Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi and Pragya arguing about the happenings at the house. Pragya says she took revenge from her and didn’t inform Sarla about the truth. Abhi gets irked and gets closer to her. Pragya asks what are you doing? Abhi gets wine bottle from behind her. Pragya asks for a glass of wine. Abhi says don’t you have shame? You will drink wine in pregnancy. Pragya insists for one sip. Abhi gives her. They get drunk and talk about Dadi. Abhi says Dadi will feel bad. He says it would have been good if you were really pregnant. Pragya says how I will get pregnant when you haven’t even kiss me. Tanu thinks to talk to Abhi and Pragya and asks them to end the confusion. Abhi and Pragya get closer for a kiss. Abhi stops himself and says he needs permission from lips. He gives him own theory

about lips’ happiness. Pragya pinches him. She touches his lips with her finger to check if they are feeling good or bad. She says we can’t figure out. She says lets kiss and find out. Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai plays…………Abhi and Pragya forward their lips for a kiss. Pragya says she didn’t know kissing. Abhi says he will teach her. They fall down together.

Tanu comes to their room and sees Abhi trying to kiss Pragya. She shouts Abhi and stops him. Abhi says we are trying to find a solution and you stopped us. Tanu asks why you were kissing her? Abhi says we have no answer. He tries to lock his lips with Pragya, but Tanu stops. Pragya says how will I get pregnant without a kiss. Tanu thinks what was going to happen between them. Tanu asks Abhi to come with her. Pragya makes Tanu lie on the bed forcibly. She tells that she will check her and asks why the baby bump is not visible. Abhi says lets take out her child from her tummy and gives to Dadi, saying it is Pragya’s baby. Abhi asks for a knife. Tanu rushes out of room and comes to her room. Pragya says she refused to give her baby. Abhi says if we take out her baby and give it to Dadi, saying it is yours…then…….Tanu thinks she has to keep Pragya and Abhi far from each other and thinks she has to do something.

Dadi tells Dasi that she is very happy and says she will die only after seeing her great grand child’s marriage. Tanu comes downstairs. Mitali asks her to move from her way. Dasi informs her about the party and its arrangement. Dadi shows the card….about Abhi’s new album and announcement of Abhi’s baby on the way.

Dadi tells that Pragya said Tanu will stay in their house like a family member. Dasi asks what do guests do? Tanu says enjoyment. Dasi says no, you shall do the work being a family member. Dadi says we shall give her less work. Dasi asks her to take care of Pragya and not let her do any work. Tanu gets irked and thinks she has to work for Pragya now.

Tanu comes to Abhi and Pragya’s room and sees Abhi sleeping on floor, and Pragya on the bed. She throws water on Abhi to wake him up. They tell that they have a heavy head. Tanu tries to reminds him of their doings the previous night and asks to see the arrangements at home. Abhi asks Tanu, about the decorations. Tanu shows the card. Abhi is surprised and asks whose work is this. Tanu says Dadi is behind the party and all the arrangements.

Tanu blames Abhi and Pragya for the party arrangements at home. Abhi says we went to talk to Dadi, but stopped seeing her feelings. Tanu says you people were partying here. Abhi says we were just talking and not had any party. Tanu tells them that they were about to kiss each other. Pragya is shocked and asks what? Abhi says it is a bad joke. Tanu says you were both closer to each other and don’t know what you would have done. She says you wanted to pregnant her. She says Pragya was checking her and Abhi talked about taking her baby out.

Pragya says we are doing mistake again. Tanu asks them to tell the truth, before it becomes the breaking news. Pragya thinks Abhi is stopping her as he loves Dadi very much and thinks she is also doing it as he loves dadi much.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Really yaar sila nerum nenaicha kovam kovama varuthu manamkettava paesura pecha paaru un kolanthai than Ana abhi than appa nu. Vetkamkettaval

    1. ya this is too much . no moral or no ethics . maanamae suthama illa . how can a women let her husband marry another girl athum ithuku pragyavae help panura . ithu ellam real ah suthama nadakavae nadakaathu . pragya dont be a fool , act wise and act like an indian women .

  2. Always tanu only get success ah pragya for sacrifice…

    1. Namala always tension pandrathu tan vellaiya pochu…

      1. correcta soneenga kowsi

      2. Innum tch kooda pannatha abigyavoda babyku aadithya nnu nameum vechchuttangaleppa. Sapppaaaa ithan romba periya koduma.



  5. i loved this episode…

  6. i want pragya and abhi to get united as soon as possible…pls they should not drag…

  7. Riya are you translating for me if so then thank you so much

  8. Hi , I’m new here but not to this series. Had viewed it since it started. Was trying not to say anything until now. I hope the creators of this show are reading this. Read many love novels and the authors know exactly when to bring in the romance into the story. However in Kumkum Baghya , a romance drama series, it does not comply to the requirements of the viewers at all. I notice that the creators are trying to prolong this current track for monetary gains only and not to keep the viewers happy. Very sad to say that i too being an ardent follower of this show am quite fed up with the story now. We expect romance to the fullest between the abhi and pragya. It looks like this is not going to happen. Very disappointing indeed! Hope the creators are aware of this setbacks cos this is from a viewer who is truly into this show from the very day it started. Do something before you loose most of your viewers,
    Thank you.

  9. oh common guys ,how silly u seriously r expecting romance. how weird ? if that much romance arrives better we dont see. but u people r encouraging it.how shameless?

  10. sorry if i was mean? but this is my opinion.it was not my intention to hurt u ,so i wish u get me

  11. tanu is tooo much abhi nd pragya best couple for each other

  12. Ya we know that too much romance nobody wont look. But this episode crossed 300 till now abhi understand tht loves pragya he take this much time. But he doesn’t gave her rights as a wife. If to drag the numbers thy r doing or too make fool of us. V r not expecting that much romance as u said but v can see their cute fights into romantic fights na. V r saying in a small manner only but u dont take it n a big way whatever

    1. okay priya and i am sry if i wud have hurted u

  13. i am very…………….. big fan kumkum bhagya ….i really like this serial and l request the all viewers please watch serial kumkum bhagya abhi pragya
    please uping trp and support them rock abhigya

    1. Me to….a big fan of kumkum bhagya.I and my friends will not stop watching because we have became a mad of abhigya……………love u

      1. oh my god i m the most biggest fan of kumkum bhagya i just luv it like anything.its an awesome serial.

  14. love …………….u abhigya kumkum bhgaya

  15. Its ok. I din mean to hurt u whatever. This is just our views based upon views no one can judge our character. So only this is just a serial posting v wont be like in that life. So its just a comment just try to reply u din want to hurt u. If hurted means sorry whatever.

    1. okay ,just lets forget abot it and move through i was sry and u too was sry so it compensated

  16. superb epi

  17. i loved 1st part of abhigya . abhigya rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………………

  18. Priya you apologize that was more than enough I don’t think that anyone would actually apologize for their talks hats off

  19. Anamta Sayyed

    Jus ek full episode to srf abhiya ka rkho naa yaar….jisme no one will interfere…..

  20. Ooh no again tanu interrupted abhigya. Yr tanu plz let abhigya kiss ? each other atleast once we r waiting for it……….. Ahh! When will the director show true romantic scenes in this show hope it happens soon @fingers crossed

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