Kumkum Bhagya 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with corporator tying Abhi to rope near the edge of building and asking Pragya to apologize him. Abhi asks him her not to. She says his life is more important than her dignity and apologizes corporator. Abhi feels sad and thinks he did not see Pragya apologizing even him, but she did for his sake.

Purab calls dhaba owner and asks him where is Abhi. Owner tells he was enjoying holi in dhaba, but some kidnappers kidnapped him. Purab takes his dhaba address and thinks how to inform Daadi and others that Abhi and Pragya are kidnapped again.

Ugly minded Aaliya goes to meet corporator. Corpoator gets happy and says she came to rescue her brother and wants to see him last time. She says she came to warn him to leave her brother, else he will repent. He says he called

her as per his plan and says now he will kill even her with her bhaiya/Bhabhi. He says he will give money to Mitali and kill Tanu and says she came in Tiger’s den. She says he is a leopard and says if she does not call her 6 people in 10 minutes, they will get into police station and will inform that he is the kidnapper. Corporator gets afraid. She says she herself will jump from building. Corporator stops her. Abhi hears her voice and thinks why would Aaliya come here, it is just his imagination. Corporator tells he was joking. She asks him to leave her brother and kill Pragya. He asks her to give him time till night. She says he should kill Pragya at any cost and send her brother, if he does not, he will be in jail.

Purab comes down. Daadi asks if he spoke to dhaba owner. He says yes. Daadi tells Sarla that it is her big day today, etc. Purab asks her to stop dreaming and says Pragya and Abhi are kidnapped again. Bulbul asks who told him this. He says dhaba owner.

Bulbul and Purab reach dhaba area with police and question people if they saw Abhi and Pragya. They say yes. Bulbul finds Pragya’s engagement ring on floor and shows it to inspector and Purab.

Aaliya tells Tanu who is in car that she gave a heavy dose this time to corporator. Tanu asks what did she do. She tells what she did. Someone gives her file and she gives money. Tanu asks what is it. She says corporator’s biodata and corporator will have to budge to her demands now. Bulbul calls her, apologizes for doubting her, and asks to help her. Aaliya asks what does she need. Bulbul says she has doubt on someone and needs her help. Aaliya says she will. Bulbul says she will send her time and place to meet. Aaliya says she will meet her tomorrow and thinks Bulbul doubts someone. Tanu says it is good she does not doubt us.

Abhi jokes with corporator and his men and irks them. Goon tells coporator if he allows, he will push them many times from building and kill him. Corporator calms him down. Abhi says provokes goon that he is street dog and even his boss is a street dog. Corproator points gun and asks him to stop. Abhi says he is telling it to his boss. Corporator says he is boss. Abhi says he knows he has a boss and asks him to tell who is it, he will be spared.

Precap: Abhi tells Pragya when she cares for his family so much, then why she wants to die.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Majesty

    Unending nonsense! Please someone from India, call the Production House and ask them to stop the crap

  2. Ruhi

    I have This
    Makinlah craze storyline
    Bored of thi Nonsence
    For heaven sake close This chap

  3. shankari

    If the same kidnapping drama continues.tpr will go for a toss. Pls change the writter.

    Its really boring to watch this serial

  4. getting sick n tired of this nonsense hey writer you still dreaming end this stupid kidnapped part and get to something new it getting irritated its almost a month already if u can bring something new just end it one thing over n over again every single days

  5. kubs

    THE WRITERS PROBABLY SEE THE viewers as idiots.was disgusted with pragya and abhi getting higher drunk or whatever while their family is crying for them at home.what coal.poor writing , poor storyline.

  6. nia

    Boring maha boring episode . Why don’t they stop this track…..↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↑

  7. valli

    OMG Such a great rock star got trapped like this Its really unbelievable and please end this kidnap scene
    Unlogical stupid sequence

  8. Olive

    I think there is so much more to show… Bulbul’s marriage or abhigyas fights at home or abhi proposing pragya or even better one abhi throwing aliya out of the house and tanu out of his life.. Why are you guys dragging this boring track.. Nobody wants to see abhi being captured.
    He is the hero remember

  9. rosey

    Please help us to endure this torture.This story line is torturing us.Why is this kidnapping not going anywhere.Aliya and Tanu insist to continue their evil.Tanu forget it Abhi will never leave his wife so start looking for another man.You are stale pudding now.This is what one gets when they sleep with a married man.Aliya you do not have emotions ,you are as if they spray starch on you.Aliya —A relationship should make your heart feel free;not like a prisoner.Aliya are you a person and is Purab your property?His heart is with Bulbul,

  10. everything about this serial is so stupid even the actors their acting is sooooooooooo poor and like I would say utter rubbish now take for instance kidnappers do not mess around talking for sooooooooooo long if they demand money and do not get it they kill you in this case it is not money but a woman bul bul what a horse name LOL another thing after getting away from the kidnappers the first thing you would think they would do is to find a way to get home to their families but no stupid ass pragya and abhi they find it fit to enjoy themselves in holi and after wasting so much time their ass got kidnapped again utter shit writers you take the cake and eat it tooooooooo talk about shit writing I give you a distinction for writing shit in all these serials you should receive an academy award for shit LOL

  11. M

    Ms Ekta kapoor,

    Your story lines are good but you draaaaaag it on for too long. It’s too much kidnapping naked more and again. One they excepted let them be. Come on already. You are smarter than that and when you make something drag on for so long people lose interest. You rating and your own reputation for being a good artist dwindles. Please fix this dragging on. You must have more creativity up your sleeve so let’s see it. Best wishes!

  12. sapna

    Hey guys this is EKTA KAPOR’s serial .In her serial a man can die 4 times and he can come back again as a hero the next day after his death….. she is hell man……. you can at maximum watch her serial for a month not more then that coz after a month her crap will start…

  13. Nina

    What a load of bull.

    KKB needed an excuse to celebrate holi while 2 of their beloved family members were still not back.

    Stupidity no .1:
    Abhi shld have called the police and not Daadi when they had the opportunity and arrange for their drivers to pick them up.

    Stupidity no. 2:
    Daadi should have waited to see that Abhi and Pragya are safely home before arranging holi celebrations. I mean, why do they behave like kidnapping is something that happens any other day and all will be good? In the right frame of mind, wouldn’t family members wait to see that the victims are safely home and in good health first? No, but smearing colours all over people is the most impt thing to do.

    Stupidity No .3
    While still running away from their kidnappers – the couple still fool ard – not quite ‘educated’ enough to take advantage of their initial escape fruitfully.

    Is there anyone who vets the script before it goes into production? How long will these kind of rubbish plot continue? And wait a min – didn’t KKB win an award recently? They shld withdraw the credits if the upcoming episodes are going to be an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

  14. just stop this hel………it s toooo boringggg it is third time to capture them……………
    is really abi a ROCKSTAR?????????? and wat about abis fans …………r they not willing to search him????

  15. XYZ

    if u want audiance to watch this serial plzzzz put an end to kidnapsss and plzz go on faster…memories ..songss .. kidnappss.. abhi loves in one episode , he hates in other episode..huuhhhhh

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