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg draggginggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg irritatingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg frustratingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  17. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys I got one news in that abhi is going to propose to pragya so that he can never escape and he will understand what she is upto?

  18. Finger crossed… Waiting to watch the episode… I think after proposing Pragya in concert(August, 2015) now only Abhi doing Concert right except in special maha episodes?

  19. Guys I think on one day purab took a video call of tanu in which she is accepting that she had kidnapped sarla y abhi haven’t watched that video while he had pragyas mobile with him. Wt u think abt it sahithi?

  20. Plz expose tannu secret soon we want to see abhigya reunite

  21. I think pragya will dream abhi calling out her name instead of tanu ……..it will be one more dream and afterall its a spoiler but if it happens probably I don’t mind distribiting sweets in my college. ……cuz this tanu is driving me crazy. …………

    1. Superb there r more chances for dream too cuz nowadays good scenes r coming only in dream

  22. Mudiyala. Abhi go To h*********

  23. The hero of this KB Abhi is only there to become fool by everyone, with good people and bad people also.
    The worst thing is Abhi will always become a biggest fool in front of Alia and Tanu.
    I think he is the biggest fool for the year 2016 who cannot know what is good and what is bad for his life and cannot identify who is good and who is bad.
    I think the director of this serial convinced Abhi with big pay checks to become Fool of KB, a “Rock Star”. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Poooooooooooooooooooooor Abhii…..

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