Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil making his puppet ready, and says first he will give roses to Pragya and will give hope, and then will make her get down fast. He calls kids and asks to give flowers to birthday girl and come back. Kids take the bouquets and go. Nikhil tells the man that he must have understood what he just told. Purab announces that Pragya is coming down with her Prince Charming. Abhi and Pragya comes down together. Rachna misses Sarla. Akash asks her to click pic and send her. Dasi blesses her. Purab misses Bulbul and thinks she would be happy to see their union. Kids come and give her bouquets. Abhi thinks I didn’t order this, and thinks Dadi must have brought it. Dadi thinks Abhi did right and bought the flowers.

Pragya thinks Abhi gave me many flowers and it must contain

some message for me. She is about to pick the chit, just then Dadi stops her and blesses her. She says today will be memorable day of your life. Pragya says this is happening because of you. Dadi and Rachna tease her. Pragya says I will tease you also. Robin comes and says some guest want to meet you. Pragya says she will come. Dadi asks Purab if Nikhil came. Purab says did you invite him. He says your plan is dangerous. Dadi says she wants Nikhil and Tanu to understand that their plan is ended.

Mitali tries to talk to Raj and holds his hand. She asks him to see the bouquets which Abhi gave to Pragya. Raj says today is her birthday. Mitali says she is born also and celebrates birthday. Raj says he can’t forgive her. Tanu comes to Pragya and wishes her happy birthday. She gifts her a book, how to live happy alone…..and asks her to take the book. Pragya says I accept this gift, as I have a good return gift, get ready for fire work Tanu…Tanu smirks. Dadi comes to Abhi and asks him to give gift to Pragya. Abhi says I am worried about it and thinks he is the only man who is going to propose his own wife. Dadi asks him to bend down and propose her with I love you. Abhi gets shy and asks why is she saying directly. Purab asks him not to waste time and propose Pragya. Abhi says I am going, and asks them to take care of him, says he will get mad with happiness. Dadi asks him to come after winning.

Nikhil enters the party and congratulates Abhi for Pragya’s birthday. Abhi excuses himself and goes. Nikhil says I came here just to execute my plan. Tanu comes there and takes Nikhil to side. She asks what are you doing here? Nikhil says he is called officially. Tanu asks when you will start the plan and says they were romancing in room, and Abhi brought dress for her and organize party for her. She asks when you will start your plan? Nikhil laughs and asks her not to talk much. He tells that uninvited guest will come here. Tanu asks who? Nikhil says Pragya’s ex boyfriend. Nikhil says this is Pragya’s fake boyfriend, and he will prove that they are in the relation. Tanu asks are you serious?

Nikhil says he needs her help and asks her to manipulate Abhi and provoke him to kick Pragya out of his life and home. Tanu gets happy and is about to hug him, but Nikhil asks her to control. Tanu says you are the best criminal in the world, and asks him to understand her feelings. Nikhil asks her to go to Abhi. Tanu thinks what you will do Pragya as Abhi can’t bear betrayal. She says Abhi insulted me because of you, and now you will be insulted. Pragya smell the flowers. Abhi thinks to propose her and goes near her.

Tanu watches them anxiously. A romantic song plays. Tanu thinks abhi is going to propose pragya, and thinks game over. Nikhil gets worried also. Dadi thinks Abhi should tell now. Mujhe tumse pyaar hain plays. Abhi says I want to tell you, and asks if you get angry on me or scold me. He says I have decided to tell my fuggi about my feelings. He asks her to tell something after hearing him. He says I got the strength to tell you, and says my future is dependent on your decision, and want to live a new life with her. Just then she gets Sarla’s call, and she asks Abhi to stand there and goes to talk to Sarla. Abhi thinks why did phone come now, and thinks moment is break.

Dadi gets excited thinking Abhi will propose Pragya. Something happens just then.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Tanu: love u abhi
    Abhi: OK
    Aaliya: I love purab
    Abhi: OK
    Aaliya: purab loves pragya
    Aaliya: get married pragya
    Abhi: OK
    Aaliya: torture the pragya
    Abhi: OK
    Pragya: love u abhi
    Abhi: OK
    Pragya: get married tanu
    Abhi: OK
    Pragya: marriage will not happen
    Abhi: OK
    Pragya: I am the boss
    Abhi: OK
    Tanu: get divorce from pragya
    Abhi: OK
    Tanu: sarla maa is the thief
    Abhi: OK
    Purab: sarla maa is not the thief
    Abhi: OK
    Akash: tanu is the thief
    Abhi: OK
    Nurse: take care of tanu
    Abhi: OK
    Dadi: propose pragya
    Abhi: OK
    Tanu: pragya has an affair with another man
    Abhi: ?????
    Finally everyone: abhi has no own brain
    Abhi: yes of course. Ok
    I don’t know what the ‘ok’ master is going to do in this situation.

    1. Even mentally handicapped people are more intelligent than abhi

    2. Super like to ur comment

    3. Superb!… Really dis s wat dats going on here… My name s shazia.. Hey evry1

    4. Wow shaz ur description abt abhi’s character is gud. And what u have said is cent percent true

    5. Wow..Ur comment z xactly fit for the serial..?keep it up?

    6. malay mohapatra

      Worst but hottest serial on Indian TV. Only God knows why ?

  2. Omg.. wt ws kkb few yrs bck.. n wt hs it bcom nw. Aww m feelng pitty fr d writters.. thy hv lost their minds.. hence thy r shwng us d crap.. pragya made an entry as a strng woman to expose d 3 of thm.. alirajtanu.. n nw d tym hs com.. whr pragya herself is goin bck to normal as fuggi.. abhi propsng hr n al tht… without exposng tanu.. propsng shud hv been done aftr tanu’s exposure. Poor pragya n abhi.. thr wil b no hpy endng of luv story.. its since 5 days m nt watchng dis stupid serial .. m oly readng d update… n i feel its a gd decision.. coz dis shw hs totaly bcom sensless.. ekta kapoor n d wrtrs themselves dnt kno wt r thy heading towards.. LOL?… ull end tanu’s track or dnt..m gonna wtch it oly aftr hr exposure… n yh.. middle finger ovation to d Cvs … sry fr sayng tht guyz.. bt sry.. m jus pissed off wit dis serial…

  3. So mny modern technologies hv cum up to reveal d real fathr of d child.. bt so sad these writters r nt aware of it.. d simplest wsy to expose tanu… thy r collectng proof … Lol

  4. hi guys…how r u all??really missed u all….is there any new updates?becoz i read only abut the boyfrnd update….is there someother updates??frnds i’m fine…shobana sis,reji,pratiksha,gowtham bro,sahithi,hency,kutty,swetha,rose,anjhana,aishwaryaand all….ohho…indeed a longggg list ryt……how r u all frnds???

    1. Hi karthika?i m gud. How r u? And no new updates came yet.I missed u guys a lot from past working days bexoz of which I was unable to reply and comment mostly. But just now I have become free and ready to comment like before. Karthika nowadays I have been done with the present story of kkb for now. I m not ready to accept it anymore. CVS tricks have been old now that they will repeat same crap again and again with different situations by using abhigya’s romance in mid of it and we will get satisfied and happy. We r not little child whom could convinced by anyhow. We have been accept a lot till now but not any more. Nowadays kkb has become so boring. Even abhigya’s romance without logic also has been lost it’s charm becoz of the running of story from it’s right way.I got so bored from it. So just getting updates and enjoying break from kkb.That’s it.

      1. Sorry i was want to say that abhigya’s romamce also have been lost it’s charm becoz of wrong direction of it’s story by missing from it’s right way.

    2. hi karthika !!……how r u ??….i am fine !!!……i am in fasting yaar !!>….so cant comment properly !!….and no updates yet !!….waiting for it ..

      1. yr logo color changed why??

      2. Cutiepie Achu

        Hi rejii… How r u??? After a long gap I am commenting…

    3. Hi ? karthi how r u ????
      Im gud.
      When school reopens for you ???

  5. According to me whole storyline is rubbish. Everybody is behaving like evrything is fine and tanu’s matter has solved. Without her exposure and without throwing her out from abhi’s life and house, everybody’s attention to abhigya’s union is just bullshit. We want abhigya together but not like this, in between all the lies and cheats from everywhere, where most serious tanu’s and her baby’s issue who is a biggest hurdle in abhigya’s union. With their presence and without solving their matter, abhigya can’t b unite competely and properly forever. Always tanu will b there to seperate them, whenever they will try to unite by themselves or by their peoples. So this is just nonsense to give attention to abhigya’s union without solving their life’s biggest issue and hurdle. Now another crap is takhil’s fake boyfriend plan for pragya. There could b no reason and logic which could put doubt on pragya regarding this new boyfriend of her past. Including abhi, everybody knows pragya was only interested in suresh, whose love interest was bulbul. So they were only just gud friends. Except it tarun came in her life, in starting, with whom pragya’s marriage was fixed but got break in last moment but now he also got married. Except these two persons, pragya finally got abhi, with whom she got married finally and with whom she falls in love later. Although abhi is confused about pragya’s love feelings for him becoz of her fake attitude but except ownself, he knows about suresh and tarun very well. And it is obvious thing that if pragya had affair in her past with this champak then where was he from two years and why sarla maa faced problems in finding a groom for pragya and in fixing pragya’s marriage? And if champak was in her life then where suresh fits in all this? It is so simple to understand it and even it is more easy to solve if abhi simply and clearly asks about it from pragya and sarla maa or rachna who knows her very well from starting. So doubt should b raise that from where this new boyfriend has come suddenly from pragya’s past? Doubt doesn’t make sense if it will do on pragya. Cvs r trying to show that proofs r enough and necessary for abhi to understand anybody right or wrong. His own experience doesn’t matter for him or is not enough to judge anybody, specially his own peoples, about whom she knows very well since long. So it means if abhi believes on this fake boyfriend and all fake proofs against pragya then we should believe that pragya and her team is right that he needs proofs to know about the peoples, even about his own peoples!! It is so much ridiculous that a enough mature person haven’t his own sense of mind and live with others point of views and guidence. Logically this whole story and twist is crap but if it continues then logically abhi should not believe on all these fake things after doing mistake of doubting on sarla maa which was set up by tanu and here also tanu is trying to put doubt in his mind and she is making all this thing’s issue so a sensible person easily get what could b mean of all this? But can’t say this about abhi becoz he has been lost his own sense of mind very before. But then also abhi should not believe on all this so easily and soon. If he believes on all this then It’s mean will b that he didn’t learnt from his last mistake of doubting on sarla maa on the bases of fake proofs. Leave pragya and others and takhil, they all r gud for nothing and not able to get rid from any problem smartly but if abhi uses his own sense of mind then not only this new crap infact this whole pregnancy track already gets finish so easily, very before. Kkb has lost it’s right way of story and it has become just crap, in which i m not interested any more. I can’t accept this crap and not abhigya’s togetherness between lots of problems and big issues, who r yet to b solved.

  6. pratiksha u r ryt.but if the boyfrnd says that his and pragya’s affair is going on recently few months….then it vl become logical ryt..i think abhi vl not believe in it first…bt circumstances and proofs make him to believe in it….in the way how nikhil said that this plan vl have a drastic impact on pragya’s life…i think melo-dramas vl reach to the peak ….we hav to bear alot of injustice against pragya…

  7. Guys check consumer forum of zee all complaints on kumkum bhagya. Stop and ban kkb thy will change story line 1 weekend just stop witching. Thy r thinking trp isn’t coming from dragging only. One party will be at reached for 10 episodes and 1day equals some 15 episodes so no wonder tanu is in 7the month still.

  8. Guys today we have a segment. Tanu accuses pragya for being characterless in party infront of abhi and everyone. Pragya slaps tanu hard. Tanu starts fighting.

    1. i dnt knw why this show goes beyond the limit of acceptance… u said everything clearly pratiksha.. waiting fr tanu get slapped… but if abhi believes it this time also… then thats all…. i ll leave kumkumbhgya…. for sure….

      1. Gowtham r u really waiting for tanu to get slapped by pragya.
        Because when tanu fell down from stairs u were very sad la that’s why asking ?

        My god prathiksha again we have to bear tanu’s blabbering eh ??? Tanu itself a characterless women. How can she able to tell pragya like this ? All the functions held in mehra house has ended with some problem only. So its a signal for us, if they are arranging some functions surely the function will be followed by a problem. Don’t know how many months they are going to take to prove that the so called boyfriend is fake. And i think tanu will be exposed only after giving birth to her child.

      2. ha ha…. adi vangatum sis…. nala adi vangatum….

  9. past mein pragya ka affair suresh ke saat present champak saat future mein kis ke saat ? aakhir aaduiance kkb show abhigya ke liye dekhenge kyun bewajah story mein pragya ka fake boy freind ko involv kya zaroorat hai

  10. I wish tht champak wala scence hpns dis way.. champak shud b pragya’s gd frnd or bst frnd… whn nikhil comes to him wit d plan… he shud pretend as if he doesnt kno pragya n hlp takhil… n whn finaly he steps in mm house … he shud reveal in frnt of abhigya n evry1so as to hw takhil planned to spoil pragya’s life… WOW ….this wil b awesom na guyz if it hpns dis way

    1. But this will happen only in dreams. In writers minds these kind of ideas wont come. If comes also it will be a dream sequence since the writers always want evil to win and they portray the story as if in this whole world only evil can win

      1. Yhh shobana dear u r rght. Dis kind of sequence is beyond r expectation… it wil b a dream oly … ?

  11. For now kumkum has once again became the worse story Ofcourse serial of zee though trp is quite good all thanks to no one except abhigya. I wonder how writers come up with such a stupid twist which have been appearing in many serial before. I think writer of kumkum should be changed before every fans boils and stops watching the show. There must be some solution in writers mind of that stupid twist but it will take long time to solve boyfriend problems and again another takhil plan. I think this serial will end when abhigya unite bcoz so far no serial couple stayed so long un united than them.
    Here is this days zee serial rank according concept and flow of the story
    1. Yeh vaada raha
    2. Tashan e isqh
    3. Jamai raja
    4. Ek tha raja ek thi rani
    5. Meri sasu maa
    6. Vish kanya
    7. Kaala teeka and kumkum both with somewhat same irritating twist with irritating character Gauri n tanu

  12. tanu going to get slap from pragya…really she deserve it..lets see what happens nxt?reji…… happy fasting….ramzaan biryani veetuku vandharanum….guys in golden awards which held on 9th june sriti got award for FACE OF THE YEAR…and our kkb got award for BEST FICTION….bt yhm casts got many awards..karan patel,divyanka tripathi,sangram singh got awards…now a days yhm is tactically moving their story fast juz to compete with kkb and to get first position in trp chart…CVS team wake up …all other serials r moving on without dragging….plzz..u guys understand it and expose tanu…

  13. guys in telly updates they have introduced a new option to register and login so i registered but my logo colour changed so i deleted my account actually if u register means its like twitter we can keep profile pic back up pic and we can have an acct …actually first i think it is a must thing so i register then suddenly my logo color changed so i deleted my acct !!….dont know its a must thing register or not !!…..

  14. OLV:

    Rachu thinks abhi proposed Pragya when they were alone and she reveals the proposal surprise to Pragya. Pragya surprised and happy to know about it. They think abhi may propose in front of all when she cuts the cake.


    Champak oogling Pragya. Mithali jassosi.

    Champak keeps looking at Pragya. Pragya annoyed about champak stalking her. She thinks she is tolerating because she wants to enjoy the party and she will later deal with him:

    Champak is oogling at Pragya. Pragya is feeling shy ( I think she is in dream land about abhi proposing her) Mithali walks around and sees Chamapk and Pragya.


    Tanu accuses Pragya and blames her for being characterless and cheating abhi &family.She freely insults pragya in front of abhi and everyone.




  15. shobana sis..my school reopens on 15th june..after that i cud only comment on weekend…feeling sad for it…and 12th they r saying that students must stay in hostel for the whole year of 12th..i don’t know how cud i manage??i vl miss kkb,u frnds and commenting…everything totally . ….don’t know what to do???feeling lyk that somebody have deprived everything from me…some of my frnds wnt hostel this year itself….bt 11th one year i vl stay in home only…for 12th i need to move on to hostel…i juz felt annoyed by the damn rules of the school…even in their engineering institutions …the eng students shud stay in hostel for the final year and shud complete their studies…

    1. Hi ? karthi
      Concentrate on ur studies and if you find time in weekend comment us
      And I can understand that it will be difficult to stay in hostel and study but if that is the rule then have to obey it no other go. So don’t worry and concentrate on ur studies.

  16. Gud that i stopped watching kkb..
    i will watch only whn tanu is getting exposed…
    even abhigya United before also i won’t watch..
    as if abhigya is first time proposing they are creating scenes..
    and stupid dadi tells before anyone propose her abhi shud propose it seems..
    hw anyone will propose her..
    the whole world knows she is wife of abhi
    and all hv invited saying abhi wife birthday..
    in abhi house..
    still some one will try to propose her looking her beauty it seems..
    according to me dadi is the worst lady than tanu…
    thoooo what sort of idea she is giving..
    they both sleep n the same room for more than a year.. but proposing infront of everone in the party…
    mr. writer pkz go fot CT scan.. i think u hv a major problem… or try to propose ur husband /wife in ur house.. u will come to know what bakwass ur writing..

  17. New segment update- Pragya about to cut the cake, just then tanu stops her and starts accusing her for cheating abhi one again by keeping affair and having boyfriend even after being married with abhi. She reads love chits loudly infront of eveyone and insults pragya for keeping extra marital affair with champak. Tanu asks from champak about his relationship with pragya. Champak pretends to b innocent as he is saving pragya and says that he doesn’t know pragya. Tanu asks from him about love chits and his presence in party. Champak makes excuses. Tanu constantly denies all his excuses and accuses pragya having affair with him. Tanu says to pragya that firstly u had affair with suresh and now with this champak. May b u were carrying his baby too but have aborted it. Pragya loses her patience and slaps tanu hard. Dadi too takes pragya’s side and scolds tanu. Leena told to reporter yes pragya slapped her but tanu will turn all the situation in her favour. Tanu constantly accuses pragya and says she will prove that champak and pragya having affair. Tanu brings an envelope in which some photos contains in it. She shows it to dadi and evrybody in family. Everybody gets shocked after seeing these photos. Dadi feels ashamed and gets speechless. It seems takhil arranged edit photos of champak with pragya as a proof. Tanu syas that these pics r proof that pragya meets with champak and she is having affair with him. In all this, abhi keeps silence and silently listens and sees everything. It seems that he have been believed on all those fake proofs and have been accepted that pragya is having affair with champak. Leena says that tanu is trying to prove that pragya have a boyfriend and she is having extra marital affair with him. She don’t know what will happen after it but hopefully she will get win in proving it. Reporter says that all this drama happened becoz of champak and tanu is taking advantage of it. Pragya has trapped in it. Now let’s see how she will solve this champak matter? Guys most annoying thing is abhi silently listens all this and again let tanu speaks bullshits. He is again doing mistake by believing on fake proofs and after getting fake photos dadi who were taking side of pragya, she also gets silence. Overall, takhil once again got succeded in their plan for now and with abhi’s proposal, pragya’s bithday got spoiled. Now how many of u having gutts to watch it guys?

    1. Bye bye kumkum-bhagya go 2 hell
      What nonsense story. This way pragya should have got proofs.
      My fed up.. Bye kkb forever

  18. Guys today’s all three segment’s highlights with it’s video links- HIGHLIGHTS:

    Champak will be making an entry at Pragya’s birthday & will be seen lingering around her like love smitten butterfly. He will also end up dancing with Pragya.

    Pragya is about to cut her cake when Tanu jumps in & calls Pragya to be characterless, having a boyfriend while being legally married to Abhi.

    Tanu and her bakwaas goes overboard when she claims that Pragya was pregnant with her boyfriends child & aborted it. Pragya plants a tight slap on Tanu’s face.

    Dadi says that Pragya dancing with Champak doesn’t mean he is her boyfriend.

    Tanu asks Champak who invited him to the party if not Pragya. Champak denies knowing Pragya. Tanu shows everyone some pictures, seeing which everyone has shocked expressions. [Pictures are most likely of Pragya and Champak or something else].Reporter mentions that tanu has succeeded in putting doubt in abhi’s and everybody’s mind regarding pragya and champak for now. Let’s see how will pragya deal with it?

    Offscreen INT, Leena: She says that anyone would get slapped for calling someone characterless and what happens after this is unknown and Tanu is always seeking revenge so she will definitely respond to the slap.

    SBAS: http://youtu.be/rPwSjw3J0y0

    SBS: http://youtu.be/rqBZEb4tTBg

    SBB: http://youtu.be/34n8EjcAfIw

  19. Divya chandru

    Bull shit twist and total waste of watching these episodes , I think we need to wait to next update s production team must change cvs first , abhi had totally become dumb, useless in episode ….no where he has proven his character is justified for pragya …. useless, senseless crap, when tanu can bring these kind of pictures ,

  20. pratiksa .it’s getting annoying day by day.really yaar segment is so worst..it wud get unbearable if characterless tanu accuses sanskaari pragya…after showing the pics dadi zipped up her mouth…if she kept quiet it,then she is showing ingratitudeness towards pragya..if dadi believed in it …then everything vl b finished…abhi always keeps quiet…if he believed in it surely pragya shud slap him…if he believed in the fake pics then one thing becomes certain that 100% abhi is insensible man who doesn’t have technological knowledge…despite that he luves pragya..so he shud believe her at any cost…if some photographs r enough to break a relationship then it is not a strong relationsip…if abhi believes in it then his luv for pragya is not true…..one more thing already one time he suspected pragya of having extra marital affair on juz fake mms…if he really learnt a lesson that even his eyes can deceive him….then he vl not believe in the pics….if he believed it then he’s a senseless man….

    1. Pragya also was supposedly in love with Abhi when she came to know of Tanu’s pregnancy. Of course the situation is different as she knew from day one that Tanu was Abhi’s girlfriend. But she didnt give Abhi the benefit of doubt if he was the father of Tanu’s child or not. Tanu is pregnant so even when Abhi denied it, Pragya kind of forced it on him to marry Tanu and left hurting Abhi’s feelings. Instead of buying into Tanu’s emotional manipulation and leaving Abhi abruptly, she could have used her brain then. Instead she initially did drama to get bad in Daadi’s eyes and hence leave MM.

      Whatever is happening now, I am not supporting it, but Pragya responded in a dumb and senseless way when Tanu first declared her pregnancy. She is still not able to clear Abhi’s name from it, even after knowing the baby’s real father.
      What will Abhi do now after seeing Champak and those proofs, we didnt see that yet. Let us wait and see.

  21. Naughty (fathima)

    Nothing to say m fed up dono y story s like tis wat hapn to cvs all gon mad ahhh….jus nw I saw telly news it shwing tat tanu exposd infrnt of abi nd he slapd fr hiding pregnancy truth nd he pusd her out of mm in off screen leena said if I hide big truth means he ill behav wit me like tis….. dono properly bt I saw tis its true r fake dono guys

    1. Fatima nothing happened or will not happen anything like this. This is their own story. Whatever leena said in iterview, it was for today’s segment when she accuses pragya for being characterless and having boyfriend by extra marital affair by cheating abhi even after being legally married with him. Tanu accuses pragya that may b pragya was carrying her boyfriend’s baby but aborted it for hiding. After this, pragya slaps her hard. Leena said this about this incidence that if she will behave like this then obviously she will get slap. Fatima it’s not about abhi and her becoz this situation and sequene is so far from it’s way. These peoples r just making their own story. So just avoid it and i suggests it’s better to avoid upcoming episodes too becoz it will b going unbearable.

  22. SAHITHI…abhi was juz in doubt whether tanu is realy pregnant or acting?when tanu admits to pragya that she’s pregnant…pragya simply didn’t believe her….she herself took her to hosp.and got confirmed abut tanu’s pregnancy…then only she believed her…abut abhi he never suspected tanu of carrying someother’s baby…he juz suspected that tanu might lie to get him…becoz of that only he took her to hosp and confirmed her pregnancy…after knowing truth he believed that it’s his baby…pragya forced abhi to marry tanu juz becoz she wanted abhi to fulfill his obligation…abhi denied it juz becoz he don’t want pragya to go away from him..so that he thought to fulfill all duties regarding his baby rather than marrying tanu…abhi have never suspected tanu regarding this…..he always believed that tanu is carrying his baby….we can’t say pragya was wrong at that tym…even abhi believed the truth..then what vl pragya do??

  23. Guys today’s onlocation video’s detailed update- Read it if u have so much patience and gutts to tolerate it. Full written update.

    Pragya searching for Abhi.
    Rachna comes and asks her about Abhi. She thinks abhi proposed when AbhiGya were alone and says this is not fair and they were waiting to see him propose her.

    Pragya is surprised and asks why dint they tell her before. Rachna says abhi may propose her in front of everyone when she cuts the cake. Pragya is happy and thinks Abhi loves me and he going to propose me today.

    Chamapk stalking Pragya and Pragya is annoyed at him. She wants to shout on him but doesn’t because she wants to enjoy the party. She thinks of scolding him after party.
    Champak is oogling at Pragya. Pragya is shy. Mithali sees them.

    Pragya about to cut the cake and Tanu stops her. She asks for what reason is she cutting the cake. She asks if she is celebrating her birthday or some other happiness.

    She says you are not like how you look. She says for what reason Abhi kept this party you made that reason a shame. She says who will do this on her bday in front of family.
    She says you made your family ashamed.

    If not family Atleast think of guest. She asks how she got this Himmat and then says this is not Himmat but besharami.
    Pragya asks her to stop her nonsense and come to point.

    She asks Abhi to question her and says she is his wife. He has the right because she dint give him divorce. She asks to him to question her about why she made you and your family ashamed in front of all. She says she would have done this after divorce. Why did she do it when she was married to him.

    Pragya asks her to tell directly and Tanu says the thing Pragya did she was not ashamed of doing but Abhi felt ashamed after seeing it.

    She says poor Abhi, look at his condition. He is silent but that doesn’t mean your truth will not come out in front of all. She says me and Abhi both know about your truth.

    Pragya asks what did I do? Tanu says you cheated again. Being Abhis wife you had a relation with someone else, how did you make another man your boyfriend. Pragya is surprised and Tanu says after doing such a shameless thing dint act innocent. She says you crossed limits and called your boyfriend to your bday party and you are romancing secretly with him. She says if you love him so much announce.

    Pragy screams her to stop and asks her to mind her words. Tanu says you blame others but when you are blamed you are not ready to hear? You should hear.

    She says you made many people quiet by becoming boss but not any more. Now you have to listen.

    Pragya says I am not besharam but you are besharam for coming between husband and wife.

    Tanu says I accept that I am becoming Abhi’s baby mother before Marraige. Our relation is before your Marraige and he loves me. I don’t know how you got married to him but he wanted to marry me.

    She says after knowing Abhi loves me after Marraige you were acting like a sati Savitri in front of Abhi. She says you acted like a good wife and bahu. She says you wanted to prove yourself mahan and brought me to home after knowing that I am pregnant with Abhi’s child. She says you showed off to give Haq to my bacha and me. You did that so that you can steal Abhi’s everything. She says you took many and cheated everyone and now you are having affair with some one else. She says your thoughts are dirty and says she is characterless.

    Tanu says even before Marraige I gave Abhi the happiness of becoming a father. What did you do? Being a wife you never gave him the happiness nor respect. She says you married him with wrong intentions. Tanu says before Marraige she had affair with suresh and now with someone else. She says your boyfriends are similar.

    Tanu says she does mistakes and accepts them but doenst act like mahan who does everything and shows off like she is pure. Tanu says you always tell that you will do things openly whe you do right things.She says you did it silently so that you can meet him outside and comes to home and make Abhi a fool.

    1. Pragya says Tanu is saying all this for revenge and out of hatred.

      Tanu says you are so cheap that you are still trying to prove innocence. She says I saw your guts but today I saw how much shameless you are. She says I feel he is not just your boyfriend but you became the mother of his child which you aborted.

      Pragya gets mad and slaps Tanu.

      Tanu says you slapped me and I am going to prove your real character Infront. of all with proof. She goes a side and brings an envelope, in which some photo contains. These photos about pragya and champak. Tanu shows it to everybody and says that these photos r proofs that champak is pragya’s boyfriend and she is having affair with him.

      1. Guys I was not feeling gud to post it but then I though if u guys will get clear picture of what is going to happen in upcoming episodes. Then it will get more easy to avoid it. Tanu’s each and every accusation on pragya and bad mouthing about her is so ridiculous. Cvs should b ashamed to use such kind of dialogues in their script against a woman’s respect and dignity. Cvs and makers have turned whole show into a shame, whom we can’t watch with others. I know this is actor’s work to follow cvs but can’t they give their opinions on it or can’t they protest against these kind of things. A story can b showed with keeping some limitations, with keeping respect if not for actor’s or characters, atleast for humanity and audience. But cvs have turned it into pathetic story. Feels very sad and bad that a gud started show turned into worst. Now they got best fiction show award, which will give them more courage to continue their cheap and pathetic story. Nowadays, feeling very ashamed to watching such a disgusting show. Thank god, I had decided to take a break from it and got saved myself from all this. Although it is just a show but I m living in well educated and cultured society, which stops me from watching and accepting such ridiculous things. I have to answer my parents if I will watch it becoz usually they lives around at that time when it telecasts. So I can’t watch it even y own heart is not allowing me to watch such craps and disgusting things. Thanks to news peoples who gives us updates time to time and makes us aware. Anyways come to the segment. So I m not expecting anything from abhi and from anyone after watching today’s segments and onlocation videos but then also if 1% chance is there so I want to go with sahithi’s view that we should wait what abhi will do after it. So I will want to know this but then also through segments or updates. Not by watching, kkb as I have been take a break from it as I m not interested to watching present crap since Sarla maa’s theft drama. And this present track is just rubbish for me so I will not watch this whole present track and twist until it’s end. But ya I will follow updates to know about it’s progression and to share it with u all. That’s it.

      2. Exactly prathiksha even I have decided not to watch for few days since the CVs are crossing their limits. Yup we have to wait see abhi’s reaction towards these accusations against pragya. But I am going to only read written updates to know about abhi’s reaction. To b honest I have no interest to watch the show nowadays.

  24. "Revelation "

    Praktisha thank you for the detailed update of the coming segment of KKB. Really appreciate it. You save us loyal & ardent audience of KKB from the torment of KKBs up & coming episodes.
    Gosh isnt Leena sick of her constant character Tanu. She plays the same old character for the 300 episodes. Screeching being the most constant denominator & numerator. No wonder Mrunal resigned.

  25. All I’m saying is if Ahhi believes this lie of Tanu’s, then he deserve whatever happens to him. You’re your own big man and must can think for oneself. You must can be able to see or tell or know the truth despite the evidence or lack thereof.
    I know we all know that the writers have no direction for the show right now and that they are grasping at straws like a drowning man. We all know that they will write that Abhi buys Tanu’s lies and would doubt Pragya, but wouldn’t this be a surprise if they led us to believe that this would be the route we expect them to take but instead….
    Here’s the twist to this twist. Tanu comes to Abhi to defame Pragya’s character with this so call Champak ex boyfriend crap. Pragya slap Tanu for this, Abhi listens silently, Dadi listens silently, Tanu drone on and on showing evidence and accusing. When she finishes her rants everyone gets a surprise, Abhi’s famous slap, not to Pragya but to Tanu.
    This would definetly be a twist that would certainly surprise the viewers, that Abhi would take this stance and not believing Tanu and her lies despite her “evidence”
    This will show that Abhi does have a brain after all…
    Ah, me and my wishful thinking that these writers will be smart enough to think along this line. They already turn these characters into brainless twits like themselves so this turn in event might not be in their scope of thinking.
    I’m glad I only read these updates instead of watching. Only watch when the bad guys gets exposed. But for now I think I will only read the precaps and comments.

  26. "Revelation "

    We verbally beat up the characters of KKB mainly because of the scripts.
    KKBs script is so unbelievable that it won best Fiction award. LoL.
    Its not difficult to write a script that is unbelievable. What is more difficult to write is a script that is believable & logical. It takes intelligence & common sense. And
    this is what KKB CVs lack.
    But kudos to the cast of kkb for tolerance & patience & the daily crap they have to act to and the shallow dialogues the cast have to vomit. Poor things. Especially Tanu… her role has to be the worst as it has been constant for a year. Screeching & Revenge.

  27. Hiiiiiii guys………………………… im new to tis page nd im a silent reader i luv all ur comments …..specialyy pratiksha,sathithi, reji,gowtham anna shobana nd all…..

    go to hell kkb….. seriously im fed up to all tis crap guys im all annoyed to tis hell…..crap…..till then i had a hope somewhere tis crap will end soooon but noooo……………i cant tolerate tis anymore guys……….u said right pratiksha akka………..i ll watch tis oly after this crap tanu’s pregnacy drama’s end oly… till then i ll read oly updates……but i ll be commentng………….

    guys will u accept me as ur frnd………………..

    1. Hi ? Krish welcome to comment section
      Thank you for reading our comments
      Sure Krish we will accept u as our friend.
      U need not to ask our permission, u can comment us and join us in discussion about the show.

    2. Hi krish?thanks for liking my comments and offcousre we can b friends.? u took gud decision for not watching this crap but u r fan of this show so u can attached with it’s updates till then when this crap ends and show takes right turn.

    3. hello krish !!..welcome yaar !!……thanks for liking my comment !!…i think u r from TN ryt ??..and u should not ask acception to be as our frnd !!…..here all those who r commenting and silent readers who r reading comments r my frnds !…!!so welcome to the comment section !!.nice to see ur comment !!..

  28. wat te hell how could abhi be soooooo dumb………………….

  29. stop this serial how abhi believed fake proof first I am thinking this this serial is very nice awesome but today they cross limit there how can director should dumb and abhi I don’t know him but now I am saying stop this serial

  30. plzzz stop this bakwaas serial nahitoh koi dusra track leked aao pregrancy track khatam karoo godddd

  31. Frnds i don’t have that much guts to watch this cns(new seg)…. i cound not image pragya be like that…

    Tanu herself told hole truth but the person is changed…. i don’t like this . .. really felling sad for pragya…

    Now iam waiting for abhi reaction .. don’t know wat abhi going to do???

  32. As usual abhi dialogue rat everynody is cheating him…n he will cry..
    then pragya will come n make him to trust her…ahhh bakwass storyline…

    I dunno fr wat reason she is not telling d truth of tat devil tanu..

    whenever she us talking about character I feel like break my tv too

  33. I think Bulbul will return to the show

  34. Prathiksha did u saw today on location … Abhi as usual believed tanu and raised hand on pragya … Can u give the full update….

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