Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bulbul and Pragya’s conversation. Bulbul tells her that she will call Abhi and asks what she is hiding? Pragya speaks up and tells that she left that home as Tanu is pregnant with Abhi’s baby. She tells that she convinced Dadi with much difficulty for Tanu and Abhi’s baby. She says she was helpless to do that. Just them Sarla comes and gets shocked hearing them. Bulbul and Pragya are shocked too and run to hold Sarla. Pragya assures Sarla that nothing has happened. Sarla cries and tells that your destiny is related to Kumkum. Pragya asks her not to worry. Sarla tells that Abhi’s Dadi came here with the alliance, and it means they are cheated us. She says she will go and question them. Pragya stops them and says whatever has happened was intentional. Sarla tells

that Abhi would show them this day and cries. Beeji asks what you are saying? Pragya’s marriage is broken. Sarla tells that Pragya will stay with them as she left her house. She determines to question Abhi and Dadi. Pragya tells her that Abhi loves her and she loves Abhi. Sarla says have you gone mad? She says she needs an answer for their doings. Pragya asks Beeji to stop Sarla. Beeji says she would have done the same thing, if she was on Sarla’s place. Sarla takes the auto and asks the driver to take her to Abhi’s house. Pragya and Bulbul try to take another auto.

Dasi asks Dadi to eat something. Dadi says she don’t want to eat. Sarla comes there and asks where is Mehra family. She asks to give answer to her. Dadi says I can understand your pain. Sarla says you can’t understand as you are not daughter’s mum. Sarla says you have called her as a daughter, but never thought her like that. Dadi says she tried to stop Pragya, but…..Sarla says Pragya might have stopped if you insist. Dadi tries to prove her point. Sarla tells I gave my daughter to Abhi, seeing you, but I didn’t know that you people are so bad. She says you have not kept her happy. She asks with which right she is giving her pain. Dadi apologizes. Sarla says she will not forgive and asks where is your grand son, call him infront of me. Abhi walks down the stairs slowly and sadly.

Sarla asks Abhi, why you have punished my daughter for life? She loved your family and you did this. She says she gave her daughter happily and with trust. Abhi hears her accusations by keeping his head down. Sarla asks about his illegitimate relation with Tanu. Tanu speaks up and tells that her relation is not illegitimate. Abhi asks her to stop it. Tanu says first Pragya came between them and now her mum. Abhi tells her that Sarla is like his mum. Sarla gets angry and slaps him hard. She says mum is the one who keeps her baby in her womb for 9 months, gave her a upbringing and brought her up. She says I thought you are my son. You would not have given me pain if thought of me as your mum. She says it is good that I didn’t have a son. A person should be childless rather than have a son like you. She cries and says you have betrayed my motherly feelings. Pragya and Bulbul hears everything.

She asks why did you marry Pragya? You would have refused to marry. You gave her pain of life. She asks why did you do this with my Pragya. Bulbul makes her sit and tries to make her drink water, but Sarla refuses. Dadi tells her we didn’t want this to happen. Pragya would have fight with us for her rights, but it is her goodness that she sacrificed for baby, who haven’t come in this world. She says my grand son didn’t remember the values given by me, but your daughter remembers values given by you and have chosen happiness for the baby.

Sarla asks Pragya to return her mangalsutra to Abhi, and asks to take back the ring given by her. Pragya and Abhi looks on shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i m new to this site . al ur comments r nice especially nikki chithu priya

  2. Why would Abhi get angry with Pragya? She is not the one who deceived him. If Pragya dies then Kumkum Bhagya dies.

    It’s time for the writers to end the Tanu melodrama. I am really tired of her! This story lines in this show drag on and on and on for much too long. It’s stupid! The show becomes frustrating rather than entertaining. When that happens, I just read the updates -it’s too much to endure the “slower than molasses” story lines.

  3. Even what I was thinking guys now when sarka maa knows about abhi had affair with tanu before wedding and even after. So if later tanu’s truth will reveal then also she will not forgive easily. And she will not allow pragya to live with abhi back. Becoz she has lost her faith on abhi so now she won’t allow pragya to live with abhi again. For this, abhi have to do lots of efforts and have to give difficult test to prove his love for pragya and to get her back in his life. When sarla maa gets assure from his love to pragya then only she will allow for abhigya’s relationship once again.

    1. ss nikki…u ryt…abhi must win sarla trust …im really expecting aftr truth revelation ..wats happng????

    2. I have read many comments on India forum for yesterday’s episode. Many peoples r saying that sarla maa’s anger is justified but her words for abhi that he don’t know what does mean of maa and noone should get a son like him. It’s better to being childless than a son like u, was wrong.Peoples r saying that abhi don’t have mother so sarla maa should not say this to him and he doesn’t understand the importance of relationships too before marriage so she should not blame abhi for this. But I want to say that I know abhi haven’t his mother but he have a mother like dadi always who give him all the love of maa to him and she has fulfilled all the duties of a mother for him and aaliya. So he should know the value of mother. And dadi always taught him about all the moral and family values from the day one. So it’s his mistake that he didn’t follow it. And last I want to say that peoples have sympathy from abhi becoz he is punished for wrong thing on wrong time but becoz he is innocent here so it’s not mean that he should forgive for his past mistakes. I know he was married with pragya becoz of a misunderstanding but after clear his misunderstanding, instead of trying to accept and give a chance to his relationship with pragya,he kept his relationship with tanu continuously So he is still on fault so he must punished by Dadi and sarla maa and if we will think from a mother’s perspective,then we could understand that sarla maa’s each and every word for abhi was right and her anger and hatred for him is fully correct.

      1. Am eagerly waiting for Tanu’s truth revealation episodes yaar…. This much anger and frustration from all the family members should be on her at the same time…am expecting much more from everyone tat time…hope tat time also Pragya will not stop everyone telling she is pregnant ….

  4. Any new news in Tis serial. Tooooooooooooo draaaaaaagggggggggiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg…….

  5. Dragging much more before

  6. friends are know about this .pragya goes to abhi’s ghar to see dadi where she overhears the conversation between tanu and nikhil which reveals that the tanu is not pregnant with abhi’s child .then tanu sees pragya and hits hardly on her head which makes her unconscious.later abhi comes to tanu’s room then she hides pragya and switch off her phone.will pragya able to save her life and reveal truth to abhi?.this is what exactly happen with bulbul during her wedding.i read this in some site i donot know that it was true but if it is happen then kkb ke cvs are very poor on developing story line.

  7. OK chithu you’re right.

  8. What a superb episode Amazing

  9. I saw pragya accident scene shoot today. I think it may come within 2 days.

    1. link send me ka

    2. where did you see Priya? Do you have the link?

    3. PRIYA can u give full update or link for it?

    4. I too saw it on SBS but I missed it from starting, only catched up last bit. Where sriti says abhi is looking and searching for pragya everywhere but couldn’t find yet. Let’s see what will happen?

      1. SBS peoples said that yesterday kanchi gave shabbir a surprise visit on set with their baby azai, for celebrating his birthday.

    5. No yaar I saw it SBS segment only not in online. Sorry

      1. Priya..were you able to guess anything after seeing this accident shoot… i mean, like whether Abhi will come to know about it at right time or not.. and whoever did the accident, had they left the place after it happened or r they trying to hide Pragya or about this accident from all…

      2. We means priya that what happened in that segment. If u saw it then plz give us written update.

  10. when rachna will give birth to her baby it’s over now

  11. Guys…It seems Shabbir will not be available again for some days..saw some updates like he is going for India Day Parade to Newyork on August 16…so they may suit this accident sequence earlier to manage Shabbir’s absence or we may see Abhi’s reaction to the accident bit late next week …

    1. Really chithu where u got this news. Again they r going to dragg ah. Iyooooo

      1. yeah Priya..i saw it on twitter and they have uploaded some advertisement video from Zee TV also in that.. so for sure he is going for that program..

  12. One thing which i was thinking from yesterday and forgot to share with u all that If pragya will lose her memory like everyone r guessing then I m sure sarla maa will not remind pragya anything about abhi and her marriage even she will not allow anyone to try to remind her anything about him so pragya could move ahead in her life.

    1. Guys..in SBS ..Pragya was telling it is an actual accident rite? so it may not be a planned one atleast for now.. who knows later they may prove it as planned one 🙂

  13. and Nikki..one more thing yaar.. NEEL is back … i saw the photos of RAJ and NEEL together on KKB set in instagram 🙂

    1. No chithu it is from yeah hai mohabbatein’s set. Neel and parmeet r doing shoot together there. This pic is taken on there.

      1. oh ok Nikki 🙂

  14. Guys..the above SBS segment , u can see in instagram in account kumkum_bhagya_team..

  15. but too sad to see this segment…

  16. Abhi and Pragya will part finally! Yes, Tanu and Aaliya will succeed in their evil plan and manage to separate the newest lovers on the show. So, we will see Pragya return to her parental home after reuniting Abhi and Tanu. Only this time around Pragya knows that Abhi truly loves her and wants to be with her forever. What she doesn’t know is that Aaliya and Tanu have come together for their own personal reasons. Yes, we told you earlier that Pragya will find out the truth about Tanu’s unborn child and also about Aaliya and Raj Bhaiyya’s vicious plans. However, before she reveals these details to Abhi, Pragya meets with an accident. Whether she survives or not to tell Abhi and Daadi the truth will be shown in the episodes much later. For now viewers will have to deal with the long ronaa dhonaa sequences featuring Abhi and Pragya.

    Another interesting aspect on Kumkum Bhagya is finally there is a solid villain on the show. We’re sure you are wondering what about the vamps Tanu and Aaliya. Well, they are now a passe with Annuraag Sharrma turning a baddie on this show we’re certain that he will play the evil cousin out to get Abhi to the T. Apart from being a fab actor, Raj aka Anuraag is one of the most popular baddies on small screen. So guys gear up for some real action in Abhi and Pragya‘s life now.

  17. Guys finally i got it and Just saw SBS segment where they was shooting for pragya’s accident. Pragya was trying to catch abhi but couldn’t get. After that she decides to call him, for this she was looking for her phone in her purse. Then suddenly a car comes from her behind and hits her from the Bach hard. Then she falls on the road and gets unconscious. Sriti was telling to reporter that she couldn’t understand that suddenly what happened with her but this time this is not anyone’s planning and plotting but she met with an actual accident. She says abhi is searching for her everywhere but couldn’t find her. If he will find her then only he will save her.

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