Kumkum Bhagya 10th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vijay taking Abhi’s name and says he gave him money to kill Pragya. Abhi says why I will get her killed, and says he is the one who saved her. He asks Dadi not to believe him and says he is innocent. Vijay says you told me that you want to get your property back and asked me to kill her silently. He says I tied her inside the Ravan, and you was the one who fired the arrow. Inspector asks Constable to arrest him. Abhi says he will come and starts walking. Pragya stops them and tells Inspector that he is taking case against him. She says he can’t do this. Vijay says you are a great family and leaves. Abhi looks sad.

Pragya comes to room and sees him sad. She thinks why he is sad, may be because of Vijay. She asks him not to fear and come. She says may be I would

have crack jokes for you. She asks what you are doing…what is going on in your mind. Abhi says everything is finished……….Pragya says what..Abhi says whenever I see two of them. I get motivation that my love story will move on like them, but……He says when the decorator accused me then I thought you will believe him. Pragya says I doesn’t believe on his words and says I don’t think like that about you. Abhi asks what do you think? Pragya says if you plan to kill me then you would not have come to save me risking my life. She says you can fight with me, get angry etc, but can’t plan to kill me. Abhi says did you think that I will come to save you. Pragya says I was sure that you will save me, and your money. She gets teary eyes and wipes her tears…..Kyun Tum Ho Dhadkan plays……….

Abhi asks her to look in his eyes. Abhi says I don’t want anyone to make fun of me and says he will not share his love feelings with her. He asks her to leave her alone, and thanks her for trusting him. He looks at fuggi and rockstar toy, and thinks he has become serious. Pragya cries and hugs Dadi. Dadi asks her to have strength and says you are very strong. Pragya says she can be strong from outside, but getting weak from inside. She says she feels weak whenever she has to go far from Abhi. Dadi says I know that this is tough for you to do, and asks her to think that it is test for her. Dadi says Abhi will be pained all his life as his family betrayed him. She asks why do you forget that right way is always full of thorns. Dasi comes there. Pragya starts acting and says she took the case back this time, but won’t next time.

Tanu tells that Vijay is very clever and has played a mind game. Aaliya says he is psycho and gave surprise. She says it was a shock and says he would have trapped us, but he didn’t take our name. Raj says I asked him to take Abhi’s name if he is trapped. Tanu gets angry. Raj says I would have asked him to take your name. Aaliya says he is right and we should be thankful. Raj says Pragya accepted defeat and I thought Abhi will be in jail for 2-3 days. He says Pragya still have feelings for Abhi. Tanu says I gave this idea to Abhi and he will take Pragya’s sign. Raj gets Vijay’s call, and he asks did he like the twist. Raj asks where are you? Vijay says he wants to tell something which will benefit them. He asks him to come to old factory behind their home else cut the call. He tells Aaliya and Tanu that Vijay called him. Just then Mitali comes, Raj changes the topic and Tanu and Aaliya act to be busy.

Dadi comes to meet Pragya. Pragya asks her to close the door. Bulbul says Vijay was clever and took Abhi’s name to create problem in the house. Purab says even Tanu’s baby father is unknown. Pragya says he would have tell truth, or lied. Dadi says we have to find way to Pragya’s problem. Bulbul asks Pragya to flirt with Abhi and says he will get tensed. Purab asks if she is trying old plan.

Pragya flirts with Abhi surprising him and says she cares for him. Abhi is stunned.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. srija

    This dadi,bulbul n purab are telling Pragya to act but r not understanding hw difficult it is for Pragya to act before her love….. They are happy in thier Own life but d one who is struggling is Pragya….

  2. I felt the starting of today’s episode could much better becoz how was things unfold in yesterday’s episode, today’s episode should b more interesting. Specially abhigya’s part. I was waiting for abhi’s reaction but they didn’t show it nicely. Abhi is in same back to mogambo patao mode and pragya back to money minded mogambo mode. God knows how long it will go. This dadi na too much. Only pragya wants her husband back, abhi not? Pragya should tell her that how much desperately abhi wants her back. I was thinking that he wants pragya in his life by changing her as fuggy but lol! He is himself confused. He himself not sure what he is really want, property? Pragya? Or pragya as fuggy? But after watching today’s episode, I felt that he wants only pragya’s love and he is falling in love with her again and becoming serious in his drama as he said to fuggy doll. And that killer? I was thinking it was his plan to trap abhi but it was raaj’s plan! Lol! I was laughing on my thinking that my appreciation has wasted for that killer to making this plan of trapping abhi and What he wants to tell to raaj? Is it about purbul’s involvement with pragya? If he will tell about them to raaj then pragya and team will trapped in big trouble.

    • reji

      ya nikki 1 a big lol as you said i think abhi should recall that why killer vijay said his name and he should also check raj tanu aliya too when he was sitting in his room thinking something seriously i think he is thinking that killer vijay has done something i think definitely do something to catch him

    • Maggie

      Pragya always make Abhi confused about his feelings I don’t understand what dadi wants to prove
      They didn’t talk Abhi has full trust on Pragya thing n didn’t allow her to tell Abhi truth
      Pragya had chance today if she told whole thing to Abhi he would believe her
      But what she did was not needed thanks to dadi?

  3. Rishi

    Abhi ‘s feelings towards his love is superb.. tomorrow episode will b cute think so.. now pragya flirting with abhi.. though serial is dragging abhi-pragya scenes are very cute to watch.. at last rock star abhi will find d truth.. if he does so then his rockstar image will double up..

  4. wth

    plz tell me why tis is the no#1 serial on zee??? i thought after they pressured him he wouldve taken aliya name…..when would tis end

  5. srimathi

    nikki-1 u r ryt and I think truth will be revealed soon or Abhi ll find out the truth by following her and in salman’s special appearance made Abhi to love pragya and insists him to find the truth behind pragya may be this time SRK’s appearance can make some changes in the track which we gonna enjoy on abhigya’s part

  6. Ayesha

    Yes nikki 1 I

    I am saying it ….abhi and pragya will unite soon that’s why they are showing abhi and pragya scene these days . once they gets united after that they will expose tanu , aliya and raj.. In today episode abhi says to pragya that he is getting weak .. So after hearing this I am sure abhi is also playing game with tanu and pragya.

    But everything will get clear in upcoming episodes what abhi wants to do either he wants property or his old fuggy ..

    But one thing is good pragya also flirt with abhi ….

    Nikki 1 waiting for your reply .

  7. I do wonder what kind of information is vijay going to tell those three bunch of musketeers? Would this the information that bulbul hears or what, I’m confused. And I’m glad kkb is from Monday to Saturday this is what me and othrs requested, didn’t know it will come true though. I just wish those three devils get exposed fast!!!!!!

  8. manisha

    No.1 rated show.. really now . Its absolutely boring. Y can’t pragya just freaking tell abhi the truth. .for god sake he is her husband. This dragging is gone for too long. I prefer reading updates wen I’m really bored o else I watch another show

  9. Sushil

    You all are promoting that it pays to do wrong. Because everything Tanu, Aliya an Raj does de get through with it but pragya have been trying for months to prove her point and still is no where near to doing that. Stop beating round the bush and move the show forward… Else you’ll loose viewers, if you haven’t already lost.

  10. Madhu

    Pops.. that song is from movie Airlift..nice one right…

    And today start and end of episode is very good..and Abhi.. you really thought about property only right while saving pragya that day..recall it once na.. then why are you feeling bad..ofcourse you can feel guilty for your thought but don’t mistake Pragya yaar..she can read your heart from far even..

  11. Anu

    The thrill in this drama kkb is dying out. The villains always seem to escape n our dumb pragya in the losing side. When will she win in any of her plan? The writers are making a mockery of pragya n us.

  12. Uma

    they should end this drama instead of dragging it . N stupid Tanu pregnant but her stomach is nt seen. Aliya the b*t*h n her spying looks make me hate her mre. Whn is the truth coming out guys. Not in 2016. N Bulbul will disappear even before marrying Purab. N what’s the outcome. Alliya b*t*h wins in the end by marrying poor Purab. It’s going to be a bad end.

  13. Shubham Sinha

    can u plzz tell me that which song was that when pragya come out from room and huged dadi. the song was before hugged at abhi face the lyrics was like “yu hi nhi khabin me rota hu”. plzzz plzzz plzzz must send don’t ignore

  14. kavs

    Again that nikil is.missing
    If he loves tanu he shold take pragya help n has to bring her his side
    Abhi believes her always not his family if dadi dosent know the truth then they need proof but she believed then y not abhi

    Till.now they dont know abt raj or nikhil n dont have any plan to go forward such a stupid serial with stupid track

  15. candy

    Abhi deserve hug from Pragya in that part…. Abhi pragya part is sooo sooo good… cute..
    Abhi is too good…

  16. I’m not interest anymore with kumkum bhagya because its too boring now. The dialogue are nonsense. Please finished it with happy ending either change the timing, because of this kum kum bhagya we missed the other channel program.

  17. Ayesha

    Nikki 1 where are you ??

    But one thing will happen for sure .. Pragya flirt will bring abhi truth out .. Either he wants his fuggy or property back ..

    Nice idea given by bulbul ..

    December started but no news camed regarding bulbul ..

  18. Guys I think abhi is falling in love with pragya all over again. He himself did not realized when his drama has converted in real emotions but it is clearly shown after see him in yesterday’s episode that he is falling in love with pragya again. And as he said to pragya in last Thursday’s episode, that he knows love does not happens again but ur heart make me forced to love u. Guys pragya has changed but her heart is same like fuggy. That’s why abhi realized that if a person changes then it changes from both outside and inner. But pragya is showing two personality in same time. One time, she shows as rude but in next time, when she sees abhi with emotions then she gets melt and talks softly and sweetly as her fuggy image. This is the thing which makes abhi forced to love her. Now after seeing her trust on him, abhi’s hope will get increase. Now let’s see how he will take it’s benefit? For property or for wining her love? Well I think, he should not break her trust when he knows that this much she keeps trust on him. And I want he keep continue his efforts to win pragya’s love. But now when pragya is also going to start flirting with abhi then don’t know where CVS will take this? just wish, pragya’s flirt give positivity to abhi’s love. Becoz what I feels that pragya’s doesn’t know that abhi was doing drama in before, but now he is actually falling in love with her so what if pragya’s flirt will give abhi more strngth and gutts to move further in love with her. Well whatever will happen but pragya’s flirt will give us a funny break from all the past and future’s tensions. And about abhi’s doubt on taaliya and raaj? Team pragya smelled it that becoz of that secret person who is helping taaliya, killer took abhi’s name. But if abhi will also give attention to this killer’s matter, i didn’t feel after watching yesterday’s episode. May b it will b shown in further episodes. But for now, saying anything about it, will b so early. So let’s wait for upcoming episodes becoz we haven’t any new segment yet, in this week. But still I m waiting for this. Let’s see what will happen?

    • ya nikki 1 as you said abhi is slowly falling in love with pragya and what i watch in yesterday’s was that time emotional talk slowly she is melting and that minute she changed as his fuggy i think this time abhi without his knowledge left his acting and he is falling in love with pragya again am i right nikki 1

      • Ya reji i felt it manytimes before too that what cvs wants to do by showing abhi like this? Does they want abhi to fall in love with pragya again? And now i think may b i was right. Abhi himself doesn’t know that he is getting serious from emotions with pragya becoz of his dramas. Which means he is slowly falling in love with her all over again. Suddenly he realized yesterday that he is getting serious with her from emotions. But he still doesn’t know that he is falling in love with her really. Now pragya is also going to start flirting with him so let’s see where this drama of both’s will take them?

  19. mnh

    I am not a regular viewer of this serial….. I saw somewhere that it’s one of the highest rated shows…. now seeing the size and number of comments I understand why this show is one of the highest rated shows…..

  20. Sahithi

    Instead of bringing out the truth of many unsolved puzzles, this is going round and round again and again. May be writers want to show that Abhi will love Pragya irrespective of her appearance or assumed behavior. For this sake, there is so much confusion being created. Does he want property or Fuggy or likes new Pragya or still sees old Pragya in her. Now added to that Pragya starts flirting and Abhi is shown confused in the precap.

    Atleast in the past episodes, he would share these things with Purab and Purab would give Abhi some gyaan. Now Purab(Arijit) is busy with another show so we don’t even have that option.

    Atlast they changed the background songs, which is the only change I am seeing. I like Allawariyan and Saiyyara, they both remind the initial episodes but these days the moment Allawariyan starts, it was getting repetitive.

  21. New segment update- Abhi tries to steel wardrobe keys from pragya but pragya understands that he is being naughty with her. Full update- Pragya was sleeping in night gown. It’s early morning time. Abhi comes and searches for his wardrobe keys. He thinks where he kept keys? Then he remembers that he left the keys on bed. He sits near of pragya on the bed and tries to take the keys. He searches for keys but suddenly pragya wakes up becoz her sleeps gets break becoz of her gown’s strip stucks in abhi’s hands instead of keys. Pragya gets shocked and shout on him that what he is doing? Pragya thinks and says u r trying to taking my advantage in sleep? Abhi shouts on pragya and says u r understanding me wrong, I was trying to take keys. Pragya asks why u need my keys, were u trying to steel keys. Then he says I was just trying to take my wardrobe keys. Pragya scolds him and says why ur keys with me. Then he says may b u steel it. Pragya says why will I steel ur keys? I didn’t steel ur keys. Then they both fights with each other in as usual nok-jhoks. Abhi tries to give her weird and funny excuses but pragya does not come in his talks. Then pragya sees purab’s missed call in her phone then she immediately stands and moves from the bed to talk with purab. Abhi asks her where r u going, at least before going, give me my keys. But pragya doesn’t give him. That’s it. Segment ends up here. They shows interview with sriti and shabbir about the sequence.

  22. srimathi

    ya nikki-1 in interview shabir told that when husband was in romantic mood in morning near by his wife all wives will think like this and he pointing sriti but this was not the mood of romance it was the mood to steal the keys but whatever the mood it is so enjoyable and sriti too said the same even I may get angry because of he tried to steal the keys but it is enjoyable

    • Srimathi we saw new segment but sadly we couldn’t get any idea about upcoming episodes or abhi’s intentions for pragya, for which I was waiting for new segment. So for me, this new segment was waste. There was only abhigya’s usual nok-jhoks. That’s it. Nothing important has shown.

    • reji

      ya srimathi and nikki 1 as usual abhi’s nok jhok only but pragya after getting purab’s call she went away if abhi saw her phone that who is calling???? if he saw pragya’s phone that purab is calling means i think he will get doubt on pragya this is my thinking what do you think about this nikki 1 and srimathi

  23. srimathi

    Ofcourse nikki-1 but the reporter said “pragya was thinking that Abhi trying to get naughty with her and lying that he came to steal the key” from this one thing is very much clear that Abhi is confusing pragya by his behavior and pragya is confusing him with his behavior..They both confusing us by their behavior this what the fact right now and I too unhappy about the updates

  24. Jaydeep

    In the coming episodes, after a lot of drama, it’s time for RaBul fans to rejoice, as we have heard that finally Bulbul (Mrunal Thakur) and Purab will marry.

    According to Newsportal Pragya(Sriti Jha) will get the duo marry, which will leave Aliya (Shikha Singh) furious. Pragya will then bring the newly wedded couple home which will shock the entire family.

    It is also heard that due to the wedding, Aliya will now become more vicious and leave no stones unturned to take revenge from Pragya.
    Seems like Pragya(Sriti Jha) is in a mood to bring the secret of Aliya and Tanu as soon as possible.

  25. Kiara

    It’s been like what, five months of this track? This track seemed interesting in the beginning but now it’s been dragging so they ruined the essence of Kumkum Bhagya. It started with such a unique story but now it’s the same story everyday. And they aren’t even showing importance to Bulbul and Purab. In the beginning, Purab and Bulbul were equally important and loved. But now it isn’t even focused on their life’s. Even after the audiences demands, the writers are still not listening and giving them screen time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Abhi and Pragya but I equally enjoy watching Purab and Bulbul. The two couples should get equal time on the screens. It makes sense if Mrunal wants to leave if she isn’t getting any scenes to act in this serial.

  26. Uma

    Hope wht said abt Purab bulbul marriage is true. At least something interesting happens. Let them enjoy their life instead of haggling over a I n pragyas issues.

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