Kumkum Bhagya 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya not to go from house. Pragya says I can’t stay here. What will people say if I stay here. Saiyyara Re plays………….Pragya tries to walk and falls in Abhi’s arms. They have an eye lock. Pragya goes to the Bulbul’s room and asks her to open the door. Aaliya gets tensed and drags unconscious Bulbul from the bed. She then hides her behind the sofa. Pragya keeps on knocking the door and gets tensed. Aaliya throws clothes from the wardrobe on Bulbul to hide her. She opens the door with ghunghat on her face. Pragya asks her to come as everyone is waiting.

Dasi tells that bride is taking time to get ready. Just then Pragya brings Aaliya( thinking her to be Bulbul). Aaliya thinks no one shall know that she is under the veil else she can’t get married.

She thinks to hide under the veil until she gets married. Purab wants to see her face and says why are making me nervous. Dasi goes to room to bring ghatbandan dupatta. Aaliya gets worried thinking Dasi might see Bulbul. She gets worried thinking Dasi might see blood stains. Dasi sees clothes on floor and tries to pick it up. Pragya drops coin by mistake and Aaliya gets tensed. Pragya picks it up and asks her not to worry. Dasi takes the chunari and didn’t see Bulbul. Aaliya thanks the God for saving her. She smiles and thinks Purab will be hers in sometime. Sarla asks where is him? Jhanki says she tried to stop him, but…….Sarla asks Abhi to do the kanyadaan.

Dadi asks Abhi to do her kanyadaan. Abhi says how can I do kanyadaan. Sarla says you took care of all the responsibilities, and so why not kanyadaan. Aaliya gets worried thinking Abhi might identify her. Abhi agrees to do kanyadaan. Abhi goes to do kanyadaan and have an eye lock with Pragya as they sit to do the kanyadaan. Aaliya gets tensed. Dadi says Purab and Bulbul are looking good together. Mitali thinks where is Aaliya? She might be upto something and decides to check. She silently goes from her.

Abhi goes to have water. Pragya gives him water and says she is very happy as he does Bulbul’s kanyadaan. Abhi says you also have to do something for my happiness. He asks her to drink water first. Pragya drinks and asks what is the matter. Abhi says I am ready to marry Tanu, but I have a condition…..you also have to marry someone else, when I get married to Tanu. Pragya says I am getting you married to Tanu because of the circumstances. It is not my wish to marry you off. Abhi says he can’t see her alone after his marriage. He says he has taken his decision and will marry Tanu, when she agrees to marry someone else. Pragya says she will not marry anyone, and it is her life and her decision. She says when Tanu’s parents come here, you can talk to them and Dadi. I will not get married even if my mum asks me to marry. Abhi looks on surprisingly.

Pandit ji asks Purab and bride (Aaliya) to stand for pheras and explains about the 7 wedding vows. Pragya and Abhi hear the wedding vows carefully. Pragya thinks Abhi has fulfilled all the vows. Aaliya gets frustated as the pandit ji tells about the vows. Abhi thinks Pragya has fulfilled all the wedding vows, although she is about to leave home. Pandit ji asks them to stand for pheras.

Pandit ji asks them to take 7th round and says with this your marriage will complete. Abhi stops them from taking 7th round and lifts ghunghat/veil from her face. Everyone gets shocked seeing Aaliya inplace of Bulbul as a bride.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. After aliya truth come out.. abhi will think about tanu.. bcos aliya do any thing for her love means…. tanu also do anything for her love know…
    (But both aliya and tanu are not truly love) for this angle abhi want to think..

    1. Aaliya’s insult for him will not let him think beyond it. And abhi believes on tanu’s pregnancy by him becoz he never see her with another man except him. So he have no reason to doubt on her and second thing is abhi couldn’t imagine that a woman could use her baby or pregnancy to enter in a man’s life with whom her future will b bright and could b fall so low. Becoz for a woman her child is most important in comparison of any other thing but poor abhi he still doesn’t know that for tanu her baby doesn’t matter but it is only a convence of fulfill her dreams to living with abhi and enjoy his luxurious and glamorous life.

      1. U r crt nikki…..

  2. I like the precap

  3. Gud nyt frndss ?

  4. Lets wait n watch what is going to be happen nw in kbb…… after dis all evils drama they will start will new story of abhi getting ruin with nikhil or some other person…. his name fame will be taken off as dis always done in ektaa kaprs serial….

  5. aliyha does not love purab her is obsession and she is very crazy just like misha where she will kill to have purab anyway aliyha is soooooooooo tall and bul bul is soooooooooo short cannot they see the difference and know that it is not bul bul under the veil utter crap for me this serial is a real CIRCUS with the amount of different activities going on one after the other and all the same shit

    1. Hmmmmm same like misha aliya is also mad…. but misha is pretending to be mad and aliya is Actually mad

    2. who is misha?? in which serial is that character there??? pls tell me

      1. she is in jamai raja…..

  6. Gud mrng Frnds tomo.serial. 🙂

    1. Good morning Priya sis

  7. Gud morning priya$

  8. Good morning friends

  9. Nikki any new updates

    1. No yaar not yet.

      1. Thx yaar

  10. How many days abhi will be in Toronto

  11. Hai priya di how r u

    1. Fn Zoya

  12. oh please abhi .. dont go anywhere. if u r not there then ill stop watching this serial .u r the only character whom i love the most..

  13. and that doesnt mean others r .everyone in this serial are awesome exept tanu nd aaliya

    1. Good evening yuvi

  14. Gud eve yuvi nd zeeha…nd frndzzz

    1. Good evening susi. Hw r u?? After lng tym.

  15. Nalaiku aliya matta pora….pls writer this to don’t make it as dreamzzzzzz…
    After long gaps I watch this show on Friday…….pls don’t separate my rabul….

  16. Guys i was seeing some past scenes which were related to abhigya. I felt how much abhi did torchered pragya in the past and how much she has been suffered with so much pain beciz of abhi’s torcher due to his lots of misunderstandings. He never did any care of her love and care and never gave any respect. He always ignored her for tanu and insulted her for aaliya. Now time has changed. For whom abhi did all this and always being loyal for them, they both cheated him and they both did insult of everything what abhi did for them.When I went through some past incidence of past episodes, then I felt that whatever is happening with abhi, is absolutly right,he is responsible himself for all this. With how much pain pragya has been suffered, abhi is going through less pain then pragya becoz pragya had no one to share her pain but he have pragya who is taking and sharing his half pain.CVS r doing good job to bring tanu’s and aaliya’s track in the show. Now I understand that their purpose of showing these track only for abhi. Becoz it’s necessary that abhi must go through all those pain which he gave to pragya and he repent for his all wrong deeds and realize his all mistakes before united with pragya.

    1. Rit yuga in tamil now only they r showing Cracker burst and pragya got wound in leg. She tries to wake up and fall down. While falling down pragya tries to hold abhi but he moved. I think u remember always abhi tanu and aliyah did like this only to pragya. I think for tat only like this abhi suffering a lot. 🙁

      1. Iyooooo sorry I Wrongly typed yuga instead of nikki

      2. It’s ok Priya. Sometimes it happens.

      3. And ya PRIYA this is exactly what I m trying to say that abhi is repenting for all his wrong deeds and mistakes of past. For abhigya’s fair love story, it is necessary to clear and finished all the differences between them. Only then they will enjoy their love life without any guilt.

      4. Rit Nikki then only they can Lead healthy and happy life.

    2. Meee tooo nikki…i was also seen past episode…so tats y im saying abhi recalls all the moment how to torture her…he should feel it and then he must apology to pragya…but pragya will always tell pls dnt say sorry …u remember last episode he was shouting pragya go and enjoy ur life. Blah blah u want to prove in this world im a bad husband……pragya stop start her lecture and thn abhi gng to tell im sry blah…and aftr kidnapping seq mehra mansion celebrate party tat time also tanu fill his ear about pragya…he gone to shout her..he never given any chance to prove pragya was innocent….tat time purab done gud job…

      1. Kowsi, pragya always stopped him for saying sorry becoz she is so much thankful to abhi for all the help and favour which he abhi did for her family. Cvs showing us pragya as a girl who lives for her family and for others. She never did any care for herself. That’s why she forgot all the pain of not only given by abhi but all those peoples who broke her heart. Becoz at the end she always saw everybody’s good in whatever happened. Abhi did so much for her family only it does matter for her mostly not for how much and why abhi torchered her. That’s why she always of gave him and stopped for being sorry.

    3. yes Nikki..absolutely!!! i also thought the same… After all, if Pragya accepts immediately, he will not know her values …Now he is feeling her importance every second 🙂

      1. Exactly. This is very necessary for their deep love and strong relationship in future.

  17. Abhi performance has been over.so he might be come within 2 or 3 days.till tht they will show tht which were taken at 9th july

  18. Abhi is enjoying his Canada’s trip along with his lady love, his wife kaanchi. Their enjoyment’s pics r on websta site. Guys u can see it there. There r some pics of abhi ( shabbir) with his fans too.

    1. Nikki watever happens …..we want abhigya always..also rabul ….pls dnt seperate them…sss agree with u nikki…

  19. As always I m cool?? …zeeha nd u….

    1. Superb…..

  20. Gud nyt dr frnds hv sweet dreamzz .. ?

  21. Iravu vanakkam Gud night…. My frndzzz…????????

  22. Guys I was watching Bach baliye on star plus to watch abhigya’s performance. They came there for performing in semi final episode along with other’s soap actors like jodha akbar, ranveer ishani, Raman and ishita etc. There were also ekta kapoor and jetendra. These All jodis performed on jetendra songs. Abhigya performed on ” chori pat jae”, one of jetendra movie’s song. There performance was only for few minutes. But they performed cutely and with so much enjoyment. Last bit was so romantic, when pragya pulls abhi upon her with so romantically.

    1. Sorry wrongly type it’s nach baliye.

  23. Updates ends here now. See u tomorrow guys till then gud nyt, sweet dreams all of u.??

    1. Guys…I saw that abortion promo again now …. It seems to be after the marriage… It might be true… But I think Pragya might be doing this due to some reason… She ll need to be outside of the house to identify the truth… With this pregnancy drama , dadi ll not allow her to go anywhere and also if she tells it as miscarriage, then also they ll not let her go outside…so to go outside for finding the truth , she might be doing this…. V ll see….

      1. What is the need to do abortion drama for going out from the house to find out the truth? How can she find out the truth outside when nikhil and tanu both r roaming in the house. Tanu is living in abhi’s house and nikhil comes to meet her mostly in the house. If she wants to find out the truth so it means she knows about tanu and nikhil then she the logic is says that she have to keep her eyes on them every time in house not outside, becoz nikhil comes to meet with tanu mostly in abhi’s house.

  24. Hai guys … iam from tn.. iam also big fan of kkb ….. i am relly happy for this site so much of tamil people… i like ur cmt everyday….

    I have big dout in this pregnancy episode plz any one clear my dout is right r wrong …

    Now tanu is pregnant… abhi and pragya belive abhi is the father of tanu’s unborn child..

    In pregnant episode was started in epi 274 in that episode tanu said to pragya iam pregnant of abhi’s child. Later pragya and tanu went hsplt and checkup. Doc said tanu is preganant already half month pregnancy complete…

    Tanu abhi and pragya ta pragya’s mms time appa abhi drink pannitu vandan eggalkulla relationship anushunu sonna… guys actually mms episode dec month nadandushu.. namakum dec la dan andha episode telecast ashu and abhi also said ” its dec lets party “in epi 179.after mms episode finished.. rabul united episodes came..

    In feb mon pragya was kidnapped.. abhi insl*t tanu in date of feb 14 and went save pragya . In that only tanu and nikkil get actuall relationship see epi 313.. thats why only tanu now preganant…

    Frnds normal la a lady get preganat means after relaship max 2month she get pregant otherwise i not wrkout..

    For that consideration… tanu abhi and pragya ta mms epi appa relasp so only iam preganant sonnadu logical la ve wrong.. feb 14 relaship with nikkil so he get pregnant in march last or april 1st edhu logical crt… edhukku proff 275 episode prgya abhi ta na april fool panna dan propose pannu solva..

    Eppadi logic ke wrong ga erukku writter mistake ka or abhi pragya furture clue va… atleast eppadi yadu think pannalam la endha abhi and pragya vu….

    Guys edha neega agree pandregala.. illa na wrong ga understant panniruken na… eppadi tanu after tanu after relationship 4 month appar pregnant agaudiyum appadiye preganant nalu 274 la andha doc 2mon or 3month pergnant ta erukkaga nu dane pragyata sollanu avugga half month pregnancy dane sonnaga.. edhule tanu poi solranu pragya ku teriyanum me..

    Edhan guys ennoda dout.. thanks for writing this msg.

  25. neenga solrathu konjam yosika vendia vishayam axi but wat v ll do fr dat…only the writers hv to say abt ur doubt by upcoming episodes lets c axi

    1. Rit yuvi. Once pragya knows d Tanu’s truth tat time she ll calculate the date months but now she won’t. They r showing tat much dumb pragya.

      1. Ya priya ….. pragya ku tanu truth teruja… she may be calculate the date and month … u r right… thanks for ur reply .. also thanks to yuvi.

  26. Gud mrng zeeha ka,priya ka,kavin,nikki,susi,divya,kowsi and all frndzz hv nice day frnzz

    1. Gud mrng yuvi.?

    2. Gud mrng yuvi

  27. Gud mrng to all of u guys.?

    1. Gud mrng nikki 🙂

  28. Good morning frndzz

    1. Gud mrngg friendzz

  29. Well anyway after all this marriage and aliya’s drama,abhi and dadi will finally get to see aliya’s true nature and that she can never change..i do wish along with this the truth about that corporator should be revealed and purvi should be proved innocent somehow..then that tanu’s truth should come out with the dna reports and she should be eliminated from abhigya’s life forever..and with all this abhi will finally get to see the true colours of the people he trusted most…and oh i forgot to mention rachna should finally give birth to that baby..since all this pregnancy and marriage drama is a major and most important step yet in this serial maybe the writers have the right to drag this serial this much..afterall we know everything’s going to clear up after this..and after this kkb can start on a new twist and a new turning in the story with abhigya’s love saga finally starting..

  30. Guys those who wants to see shabbir’s pics from Canada trip, can see it on facebook. There r some pics of shabbir along with kaanchi and some of with his fans. Shabbir is in that same suit which he had wore in gold awards.

  31. In latest updates there is nothing new. Only in SBS high points they said that in this week aaliya’s drama will continue. After knowing about aaliya’s truth, all family members will take aaliya’s class. That’s it.

    1. I too searched nikki nothing new 🙁

      1. I think priya it’s just becoz of shabbir’s and leena’s holidays. After purbul’s wedding track and aaliya’s exposure, CVS have to continue with tanu’s pregnancy track. So may b becoz of shabbir’s and leena’s holiday, they r unable to shoot for upcoming episodes so that’s why we have no any new on location videos and updates yet. I think this whole week they will continue with aaliya’s drama as SBS people said and then from next week when they will move further with tanu’s pregnancy track. I think shabbir’s trip of canada has been over now and may b he has came yesterday. But I have no idea about Leena. Has she came or still on holidays? We have to wait for new updates till then. Now I m waiting for abortion promo scene becoz I wants to know how it will happen in the present circumstances in the show.

      2. Leena has returned somedays back only Nikki…she has updated in twitter as back to KKB …

      3. If both r back v can c some spicy scenes in kkb

  32. can someone tell me how many episodes should we manage seeing without abhi????

    1. No idea yaar. May b they have already shooted for some episodes before going on trip. But I saw abhi’s last shoot of aaliya’s exposure and confrontation scene. That’s it and we haven’t also any new updates yet so no idea.

  33. No new updates frnds:-(

  34. I saw today that abortion promo. But I do no if it really happens mns no I wnt watch. Then they will drag ths promo with two weeks

    1. Even I also watched abortion promo many times. I felt promo’s scenes r not in random way and promo is made for misleading us so we cannot guess how it will unfold in the show? It is true or dream? CVS made this promo very smartly like always, to stick the audience from their seats for whole week.

      1. Ya nikki surely they ll dragg this marriage episode this week fully next week Monday only abortion scene ll come. I think so

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