Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya informing everyone that Abhi just remember the things which happened 2 and a half years ago. He just knows about my exams and his music. Doctor says it is good that you people came to know what he remembers. Aaliya tells Dadi that Abhi wants to meet her. Pragya thinks Abhi don’t remember her or their marriage. She recalls all the good things happened before his accident and gets teary eyes. Dadi and Purab go inside to meet Abhi. Abhi asks them how are you both? He asks why you didn’t come to meet me, and asks if you are upset with me. He says I should be upset as you went for a meeting on my birthday. Purab says no….Abhi says I was upset with you, but don’t remember why? He asks why I am here. Purab asks him not to stress his mind and get well soon. Abhi sees

Dadi crying and says he is fine. Dadi asks how are you. Abhi says fine. He asks Purab since when I am here? Abhi asks did I miss anyone chautha, barsi and marriage? Purab asks him to get well first.

Abhi says I will perform in the concert and sings a song. Dadi says it is good. Purab says he went to that stage when he sang this song, and thinks he became like before. He thinks if Abhi forgets her then how she will leave. Tanu asks Aaliya if this is truth. Aaliya says yes, and says I am so thankful to God that everything is back. Tanu says now he loves me madly. Aaliya says he don’t remember that her engagement with Purab was broken and that he got married to Pragya? Tanu is very much happy and asks her to pinch her. Aaliya pinches her and says I am feeling very good. She says Pragya is out of Abhi’s life. Tanu asks her to hold her else she will faint with happiness. Aaliya says she will enjoy the life as she got the second chance. Tanu says now I will marry him and get him. Aaliya says we will get everything.

Tanu says I will go and meet him. Aaliya stops her and says you was a super model when he was dating you, but now you are fat because of pregnancy and miscarriage. Tanu says I wanted to hug him and make Pragya jealous. Pragya comes and says you both must be very happy, but he will gain consciousness very soon. Aaliya says unfortunately it is retrograde amnesia and he will never gain his memory. Pragya says my heart is saying that he will get memory back. Aaliya asks her to search on Internet and says sometimes memory never comes back. She feels pity on her and says you are erased from his memory. Your identify, name, kumkum everything is gone and wiped, and the things will be like I wanted. Now he will be my brother and will love Tanu. She says your destination is clear, but you can’t walk on it. Pragya is in shock.

Pragya asks Doctor to do something as he couldn’t remember her. Purab says how to make him remember that he is married. Dadi asks if there is any way? Doctor says he will live now normally, but can’t recognize you. Pragya says this means that I shall leave the hope that he will recognize me. Doctor asks them to give him sometime and asks not to meet him whoever he doesn’t know in his memory.

Sarla is happy and keeps halwa for the puja. Beeji says I hope Mata Rani makes everything fine. Abhi gets flashes of the accident. Aaliya asks if he is fine. Abhi asks where did the accident happened? Aaliya says it happened in Lonavala. She asks him not to stress his mind to remember, as he remembers his family and fans. Abhi says right.

Pragya stands infront of God, and is about to fill kumkum in her maang, but stops. She says you have saved him, but he is not recognizing me. She says I am feeling very bad, as I can hear him, but can’t talk to him. She says now Aaliya and Tanu will not try to separate us, as I am not in his life now. She asks God to give her strength and says she is ready to wait for him all life. She says when I fought with his enemies, I knew that he loves me, but now he don’t remember me. She cries badly.

Abhi holds Pragya closer while a song plays…………Tu Khwab Ki Tarah…..They have an eye lock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. xoxo

    blo*dy hell!!now he wont remember pragya anytime..disguisting serial..i watched this serial only for abhigya…but enough is enough.bye kkb

    • ar

      one day in hospital asusual streached fr 10 days …..stupid fb shown unnessary songs n the same gisa pita hua slow moving story…
      ok abhi doesnt remember…fine come onnn move the story damn it….y d hell ru moving damn slw with fb n same dialogues from all actors

  2. Balaji

    I thought that Tamil serials are the worst serial…. They will run the serial for more than 5 years without story……….now this serial is more worst than a tamil serial…….😘😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  3. Monesha


    |Registered Member

    I want to kill tanu and alia. Writer at least this time don’t let tanu to come in between Abhi and pragya. Give abhigya scenes alone don’t want this Tanu, i am begging you. Why this tanu alone getting all the happiness. Plz unite tanu and nikhil. Then it will be nice. And plz don’t take too much time to get memory back like tanu pregnancy track. Otherwise all the stones will be in your head and in your house. Plzzzzz I can’t tolerate this tanu face again. Make tanu as a good character and friend for pragya. Plz this is request

  4. Sugan

    I think pragya join the PA of abhi.. Because i saw promo.. Pragya carry file in hand and not book so i guess only..

  5. Roja

    Yaar, it’s quite annoying, why do they hesitate to make tanu as abhi’s foe, I thought alia is the main rival, but it’s tanu always…… frustrating, kkb is gonna start again from the first, hats off to ekta

  6. Subhashini


    |Registered Member

    How sad for pragya she is alone,when seeing her automatically tears are in my eyes I can’t control
    Y this writers writing this much of script,who is fighting for abhi life is crying outside and who is reason for abhi condition is enjoying
    For abhi also no pain because he forgot all thing and enjoying his life ,the only bad situation is for pragya

  7. Subhashini


    |Registered Member

    And guys i think this precap is also pragya’s dream in kb dream sequence is always there ,pragya always live to abhi in dream only how sad this is a love story,in ekta’s love story always lovers are living separately
    When abhi realizing pragya and say i love u fuggi iam waiting for that moment and hope guys all r waiting for that
    Please ekta mam do that jaldi please abhi and pragya reunion jaldi karo this is request from all the fans of kb please

  8. fathi

    .i think abhi has some plan to catch aaliya.and tanu.so he faked his.memory loss i love ekta kapoof shows love you ekta mam this show is intresting i love this memory wala loss twisy

    • Shiny

      Hahaha you think Abhi is that intelligent to fake the memory loss to catch the crooked people – he plays a very dumb role in KKB as required by the writer and director!!!!

  9. Seema

    Really very stupid. Only hindi serial writers can come up these stupid ideas. Create seasons for a serial instead dragging them for no reason or story line. Today’s episode was nonsense and so will be the rest coming ones.

  10. Simmy

    I think the producer is very pessimistic in her life she cant see happiness in ones life such a worst serial i watched it after a year n same track what a bakwasssssss ghatiyaaaa

  11. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    There are 2 options regarding the current track.
    1. Abhi had really gone in to ml…
    There is no point in acting like gone in to ml. Bcoz aaliya, tanu and nikhil knows that abhi knows all the crime was done by them.
    Now he can directly confronts them and he had already told to tanu, that he is going to ruin all of them.
    Then what is the purpose of acting? it should be real.
    2. Abhi is acting like gone in to ml
    May be he need some time to collect the proofs against them. For that he might be acting.
    But if he is acting means also, he wont let pragya out of his house. He loves her a lot. So he cant see her crying for him
    Bcoz last weekhe told to pragya that he asks her to smile always and dont want to see her tears anymore….. he dont want to see her in pain….
    If he is really Doing acting means he may tell pragya and ask her help also but he dont even recognize her…

    In my point of view abhis memoryloss should be real……. He is not acting…..Bcoz today he got some memory glimpses of his past. But in ekta jis serial every thing is possible…

    Guys do u have any idea about abhis ml. Is it true or not?……
    Im Eagerly waiting for the comments…

  12. Katee

    Abhi’s memory will be back by next year, this month…. hahaha. We can’t predict in this serial. Tanu pregnant for more than 1 year…. Great writter. Keep it up….lol

    • Trini


  13. Sasha

    This is serial is totally a shit now.. Wasting time in watching this serial is useless.. Gudbye Kumkum Bhagya.. Middle finger for writers.. U r a bad writer in the whole world I have seen.. Go to hell..

  14. Divya

    What the heck is wrong with the writers? can’t you let the cute couple be in peace? now you have to let evil win and drag it out? how long will you keep this track up? 1 year? 2? 10?

    I used to LOVE this show and the cute moments between Abhigya, but now I am sick and tired of it.

  15. Shame

    I guess that the actors are also tired of the show, because Aaliya, Purab and Akash are all quitting the show…

  16. adamu alhaji adamu

    It is very unfortunate that ZEE TV is aiding for the continuity of this rubbish ‘ the kumkum byagya’. Kindly end this story for ur respect please

  17. Parmeen

    Does anybody have ecta’s favce book page we could all protest on there about this c????. As she seems to need a brain transplant to write this. What a waste of talented actors with these stupid storylines

  18. indera sanichara

    I think Ekta should get married because she is writing pure bull shit for this generation of youth. Who needs memory loss now.

  19. Humayun

    The values in KKB Season 1, 2, 3 etc that this writer wants us to embrace is evilness, deceit, vengefulness, hatred, murder, back stabbing, and for us to realize that goodness is not reality among Indian population, it is just a dream. And the top guns are rewarding her with awards for her bakwas writing skills. She thinks you all are the most stupid ones commenting on her being an idiot & a dumb writer as her TRP rating is at the top. I too can’t figure out how shit can rise to the top!!!!

  20. Pratiksha

    New onlocation update – Pragya leaves from abhi’s house with her belongings with heavy heart, taaliya rejoices that moment by smirking on her leaving, everybody gets emotional amd cries becoz of her leaving, pragya reaches Sarla maa’s home and tells them about abhi’s memory loss and the reason of her leaving abhi and his house. Full update- Pragya cryingly walks from stairs to downstairs. Everybody waits for her there. Pragya takes gudbye and blessings from all. Mitali tries to hug her but taiji stops her and says that nobody wants that she live here. Mitali cries. Pragya meets tauji, dadi and raaj. She touches tauji’s and dadi’s foots and takes blessings from them. Dadi hugs her and cries. Raaj consoles dadi. Pragya walks towards Robin to take her suitcase from him. She sees Robin too as upset and emotional. Pragya gives signs to Robin not to do so. Pragya about to go towards exit door. She sees tanu. Tanu smirks seeing her and gives her sign to get out. Pragya walks towards exit door. Aliyaa comes Infront of her and she also gives her sign of bye and smirks on her. Pragya about to leave, just then aliyaa pulls her back and gives her fuggy doll. She intentionally drops fuggy doll but pragya catches it and leaves from there with heavy heart. Pragya reaches at Sarla maa’s home. Janki ammaa opens the door. Beeji as who is? She says Pragya. She says Pragya to come inside. They all asks from pragya why she suddenly came? Is everything OK? Pragya says that abhi is fine but due to injury on his head he got suffetedwith retrograde amnesia. They asks what? Pragya explains that abhi has lost his two and half years memory and he has forgotten her and her marriage with her. She tells that doctor advised not to remind abhi anything or to force him to remind anything as it can affect his nerves of brain and he can go in coma. She says that’s why she has left abhi and his house forever. She start crying. Sarla maa tries to console her but she leaves for her room cryingly.

    • Sahithi

      I didnt watch today’s episode but saw one video on IG, from that looks like it is real ML for Abhi as he is remembering Pragya in Lonavala bungalow and the final accident moments. Looks like they want to make audience believe and hold on that he will have such memory flashes and ultimately remember things again. But the evils will try their best to mislead him whenever he remembers past, as they are at risk.

      In someway it is again same as Mogambo track as far as abhi’s character is concerned. Abhi had doubts on so many occasions in last track, but someone around him, be it Pragya or her team or be it evils always made sure to confuse him. He actually lived in a false world till end of track. Now also mostly will be same, let us see if we have to bear similar lies till end of track

  21. Ani

    Now Abhi arranges Purab-Aaliya engagement. As not to stress Abhi, he will agree to the mrge. Then again at last min someone stopped the mrge blah.. blah.. blah

    • sravs

      Purab cannot say no to abhi, so he may try to suicide..then that will become exit of Purab
      just guessing

  22. Shiny

    I agree with most of you that nearly all the serials by the writer portrays evil triumphs over goodness – hence never trust any of your country folks😜😝😊 Shit rises to the top in Hindi serials and only Ekta Kapoor knows the key – she must be breathing & living the values that she portrayed in
    her writing – cheating, deceitfulness, conspiracy, “killing” off any opposition by hook or crooked means!!!! 😡😡😡 May evil not flourish in the young minds and NO thanks to EK.

    QUOTE: “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” By Dalai Lama

  23. Bujji

    I think this tme again bulbul will come to stop the mrg..in different way..so the way she stopped the mrg he will recall that incidents happen before..something will be striking in his mind what’s going on..I can’t understand lyk that..and finally fell down again they will take and go to his room..and then he will start thinking about that incidents slowly…then on purab aaliyas mrg is going on then he will see that kumkum mangalsutra and all..then he will feels that he was already married a girl …who is that face..? Now he will start thinking lyk dat…and the story again repeats…..bla bla..routine story…very much disappointed….

  24. meghana

    iss serial beginning to ending thak pragya abhi ke khathir fight karthi hi rehegi but abhi pragya ke khathir kuch bhi nahi karega agar Aisa hi poori serial cheletho abhigya budde hojayenge stop this watching stupid serial

  25. meghana

    iss serial beginning to ending thak pragya abhi ke khathir fight karthi hi rehegi but abhi pragya ke khathir kuch bhi nahi karega agar Aisa hi poori serial cheletho abhigya budde hojayenge

  26. Sahithi

    The show continues at 1st place for last week also, and the no. of impressions increased(TRP). In fact it is highest for the longest time I can remember. I was a bit surprised, seeing ppl enjoyed the graphic scenes of injured Abhi, then Abhi declared dead, seeing him lying lifeless and all that drama, Pragya crying non-stop all week.

    I didnt watch all 5 episodes last week and even didnt watch a repeat or on OZEE, as I saw one pic of injured Abhi on IG and it was enough to keep me away from the show. Didnt know there are a set of audience who enjoy such heart wrenching scenes and dont mind them.

  27. Sahithi

    And we will see new montage mostly from tomorrow episode or Monday. The current one which gave us so much hope and happiness is well for less than 2 weeks. This show makers and Zee channel, dont have words to describe them. They just showed a wonderful montage and spoiling it within no time.

    The new montage will be the last shot in the new promo if you guys have seen it. Abhi with his guitar in the concert on left side, show name(logo) in middle and Pragya in her Fuggy getup disappointed and sad faced after Abhi signs the autograph and leaves, on the right side.

    Audience in concert and Abhi cutout in the background. This new montage picture is already reflecting in ozee app and website.

  28. Pratiksha

    New segment update- Update same as today’s on location video so I m not giving detail update. I m giving a short update with sriti’s and leena’s interview. Update- Pragya leaves mehra mansion with all her belongings on dadi’s wish. She takes gudbye and blessings from all in mehra house. Everybody meets with pragya and give her see off with heavy heart. But tanu and aliyaa rejoices the moment. Pragya reaches at her mother’s house. Sarla maa, beeji and janki all greets pragya and asks the reason of her coming suddenly. Pragya tells them about abhi’s memory loss that he has been forgot her and doctor suggested not to force him to remind anything so that’s why she has left abhi and his house forever. Sriti told to reporter that pragya has left the house on dadi’s wish becoz she don’t want to put abhi’s life on stake. So she left abhi’s house and she will not come back in abhi’s life until dadi will not allow her to come back. Sriti says that they r moving towards an interesting story further. They r enjoying it and hope, audience will also enjoy it and like it. Leena says to reporters that she didn’t met with abhi yet. Once she will meet with him then she will think for further plannings. But for now she wants to do dance a lot as finally pragya has been gone fr abhi’s house and life. Although she has gone many times but this time she has gone finally. So she is very happy. Reporter says that for now pragya has to leave but she will again come back as fuggy. Kkb is on number-1 position in trp ratings, last week.

      • Sahithi

        Aaliya will try to keep her in MM only giving some excuse. Now Aaliya will be on this mission to bring Tanu close to Abhi and get them married before his memory comes back. She will be in hurry for her marriage with Purab also.

      • Sahithi

        Tanu was main lead in pregnancy track along with Nikhil now it is turn of Aaliya to become main lead. As usual Abhi and Pragya will be supporting actors.

        Daadi, daadi, still Pragya is trusting Daadi and will come back when she ALLOWS.. WTH..

      • Pratiksha

        Tanu has reached again in her wonderland and she is flying sky high but i have a feeling that she is going to fall from the hight of her sky very badly soon and in rest of the track, she will remain left only as doing plannings and plottings and at the end, she will left as empty hand. Same thing is going on from the day one. But they r claiming for different this time so let’s see. But tanu’s situation will not changed, thus is for sure? Sriti told that abhi is in pragya’s bhagya so he will end up only with her at the end of every situation but the thing which will b left to see that how they will end up unite again in every situation. And this is their story. So it clearly means that tanu will b in the show just to bringing separation and creating hurdles in abhigya’s love and relationship again and again but she will never get abhi as abhi is in pragya’s destiny not tanu’s. But we have to tolerate her presence in the show until CVS will find another or person to make abhigya separate again and again by situations.

    • Pratiksha

      Sorry guys I forgot to mention about hot news segment of SBS. It says that kkb has changed totally and everything will b fresh in this upcoming track and story will become more interesting with this new beginning.

    • leisa s morris

      I dont think tanu is goin to b very happy cause although Abhi lost his memory his heart belongs to pragya. He wont want to b nesr her and would want to know y dince hes suppose to b inlove wit her. And if granny brings pragya back as her help or someting he would b drawn to her so lets wait and c jus how this new storyline unfolds. Dont let us wait too long

  29. Shiny

    All of you can be good logical writers and all are truly disappointed at the way the evil plots and thinking keeps going in circles – always beating around the same bush. It has been more than 2 years since the serial started and they have not moved forward, beating the same bush – really sorry state of affairs for EK for running out of ideas and sad for KKB followers.

  30. Pratiksha

    So guys by recent updates, it is clear that the story which we will watch further in kkb, it will b for season-2 and with pragya’s leaving abhi and his house, season one and kkb’s first part of it’s story has been finished now and now the story will b different and new of this new season but with same characters and starcasts. May b some new could also and some previous could not b there in this season but important and main characters will b in the show in this season also. Overall conclusion of the recent updates that kkb is going to changed almost with a fresh story so those who r doing planning to quit with kkb from watching, should stop for sometimes to see this next level, if they don’t want to miss it.

  31. Reji

    ya Pratiksha ofcourse i am gonna watch it !! . but it will be very nice if tanu is not there in abhigya’s life ! . but it’s ok !!..tanu should get a tight slap that abhigya can’t be seperated by anyone !!..And hoping that this track will be good !!..

  32. Pratiksha

    Guys just look the latest pic of shikha singh aka aliyaa and the video from the set on instagram by arjit as a snapchat. Aliyaa got new look for this new, fresh story. She has short hairs and she is in western cloths like tanu.

    • Sahithi

      Thats what I mentioned Pratiksha, this time domination is reserved for Aaliya/Shikha. She is lead for so called season2.

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