Kumkum Bhagya 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to Sarla’s house. Pragya thinks Abhi might have heard her conversation with Purab. Abhi says Sarla might not have kidnapped else kidnapper would have called them. Janki feels sad about Sarla. Abhi tells that he went to Police station and filed missing complaint. He says Police will start searching for her. He asks Dadi to come. While they are on the way, Abhi says it is difficult to understand Pragya and says if she is like this or pretending. He talks about Aaliya. Dadi says you are good at heart and that’s why feel bad about her. Abhi says Pragya have snatched her everything, but never did bad with him. Purab says if Sarla is with kidnappers then it is dangerous. Pragya says she will check on Tanu and will call her as blackmailer. She says she will keep

an eye on her. Purab says I will come with you. Pragya says I will call her in the morning and asks him to come in the morning.

Dasi asks Rachna to read the newspaper. Rachna reads it. Dasi says my eye power is getting weak. Taya ji says you are getting old. Dasi says old is your mum. Taya ji says my Beeji. Dadi is silent. Dasi wonders why she didn’t comment anything. Mitali asks Rachna about Akash and Raj. Rachna says Akash came and is sleeping in room. She asks about Raj. Rachna says Raj stayed there as there was some work. Mitali calls from her phone, but he disconnects the call. Mitali calls from Rachna’s phone. He picks the call. Mitali asks why you didn’t come home. Raj is angry and disconnects the call.

Purab tells Pragya that he will send her video call and she can see Tanu through it. Pragya calls Tanu as a blackmailer. She says she will send a parcel on Abhi’s name. Tanu gets tensed. Later she asks Purab what he is doing seeing him holding the phone? Purab makes an excuse.

Abhi thinks Pragya is already tensed about her mum and thinks he can’t talk to her about their divorce now. Pragya thinks what Abhi might be thinking? Tanu thinks she have to meet Nikhil at 5:30 and now there is much time. She will feel bore. Purab asks Dadi not to take tension. Dadi says she is worried about her family. Purab says truth is coming out finally and Abhi’s problem will be solved soon. Dadi asks about Pragya. Purab says she is in room and will do something great. Pragya comes and signs at Purab. Dadi and Purab looks at Tanu. Pragya sends message to Dadi that Tanu will get shocked. Tanu thinks to meet Abhi. Just then courier guy comes and says that parcel have come for Abhi. Mitali signs and takes it. Tanu gets angry and asks her to give parcel to her. Mitali says I will give it to Abhi. Tanu asks her to give parcel to her else. Pragya asks what is happening? She asks her to give parcel to her and takes it. Tanu asks why do you want to see it and gives parcel to Mitali, asking her to give it to Abhi. She gets tensed.

Abhi talks to commissioner and asks him to use his team to find Sarla. Commissioner assures him that they are searching Sarla, and will find her.Abhi says she is my mum. Commissioner says I know. Abhi asks him to inform him if he comes to know anything. Tanu comes to Abhi and is about to take the parcel. Abhi asks what she is doing? He says Mitali bhabhi gave this parcel. Abhi opens the parcel and says no name or address is written on it. Tanu recalls blackmailer saying that he will send the parcel on Abhi’s name. A Abhi opens the packet and looks on. Tanu gets tensed.

Pragya tells Abhi that she is going to search for her mum. Abhi asks her to take him also. Pragya refuses. Abhi asks if she is a super woman and that’s why asks her to take him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Sahithi

    Hope someone like Ronnie will follow Tanu to see whom she us meeting, as pragya knows for sure Tanu is going to meet someone today.

    If Pragya could also recollect that Tanu mentioned in call that they picked someone as blackmailer from the studio.

    And will be waiting for tomorrow epi spoilers to see what clue Pragya has to search for her mom n where has she decided to go.

  2. shavi

    already abhi is in confused mind ,,, dadi confusing him more by her sayings about pragya to abhi.. episode was ok.. bt how many times this same track as either abhi loves more pragya or pragya loves more abhi bt at d same time the other one acts like they dont have d feeling.. first wen pragya know about tannu pregnancy she sacrificed her love ,, now abhi sacrificing his love for tanu.. tomorw may be both meet in a jungle as shown in cvs.. bt wat in d parcel? i think to check tanu’s reaction pragya sent that parcel to him and also to remain tanu that d blackmailer is so dangerous.. bt after this truth sarla ma life is in more danger.. as she said them that she is d blackmailer.. bt pls soon reveall d truth ya.. cant tolerate d dragging and abhi ‘s concern towards fraud tanu..

  3. today’s episode was little very funny on tanu’s scene happy to see her tensed now as for pragya confirmed that tanu is going to meet someone but how she will find that whom she is meeting because this time also nikhil called tanu to a guddown so it is difficult or again she have to jump to their car diccey and now abhi got a parcel a box is given abhi opened the cover but the box fell down from his hands sahithi and pratiksha will definitely any evidence against tanu or it’s just an empty box

    • Sahithi

      The box doesnt seem to be taken seriously by Abhi, as always, atleast from precap it looks so. I am also curious to see what Pragya must have sent to scare Tanu.

      It is more like to keep Tanu tense n to see her reaction. Also, Pragya does not have confirmation if Sarla is picked up by Tanu goons. So Pragya has to carry her blackmailing again to expose Tanu, after last failed attempt, so looks like again she is upto that.

  4. Gud episode, gud efforts, gud going. Gud to hear maa from abhi’s mouth for sarla maa. Most r things recycling with different manners. Before sometimes, tanu was forcing abhi to take property from pragya and now she is forcing to take divorce. Aaliya digged her own grave in her over smartness and over confidence and now tanu too doing same. Hope like aaliya she too falls in her own grave and she already have started it by kidnapping of sarla maa.She has made her ending worst than worst by doing this. Hope soon we will see it. Anyways at least becoz of sarla maa’s missing we could see abhigya close to each other. And pragya has listened tanu that she is going to meet with someone at 7pm and if I m not wrong then nikhil called tanu at that place where he kept sarla maa in goons security, surely nikhil is calling tanu to show her sarla maa alive and to discuss his plan with her for next move. But the thing is will pragya send anyone to follow her as we know pragya will not as we saw in today’s segment that she was with abhi so will she send purab? She should send somebody if she will then they can easily get sarla maa.

  5. pratiksha and guys nowadays they r not showing aliya again she also vanished from the show like purvi ?????? or she went to any vacation pls tell me guys !!!!becoz atleast they will be showing wat is alia doing in the jail so wat happened to aliya ?????

    • razia

      Jail la irundhu ena pana mudiyum reji ;);) if tanu is free she might go to aaliya n discuss wats happening in MM .. Tanu is nw strictly engaged wit the blackmailer .. So only aaliya was nt shown n it doesn mean her character is vanished as purvi .. Aaliyah vl b plotting til kkb ends n tanus chapter may end sometime .. Cuz once after *abhigyas reunion* happens tanus plotting wont work much bt aaliyah vl stay in MM n do plottings against abhigya as well as rabul .. So let’s c .. Bt wts the idea of CVS towards Raj ? They really turned him gud n he’s doing sumtng to expose tanu ? Or he’s still the same bad raj n jus faking MM ppl or lyk he turned gud bt the CVS planned not to use Raj in tanus exposure ? Cant even guess … The CVS has 1000s of possibilities na .. They turn up wid such a diff twist bt the scenes wer only recycling .. Bt the twists r too different

    • Tripti arora

      reji ,
      actually shes getting married to her long term bf Captaind karan. in her real life
      he is a pilot and they are deciding to maryy soon and so after some months we would be seeing her

    • Reji it seems CVS wants to finish with tanu’s track that’s why they r not bringing aaliya in mid of all these becoz once aaliya will come back in picture then she will never let go situations on pragya’s favour and like this, tanu’s track couldn’t finish. That’s why they r keeping raaj also away from all this by showing his positive attitude. Shikha is on vacation becoz she have no work for now in the show until tanu’s matter will sought out. But after tanu’s track’s end, aaliya will again come back in picture to move the story further for a new track. Becoz a show cannot b continue without leads and villains.

    • razia

      How do u guys say ? Writers started listening to our comments ? By the segments pix today? I don understand plz clear me

      • shreyasi

        razia becoz it was us who commented for abhigya’s reunion and just after that things started to change in kkb so we brought this change makers surely read our comments they had to we did protested so well..

      • preet

        razia ji why r u questing us? u also knw tht supporters of *abhigya reunion* are large in number… INFACT U ALSO SUPPORTED THIS *ABHIGYA REUNION* IN YOUR RECENT COMMENTS… We did a great job n all this happened because nimrit ji started it.. every1 can see that razia ji

      • jiyana

        Razia remember last time u asked cvs to open their eyes nd u said tht most of us did not comment earlier bt now for abhigyas reunion we did… after saying all this nd standing wit us for *abhigya reunion* u question us.. thts bad.. we worked hard it was not easy to take time out of our busy schedules still for abhigya we did nd now u question us only tht not done razia not a good pitch

    • Arsha

      Nimrit u r true fan of kkb u proved it i amamused by cing todays episode update very well makers *abhigya reunion*

    • Kerti

      Nimrit i wud like 2 thank u 4 bringing this *abhigya reunion* thing this gave makers sense tht we views wants see abhigya u did pretty stunning job god bless dear keep commenting lyk dis evn i want 2 know wht is in d parcel we will have 2 wait till tomorrow excited much :”)

    • Ritbhi

      *Abhigya reunion* seems like it will happen soon nimrit g i hope makers dnt dissapoint us this time all of ur followers r waiting for abhigya to reunite nimrit g i hope it happens

    • Preet

      *Abhigya reunion* has a big fan following that can’t be ignored. Great success Nimrit ji. I want to know what is in that parcel i hope Abhi will know about Tanu now pls don’t drag the show again cvs good wishes for nimrit and rest of the *abhigya reunion* fans……

    • jiyana

      *abhigya reunion* is finally working congrats guys and nimrit ji i salute u all nice episode good has just strted 😀

  6. Vins

    In this serial in at least one episode police men did their duty?? When ever there is a missing case police men will become jokers at the end….. very funny… They made real heroes in to comedians. …

  7. Brintha

    Its so simple…alia is involved in crime activities..if they give a petition to police tanu is also partner for all the crime..then police only will track and tecord tanus mobile calls….i think writer are living in 1950’s…viewers are not fools..or they writing to watch only fools..they shud use their brain to write the story for today’s date…they may be having internal competition that hw much they can stretch the story….

  8. Shiba

    pragya can blackmail nikhil ulta that she Cn harm nikhil’s Child. mentioning tat tanu is unsafe in mehra mansion

    • razia

      Ha ha since nikhil is such a ******* he ll not worry fa losing a child .. He wil b seeking only money n properties by means of tanu .. He vl think lyk wid tanu he can again **** her n get a child :@

    • Brintha

      Wow what a brilliant idea of urs ..blacknail nikhil….i think commenters here can write better than ektha cvs..

    • razia

      BTW nikhil is jus holdn tanu wid the word child .. N he s really nt concerned abt the child .. He jus has lust on tanu fa tat he’s using the word tc of our child nu .. Nikhil s truly nt a man .. I’m much irritated wid him more than tanu .. Atleas tanu thinks since she loves abhis wealth she din wans to lose him n she’s also nt ready to go back to nikhil. . she’s jus like she was 1 year back .. Bt this nikhil .. He’s no where related to abhi bt he’s trying to snatch abhis property using a cheap girl ..

    • razia

      I’m really feeln bad to use such words bt the track n the characters irritates me n makes me speak so … Cha fed up .. Readn surbhis n tishas ff I’m so happy n I wan to c abhigya lyk tat n real kkb follow such tracks .. It vl b so lovely .. Bt wt the CVS do to us .. They re jus disappointing us more n more n more ..

    • shobana

      But shiba for that first Pragya wants to knw that Nikil is culprit she has to knw that Nikhil is father of the baby
      Since she doesn’t knw she can’t blackmail him
      But aft she gets to knw ant Nikhil’s involvement Pragya can blackmail him

  9. Patricia Ramrup

    I am from the USA and I love looking at the Indian serials BUT I am forced by the slowness of Kum Kum Bhagya to view it once per week and I find other fast moving serials to look at. It’s been this way for months and I still keep seeing the same story ” who is the father of Tanu’s baby”? Can you guys move this story any slower? Advise from the Zee TV patrons….Move your story and keep your Kum Kum fans and viewers happy! Simple and a No Brainer isn’t it?

  10. but shiba pragya dont know about tanu unborn child father who is then how will she blackmail to nikhil & one thing by heart pragya is very nice she couldn’t harm innocent baby coz of tanu.what do u thing about this

  11. razia

    Guys I duno abt othrs bt how I’m lyk na .. The whole day kkb vl b in my sub conscious mind n Im dying to c dem together .. I have hope tat def one day they ll b together .. Bt it vl not happen soon .. Every dream sequences I’m getn disappointed .. N every segment I wait fa gud news .. N in nt having much hope in this valentines day SPL episode too .. Atlast as nimrit wish *abhigya reunion* n I started believing in this

  12. razia

    Rose .. I saw yua comment on sterdays episode .. Don get confused wit the costumes of abhi pragya .. Because in most of the promos .. They vl jus wear the dress which they do fa the shoot which is actually going on .. Bt fa the real scene they vl get in to another dress .. I mean .. Promos costumes 99% wil not b in the original episodes .. Cu in promos generally important scenes vl b shown so fa tat they ll dress up in new one .. So don’t get confused yaar

  13. Naveen

    Not at all interesting episode tanu truth not come
    Fast it’s so much of dragging on this time it finish fast man

  14. maha

    What happened to the camera that pragya and purab were using to video the incident? They can just check on there.
    This is so dumb lmao

  15. Sowana

    They can’t drag it anymore…. This is the worst serial… If Tanu was actually pregnant, she would’ve delivered the baby by now… Try to put an end to this Tanu n you can bring in more villains later if you want to d ago this serial… You can think how Abhishek and Pragya unitedly win the battles with new villains… But please for heavens sake stop this Tanu…

  16. stepphyrao

    In the 1st kidnapp last yr, Pragya was mistakenly kidnapped instead of bulbul. And the storyline was Neil was obsessed by Bulbul.
    2nd kidnap scene. Its a case of mistaken person again. Instead of kidnapping the watch man who is supposed to be Prags. ..her mum gets kidnapped. N…here Nikhil is obsessed by Tanu. So he wld do anything for her. Even murder.
    Neil. Nikhil. Two N”s. Recycling the story again but jus different characters. Are indian men so crazy that they will even murder for love senselessly. They tend to be depicted in such a manner in movies as well as dramas frm the time movies begun many moons ago.. That hasn’t changed in
    movie scripts/storylines. Very sad…
    Anyways it looks like Nikhil suspects ladoo sarla tt she may be covering for someone close to her. Close enough to risk her life. She has jeorpardised Pragyas whole plot n planning of months. Hope the cvs dont use this for Pragyas fall. Certainly dont wana see Tanu win!!! Or Pragya lose. Definitely will stop watching KKB if this happens.
    I can bear Alia but Tanu i really cannnn’t stomach. Shes been given too much screen space. Wish Mrunal / Bulbul was around to lighten the scenes a little.

    • Jaydeep

      But in the first kidnapping victim doesn’t know who kidnapped her but in 2nd case sarla knows who kidnapped her however in the previous one pragya got escaped but the innocent purvi got frammed but this time its different if sarla got escaped then truth comes out but if not then there are chances that Nikhil can frame someone innocent so more problems ahead for pragya ……. But pragya should be hopeful bcoz at the end of the tunnel there will be light of happy & peaceful life

  17. shobana

    I feel with in 4 days Pragya will come to knw that Nikhil is the father of tanu’s child
    Cuz Tanu is going to meet Nikhil definitely purab will follow her so Nikhil might caught this time
    And where is this aakash he has re-entered the show to help Pragya right but he is nt helping Pragya and he is nt even shown
    I don’t knw y bt whenever I see purab I feel that he has totally forgot bulbul

  18. razia

    Preeti wt I’m askn is .. How u guys say the CVS started listening to us ? How do u say tat .. Did anytmg hpnd positively cuz I saw most of them commented finally sumtng gud hpnd nu said.. So I’m askn wt hpnd .. N Im saying I support this *abhigya reunion* cuz I’ll b glad if abhigya reunites .. Ntng els I need .. Hope u understand wt I’m askn .. Did any spoilers came like abhigya is going to unite again ?

    • preet

      Razia ji positive toh hua h na abhi ke haath wo parcel lag gaya hain jis se tanu ki sachi ka pata chal sakta hain.. this happened in our favour itne time se hum dekh rhe h tanu k khilaaf kuch bhi nhi hua hain.. aur ab finally ye parcel aaya h toh hope ayegi hain ki tanu ka sach bohat jaldi abhi ko pata chal jayega humare liye toh ye hope hi bohat the its a lot of positivity in this show i hope u understand ur questions answer now razai ji regads…

  19. razia

    Shreyasi .. Tq .. Oh since the episode was gud sterday .. U ppl teln huh .. I cudn watch the epi cuz I’m in my native .. Here no zee TV .. I got to watch online only .. I’ll b happy if thy unites I’m a true follower of kkb n I love abhigya so much .. So guys understand wt I’m askn don’t take it wrong ..

    • shreyasi

      u r taking it in a wrong way at the end of the day razia we all want one thing only and that is *abhigyas reunion* even i am not able to see the episode so i read the updates here.. u think u r alone fan of kkb? i am also a very big fan of kkb.. and i truely agree with preet she gave u ans to ur ques.. so i dnt have to repeate myself now.

      • razia

        Did I tel u I’m the only fan of kkb? Y u take words which I don say ? U itslf don assume things OK .. U itslf mentioned tat I stood up yua side .. I felt gud on seeing those comments n I really do wish if the makers look at our comments . .bt yua jus assuming the words which I don say

    • jiyana

      Let me make myself very clear then if all we want is *abhigyas reunion* thn y fight? forget this and move on and hope abhigya reunites soon… razia u r being very illogical now 😐

    • Sahithi

      Razia, I am with you, as Maggie mentioned sometime last week, script is frozen and decided for next 1 year or for longer time already and we need to understand the dialogues, costumes, locations n actors schedule are all decided in advance.

      It would be silly to think the show and content is changed in one day. Everyone who watches the show want Tanu to be out of the way of Pragya, but we need to understand the production team is not looking at these forums and based on our feedback or comments going to change the script over night. Abhi n Pragya reunion will happen when it has been decided in the script.

      The episodes are shot atleast 6-7 days before the actual broadcast day. What we saw yday night must have been shot like last week, they would need to do the post processing of the shoot atleast right.

      • jiyana

        Sahithi u think we r fools ? we dnt knw wht happens in industry ? all of us r well aware of these fact so u dnt have to tell and u r wrong bcz for ur kind info makers do watch our cmnts and feed backs given so first do ur home work and thn talk.. anyways we r tlking to razia y r u interfering in our matter.. this shows how nosy u r sahithi.. not a gud pitch.. i think u r just jealous bcz so many ppl support us and not a random person lyk u ..

      • razia

        Tq sahithi i knoe well cuz sterdays scene would be been shot a week back .. N I don understand wats wrong wid preet shreyasi jiyana ? I was truly askn them did anytng turned positive fa abhigyas reunion if so let me know .. Cuz I dint heard anytng regarding tat .. I’m askn if u guys came to know any new segments or anytng els related to abhigyas reunion .. If u guys know let me know tas wt I askd .. As I’m unaware abt the recent news cuz nowadays segments n Instagram posts gives us hint abt the upcoming episodes .. I jus can’t understand y ppl taking me wrongly ..

      • preet

        sahithi ji with all due respect makers do read our comments pls logon ko false cheezein na bateye toh acha hoga aur jiyana ji sahi bol rhi hain baat toh hum razia ji se kar rahe hain aap beech me kyun padh rahi hain? aap galat hain show viewrs ke hisaab se chalta hain aur na ki jo makers chahe wo kyunki makers want more trps for their show so they obvio read our comments and apply that to show othewise they know we will stop watching their show if we r unhappy understand?? aur ye maggi kaun hain? she gave u all wrong info it seems! jiyana ji i am with u.

      • jiyana

        Thanku preet for supporting me i am happy that atleast koi toh senseble baat kr rha h yaha pe….. 🙂 :*

      • preet

        Razia ji hum aapko galat nhi smjh rhe hain u r a gud person i respect u n jiyana also respect u razia ji hume koi nayi cheez nhi suni h abt abhigya reunion its just hope. lekin agr mujhe kuch bhi pata chalega then i will tell u razai ji and all kkb fans sorry if u felt bad i respect u alot n not taking u in wrong way..

      • Sahithi

        You guys should have then given this feedback when this makeover track started, so that makers could have exposed Aaliya, Tanu n Raj in 1 day.

        Not when 2 of them r exposed n the end of the 3rd one is near. Either some one gives feedback or not, Tanu’s track will end in few days.

        People who comment here know my pitch, if ppl r personally targeted by taking names, it sounds funny to me.
        Enjoy in ur dreamland!

      • jiyana

        Shreyasi tell razia and sahithi yehi log bekar baat ladai kar rhe h :/ u guys suck :@ buch of idiots good bye

      • Preet

        Jiyana ji pls aap razia ji aur sahithi ji se respect se baat kariye ye tareka aapka theek nahi hain ye batamezi hain isme i cant support u jiyana ji :”(

      • jiyana

        Arey preet ji jo meko respect dega usko tho hi na respect dungi ye razia aur sahithi ne mujhe disrespect de tho i gave them same :@ f*** o**

      • Preet

        Jiyana ji appe apne haad par krde hain aap bohot bekar insaan hain i regret i supported u.. Sorry razia ji n sahithi ji 🙁

      • jiyana

        Get lost preet i dnt care wht u razia aur idiot sahithi think abt meh all of u cn shut up n get a life loosers u call urself kkb fans bunvh of fools suckers :@

    • razia

      Dis jiyana is jus blabbering .. It jus came today n blabbering as he/she is the one hu knows evrtng .. Only the one who gives respect vl get it back .. He/she seems to b attention seeker who can’t understand others question here it’s al our views n doubts tat v ask .. N I dint question u at al then y the heck yua replyn did I mentioned yu .. Then y u answered me ? OK .. I’m no more interested in replyn u .. Let u blabber

      • jiyana

        Razai phele english seekh ke aa :p to hell with u i dnt care wht u say ur so full of shit! And u did question me u fool first read ur comments fir bolna meko and its u who blabbers not me becz u r a senseless freak! And how dare you! mera gender toh sabko clear hai tu apna dekh now get lost not interested in replying to u..

  20. Guys as we saw that nikhil calls tanu to meet with him on that place where he kept sarla maa and after getting assurance from tanu that blackmailer is somebody else, looks like he has a plan which he wants to discuss with tanu. What will b his plan? Will he doubt on pragya? And will he blackmail pragya by using sarla maa’s life? They can blackmail pragya and force her for leaving abhi and his property on the cost of sarla maa’s life. What do u think guys? What will b next?

    • ayesha

      I don’t think so as if nikhil will blackmail pragya then abhi will also come to know tat kidnapper is blackmailing pragya to give him divorce and he will understand tat kidnapper is no one except tanu as she wants to marry him…. and this all will not happen so early in the serial…
      I only think this pratiksha…

  21. "Revelation "

    Its a very predictable tactic i wld think Pratiksha. Wld the cvs want to make this move as it seems like many people will expect Nikhil to do this. But wldnt he be exposing himself too. Unless he blackmails pragya undercover. But praya n purab will kno its tanu n teams doing too as pragya n purab very clearly saw tanu there. Plus the recording at the studio godownis somethg pragya n team hav not chked.
    Sarla has definitely messed up the
    situation. Unless she manages to escape or fake loss memory because of the hit on her head. This track has been going on too long & its created so much frustration n lost its intelligence n reality in its plot. Truly disappointing.

  22. Highlights of today’s episode’s-
    Abhi opens parcel box and sees some torn pics of his and tanu. Pragya and purab comes in and reads a letter in loud which was also with thus box. It was written in it that abhi don’t marry with tanu, if u will then we will not listen ur songs- by fans. Tanu gets irked. Abhi says he respects his fans but can’t stop living life for them and he will marry with tanu surely.
    Mitali thinks about raaj’s words. Rachna says it is her punishment and whatever she is doing is wrong.
    Abhi says to purab to go and meet with commissioner as he is taking so much time in searching sarla aunty. Purab sees pragya. Pragya says she can’t go as she have some important work.
    Abhi says to pragya to stay here as he wants yo talk with her. Abhi leaves.
    Purab informs pragya that tanu is leaving for meeting.
    Purab goes to meet commissioner as abhi says.
    Pragya about to leave but abhi stops her and says to take him along with her to finding sarla maa.
    Pragya thinks that he will not let her go and she will miss tanu so she decides to take aabhi along with her.
    Dadi and dasi have some silly fights. Dadibtells to dasi about sarla’s missing. Mitali overhears and gets shocked.
    Abhi and pragya in car doing arguments. Pragya reaches at that place where tanu reaches.
    Pragya sends abhi to other side to search sarla maa and says that a woman is coming in blue dress to meet her to tell about sarla maa and herself goes to find sarla maa at that direction where tanu could b go.
    Sarla maa in another car tied up and thinks to runs from here somehow as pragya could b distracted from her mission becoz of her missing.
    Abhi sees some girls in blue dress and asks them about sarla aunty but ithey finds it abhi as rockstar and starts taking selfies with him.
    Pragya tries to search tanu and goes to possible directions. Abhi sees her from far and thinks what she is doing on that deserted place and thinks to follow him silently as she will not tell him anything correctly and directly.
    Episode ends here.

    • Sahithi

      Prathiksha, Nikhil can’t let Sarla out, as their plan to get Abhi property will go in vain. We have to see if he will blackmail Pragya using Sarla. If Tanu again got a call when Sarla is with them, then Nikhil will first suspect who cud b calling, n then will think how Sarla landed at that studio. Sarla coming to studio n claiming to b blackmailer is not by chance.

      But if Nikhil uses Sarla to trap Pragya he will trap himself. Property coming to Abhi name or divorce won’t happen till Abhi finds Sarla. Pragya wont do either of them at this point. If she does, Abhi will first suspect her intentions. Kidnapping Sarla is like a deadlock for Nikhil.

      • Exactly sahithi. Nikhil knows that if he will use sarla to blackmail pragya for property and divorce so if pragya is not involve in this blackmailing then becoz of his this step, she will get to know. So I think he will plan to kill pragya and sarla maa both at the same time or may b will plan something else but ya takhil has trapped all around becoz of sarla maa’s kidnapping and as u said, it’s like a deadlock for both tanu and nikhil. But till then this for sure that they will not give up easily and surily creates problems in pragya’s way.

    • shavi

      again abhi should not let pragya to fail.. bt i duno how abhi turned totally wrong against pragya even after she exposing his evil relations to him.. though he is showing trueness towards baby of tanu bt his character is totally dumb. its not acceptable..

    • Guys there r some corrections in highlights- sarla maa is kidnapped and tied up in a church and thinks to run from there somehow as pragya will b distracted from her mission becoz of her missing. Pragya reaches on that place with abhi and sees tanu’s car. She thinks that she can’t spying on tanu in abhi’s presence so she decides to distract abhi by making a false story about a lady suman who is coming to meet her in a blue dress to tell about sarla maa. She says abhi to sit in the car as she will go to meet with that lady. Abhi thinks that he will also search for suman. Pragya goes after tanu and abhi searches for suman. He sees some ladies in blue dress and calls sarla aunty from behind. Girls identifies him as rock star and he gets surrounded with his fans in taking selfies. Abhi somehow manages to escape and sees pragya spying in an isolated place. He wonders what could b the reason of her spying and decides to follow pragya hidingly.

      • Jaydeep

        These is the same plot they are recycling from the last time of kidnapping last time they had shown that bulbul tried to blackmail aliya by using the phone call and also get successful in exposing the aliya but aliya turn the situation towards her side and this time the situation is same just characters are changed sarla got kidnapped instead of pragya, pragya blackmailing tanu instead of bulbul blackmailing aliya just wanna see that will they gonna make someone innocent the scapegoat just like last time they framed purvi wrongly but the change this time is that sarla knows who the kidnapper is unlike last time when abhi has no idea of the mastermind behind it ….. Hope for the best that somehow sarla got escaped and exposes tanu

    • reji

      pratiksha i think again pragya’s plan is going to fail because now she is seriously searching for tanu between this time abhi thinks to follow pragya so if he catch pragya means pragya can’t catch tanu like happened in kya kool hain hum 3 film launching /function

      and pragya said a lie to abhi because in abhi’s presence he can’t search tanu if abhi present there means wat will happen ???? again pragya’s jasoosi will be failed

  23. Suman

    I think because of abhi dis time also pragya going to miss takil.I think cvs don’t want to end tanus track.just they want to increase number of episodes

  24. Brintha

    So today also bakwass episode only…i realy don’t understand what’s the cvs mind full of clay only..pragya will go to unknown area to meet dangerous ppl…purab will go to safe area commissioner office…why not wise versa…if purab wud hv gone to catch tanu ut wud hv some sense..so story wud hv been interesting…they dont leave any opportunity to irritate the viewers…

    • reji

      devga i also read about this news in salman’s film sultan still they r searching for a role i mean the character which will suit so they r waiting to whom we have to select and saying about this many of them saying that mrunal thakur is selected for that role but i don’t know it is confirmed or not ??? pls tell me whether it is confirmed or not ????!!!!

  25. rose

    Tnk razia for ur rpy…. prathiksha wt am thinking was abhi trying to follow pragya inthat time he unlocking get to know abt tanu truth.. its my thinking if it happen Thn it s really awesome

    • No rose I think even pragya will not find sarla maa and will miss tanu becoz of abhi’s interruption. Abhi will definetly come in mid of her way exact on that time when pragya will about to see tanu with nikhil or sarla maa. Then pragya will miss them. That’s why in segment if that village scene, pragya was crying and abhi was saying to move from this place as it could not b safe. I think that’s why pragya cries becoz once againbshe misses takhil and sarla maa becoz of him. Well let’s see.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.