Kumkum Bhagya 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sarla panicking thinking how can Pragya agree to remarry and how can Suresh agree to marry her. She says Suresh was always behind her and was waiting for Pragya’s divorce to marry her. She says she will go and ask him why he did it. Bulbul stops her and says if Pragya has divorced Abhi and has agreed to marry Suresh, something must be going in her mind, they have to meet her and find out. Sarla leaves. Purab comes there and asks Bulbul why did she call him. She says Abhi is getting Pragya married to Suresh. He is shocked to hear that. She says we should stop it. He stands silently

Pragya thinks of asking Suresh why did he agree for marriage and reaches his house. She asks why did he do this. He tells him the reason and says Abhi is arrogant and thinks

himself as very intelligent, but he is not. He says we both may deny marrying, but Abhi will leak MMS and will get out of the scandal with his money power, but she will be trapped in it.

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Mitali comes to Aaliya’s room and says it has been many days since Raj is in jail and as she promised, when will she bail him out. She says she cannot get money from her dad as he is also in debt. Aaliya says she really wants to help her, but wants to wait until Pragya is married and gets out of this house, she will bring Raj then.

Pragya reaches Abhi’s room back and sadly looks around. Abhi comes there and starts his usual brainless taunts. He says today is her last night in his room and he wants her to enjoy the most. He says he wants to make her comfortable and will get her all the necessities needed. He makes her wear bridal veil and says she is looking very beautiful. He also gets into dupatta.. Serial’s title song…plays in the background. She gets emotional. He comes out of veil and walks out.

Abhi decorates house with flowers and takes Tanu’s help. Tanu acts as falling and he holds her. She sees Pragya coming there and while decorating rose gets hurt with thorn and remembers Pragya’s words about thorn in her life. She thinks of making Pragya jealous by falling on Abhi and falls, but Abhi walks out from there and she falls on ground. Servant Robin helps her get up. Daasi sees that and taunts her that she knows she loves Robin, but should not romance in open. Tanu gets irked.

Rachna asks Suresh why did he agree to marry Pragya. He says even he does not want, but promised Abhi to get out of the shame that MMS will bring. Sarla comes to his home. Pragya on the other side says Abhi that she does not want to marry. He says she has to marry at any cost.

Precap: Abhi calls Pragya bride, and she gets angry hearing that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Kristelle

    Let’s vote….only H. Hasan to update this show….his updates are more entertaining the the show itself lolol Brainless Abhi , his puppets etc. lolol

    • whatever

      which idiotic country/community/religion do you belong to? Please let us know and we wiill have million things to question you. You must be a world class idiot to watch some stupid TV show and come up with a question like that for Indians. MORONIC IDIOT!!!! go get some education.

  2. neha

    now this is the limit of serial’s stupidity…when we will watch anything good and when the true came to abhi..

  3. rabul

    Sorry to say that I have given this serial update today an average rating (though I know it desedeserves an awful one only) just because it showed rabul scene, where bulbul calls purab forum help.hopefully now she won’t marry that Suresh.and they both will get that stupid pragya out of this problem.

  4. Ash

    Watching this and got so bored, I guess the climax will be Abhi finding out the truth too late and will not be able to get Pragya back and so on and so forth.
    I get the episodes a day later here in South Africa but these episodes have become so predictable that I could miss a week and still know what’s going on.

  5. Ashiyuvi virman

    I never come here to read the written update, but only the comments that are always so hilariously frustrated!! 😛

  6. sushie

    this means that abhi is in love with pragya which he hasn’t realized yet. that’s why he wants her to marry suresh so that he can get over pragya.

  7. Gk

    It is just humbug drama,. No one is this insensitive. I think zee tv is loosing the rishtey focus. Ekta kapoor really needs to get her indian blonde qualites checked by psychiatrist. Get some medicatin and feel a little positive in life. Same hotch potch was presented in pavitra rishta

  8. Sherri

    These writers are freaking weird,maybe that’s how they imagine their lives to be like,I’m amazed at how women in India has to be the ones to suffer…what kind of message are u sending out there,men could have affair and get away with it…nonsense…

  9. meera

    Abhi is in love with pragya… he just doesn’t know it yet.. they have great chemistry… but the script is really taking a turn for the worst…

  10. sun

    i am from trinidad and tobago and now i dont bother to watch it much on tv i just reads the update now still waiting for the truth to be revealed and soon too i hope

    • happy

      Well what is the use of revealing the truth. By past history(revealing Purab loves Bulbul not Pragya) no change of attitude. Still blamed Pragya. Same way he will find some twisted reason to blame Pragya.

  11. Trini desi girl

    Listen guys we are now in kaliyug whereby the evil is conquering the good and likewise the writers are projecting this type of behaviour for the younger generation to see and follow. Waste of time.

  12. Kt

    I think this show was the replacement for Pavitra Ristha. In my opinion Oavitra Ristha should have remained because this show is complete nonsense. Ever since the show started Pragya has been crying. Give this woman a break already. Give her some new clothes and self respect. Abhi misery is long overdue. Aliyah and Tanu need to be exposed for the B’s the are

    • Kristelle

      This show didn’t replace Pavitri Rishta. They both aired at the same time. No show replaced it. the just moved all the time slots up. But you are right PR was going far better than this. lol

  13. Kristelle

    Today, so far right here, there ate 15 5 star ratings on the show….some people seem to really love it despite the awful writing and dragging story line. They killed the potential of the characters which were all very interesting., but still a 5 star rating? Hence the reason the writers would NOT change their style because alot of people still like it and the ratings are still relatively high. bleh! I too just read the updates FOR the comments, and then determine if I am going to watch it. lol.

  14. meetu

    yaar…hum log chahe kitne bhi gussa ho frustrate ho in logo ko to ye show chalana hi chalana hai.yad karo ekta’s shows’ history….. abhito dono hero heroines ki bahut sari shadiya hogi ahr dher sare bachche hoge aur jab enough children ikattha ho jaye to serial ko 15 or 20 year ka leap de denge aur bad me sab ku6 itna mess up ho jayega ki wo writer khud confuse hokar show bandh kar denge kyunki tab ye show ki trp bahut low ho chuki hongi

  15. Sabawoon Khan

    Please stop giving these comments if you guys don’t like the show who is forcing u to watch and comment have a bit respect for things I also think and want the truth to be revealed but it doesn’t mean that I will give these kind of comments and I luv abhi and pragya they do what there directors says

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