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The episode starts with Daadi entering Abhi’s vanity van. Abhi hears a sound and thinks who the hell is this. He is shocked to see daadi there. Daadi asks what is he doing here instead of being with Pragya in Shimla, why is Tanu here. Aaliya comes there just then and says Abhi had to perform this concert, else promoter would have sued him. Daadi says she wants to meet Pragya now.

Inspector at police station asks all the drug peddlars caught to call their family there. He even asks Pragya to call her family.

Sarla feels uneasiness and says she is feeling someone is in trouble. Servant says Pragya??? Daadi says Pragya is with Abhi and his 5 bodyguards. Sarla gets mamaji’s call who says he was remembering Pragya, so he called her and asks who is she. Sarla says she is

fine and asks him to come there with family when he gets leave.

Pragya thinks if she calls her family, everyone will know about it. She says inspector she will not call as her mother is not well. Inspector asks her to call as he wants to know details. She asks if she can call her husband. Inspector agrees. She calls Abhi, but he does not pick call. Inspector asks if she was calling her husband or lover. Pragya asks her to mind his language. She says he must be knowing her husband. Inspector says he knows even president of America. Pragya says her friend is Abhi. Inspector jokes if he is Abhishek Bachan and says she must be Aishwarya Bachan then. Constable also starts joking. Pragya says she is Abhi rockstar’s wife. They again starts joking on her. Pragya calls daadi then, but even she does nnot pick her call. Inspector asks constable to put her behind bars. Lady constable says she must be telling truth as she is crying a lot. Inspector asks Pragya to call her family, else he will call media. He asks why did her husband go to concert leaving her at hotel. She says her husband does not like her, so he left her at a hotel. Suresh comes there and is surprised to hear that. Pragya asks inspector to check internet and news papers. Constable jokes he heard news about Abhi’s marriage to a chashmish. Inspector jokes she must have heard about it and is trying to escape taking Abhi’s name.

Inspector says Pragya why will he believe her. Pragya requests to believe her. Abhi says many look alikes wander around and asks what did Abhi see in you to marry you. Constable asks him to start third-degree torture on her. Suresh says she is telling truth. Inspector asks if he is her husband. Constable jokes he must be her husband as he is also chashmish/wearing glasses. Inspector asks if to bring her if he knows them. Suresh says okay and requests not to put her in jail until he returns.

Abhi comes to hotel room and starts searching Pragya, but she is not there. He remembers daadi being adamant to meet Pragya and he convincing daadi to bring Pragya home alone. He asks hotel staff about Pragya who informs her the incident happened.

Aaliya and Tanu are in car. Aaliya scolds Tanu for being careless in her absence. Tanu says she wanted to protect Abhi from minglling with Pragya.

Suresh is driving his scooter and remembers rejecting Pragya’s proposal, pragya’s marriage with Abhi, and the incidents thereafter. He reaches Abhi’s house and starts crying remembering Pragya’s words that her husband does not like her. He thinks to help Pragya, he has to inform her family.

Daadi thinks where Abhi must have left Pragya, what she must be thinking. Raj’s wife taunts daadi about Abhi’s honeymoon and smirks.

Suresh reaches Sarla’s house and says Bulbul he wants to speak to her. Bulbul says she does not want to talk to her and says Pragya is happy with her husband now and is enjoying honeymoon in Shimla. Suresh says she is not in Shimla, but in police station and tells her the whole incident happened. Bulbul asks him to tell slowly as it will create a problem if Sarla hears that. Sarla hears their conversation and asks who is in jail. Suresh says Pragya is in jail. Sarla says she had gone to Shimla, then how did she go to police station. Bulbul says she will go and bring Pragya. Sarla says she is still alive and will go police station as she does not want young girl like Bulbul to go there. Daadi says she will also come with her.

Precap: Sarla, Suresh, daadi reach police station and are shocked to see Pragya requesting inspector not to put her behind bars.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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