Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Tanu’s s mum if she has any work with him. Mrs. Mehra thinks what to do to make him go to Tanu and not to Pragya. Pragya is talking to Abhi’s pic and says whatever you told today is for his love. She says last time you have done with me was not arranged marriage, but revenge marriage. She recalls Sarla telling that even though Abhi forgot her, but his heart still feels her love and that relations will not change with circumstances, and asking her to be patiently waiting for her. She thinks to inform Sarla and Dadi. She then thinks Abhi may not feel bad if she tells anyone. She goes to tell them. Dadi asks Purab and Dasis not to go out. Pragya comes there. Dadi asks them not to talk in pragya’s voice. Pragya says I have come. Dadi asks if Abhi said anything

or scolded you. Pragya looks on tensed. Dadi asks her to tell and tells that she will make him understand. Pragya looks on silently and then laughs. Dasi says she has gone mad with shock. Pragya says she is mad with happiness and says she got bumper prize and is very happy. Dadi laughs too.

Purab asks her to take a breath and tell them. Pragya tells that she can’t handle her happiness. Dadi asks her to tell. Dasi asks if Abhi confessed love. Pragya says he said….Purab says he has confessed love to her. They hug each other happily. Dadi asks really? Pragya says yes. Purab says how can he tell so easily and asks her to tell everything. Pragya tells them everything. She says I also confessed love. Dadi praises Pragya. Dasi says now Tanu and Abhi will not marry. Dadi says I will kick them out. She tells that Pragya will marry Abhi once again. Pragya says they are already married naa. Dadi says Abhi didn’t know that he is already married and says when he propose to you, what you will say. Purab says dilwala dulhaniya legaya.

Abi asks Tanu’s mum what is the matter and why is she looking tensed? Tanu’s mum says she is in tension. Abhi asks her to tell her. Tanu’s s mum says only you can help me and tells that she has hidden a big truth from Tanu, and tells that she came to know that she is in last stage of pancreatic cancer. Abhi is shocked. Tanu’s mum traps him in her fake illness and tells that it was Tanu’s dream to marry him and tells that she is lucky mum to see her daughter’s marriage. She blesses Abhi and asks him to keep her happy always. She asks him to promise her. Dasi tells that Abhi is a real rockstar. Purab says we have to make the arrangements and do the changes. Dasi says Pragya will wear her old marriage dress. Purab tells that he will send change invite with Pragya’s name on it through email and messages. He tells that he will change the board also. Pragya says we are already married naa.

Dadi says they shall get rid of Tanu and asks Pragya to check her dress. She asks Dasi to come with her so that they can tell Aaliya and Tanu about this development. She takes her stick. Dasi jokes that ladies Sunny Deol is with her. Purab asks where is Abhi. Pragya tells them Tanu’s mum took Abhi with her. Purab, Dadi and Dasi are shocked. Dadi asks what? Dasi says why did you let him go? Pragya says she told that she wanted to talk something important. Dasi says siyappa happened? Purab says you wouldn’t have let him go, and must have told us. Dasi says don’t know what she told him. Tanus mum tells Abhi that she wants this thing to be secret between them, and don’t want Tanu’s smile to vanish. She emotionally blackmails Abhi and traps him. Abhi is in fix. Dadi comes there. Abhi says I want to talk to Pragya and goes.

Pragya thinks Abhi will come and asks her to come with him, smiles. Abhi comes to her. Pragya says we shall give shock/surprise to Dadi. Abhi tells pragya that whatever they were trying to do is wrong. He tells he has always supported truth and never let anything wrong happen to anyone. He says as I have promised Tanu, I have to marry her only. Pragya is in shock and cries.

Purab asks Pragya to let him go and talk to Abhi. Pragya stops him and gives him promise. Dadi looks on. She looks at their pic and says if wrong is happening to her, then if right thing happen to me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. AbhigyaIs Needed

    u shall kill someone.. i narrowly survived a heart attack? when will Abhi grow up and accept his feelings? and Pragya when will u learn to stand for what u want?? Please #WRITER make this thing come to an end.. am done with all this heart ache

  2. What a reason tanu’s mom gave to abhi to keep him trap with her evil daughter? My God, She said she is on last stage of Pancreatic Cancer? Pancreatic cancer is one of the worst cancers you can get. One that has the worst prognosis. Usually those patients are hospitalized. They’re usually under chemo or radiation. But our Rockstar is so foolish, dumb or illiterate that he couldn’t caught such a big lie of tanu’s mom which can easily caught.
    How and why he thinks that he can spend a his whole life with a girl, whom you don’t love and can’t accept her whole heartedly. How it is going to help Tanu or her mom? He thinks wrong will happen with tanu if he breaks marriage with her as he has been given commitment to her but if it will b all right if he will b unable to keep her happy by giving her all the love and rights which a wife gets with her husband? Is this not wrong with Pragya, even after he knew that he has been committed to tanu and he have to marry with her for her respect and to fulfill the last wish of her ill mom who is on death bed, he first confessed his love with Pragya, gave hopes to her to live a happily ever after love life with her then he is backing off from her. Is this not wrong? Even most of the wrong is happening only with Pragya from the day one when abhi met with her first after losing his memory and slowly-slowly got so much closed with her, crossed all limits of a boss-employee and a friend’s relationship, got flirty with her, expressed feeling towards her and never thought about his commitment with tanu. So if when he didn’t felt it wrong then why he is suddenly feeling it wrong? Becoz tanu’s mom made him remind his commitment? Has he lost his two and half year memory or he has become short term memory loss that he forgot about everything while growing feelings and closeness with Pragya and confessing his love towards her?
    According to him now, getting married to Tanu and not backing out of the marriage is doing “sahi ka saath” (right thing) with Tanu. But what about the girl (Pragya) whom he just pushed to confess back to him, who he confessed too, with whom he just made all these dreams with about his future together? How is that “sahi ka saath” (right thing) ??? ”
    It’s easier to break things with Pragya than with Tanu because Pragya will understand. Its the girl who always pulls through for him that should be made to sacrifice her feelings and be okay with everything being taken back from her after two episodes of wonderful confessions!
    This has nothing to do with what he knows and what he doesnt. In present tanu and her mom is wrong and evil but if they will b on right place then also Whatever happened in yesterday’s episode and whatever abhi did is still wrong.

    I know that it’s so much easier for abhi to believe on everything blindly like a dumb. But today was DISAPPOINTING to say the least. I’m glad that Pragya asked Purab not to say anything to Abhi. If Abhi has to be told every single time whom to pick or whom should not, what to do or what shouldn’t, what is right or what is wrong and if then he picks Pragya as his final choice, then it will be less sincere choice at the end of the day becoz he moves with other’s guidance and this is so much immature and foolish behavior which abhi have since the day one. Pragya is very right on her decision not to talk more about it with abhi becoz when he have no care about her feelings and his love is this much weak and less important than any other thing then it’s waste to keep hope to stay with him or to expect support from him forever. From the day one only it was Pragya who continuously did struggle for her rights on abhi and to getting him back in her life but she got nothing and in fact she lost lots of things. Now when abhi haven’t any care of her then why she will forced him to accept her? It will b insult of her all love, patience, sacrifices and respect. But at the end if she will b the one who comes back to abhi even after losing her hope on him or after getting angry and disappointed with him then also it will not b surprising becoz she is the only one who never left abhi in any circumstances when she found that he is trapped and getting cheated and harm by the evils. Anyways whatever happened it was easily guessed and well known by us on the basis of past of kkb. Well Let’s see now where this new crap will b stopped and what will happen at the end of the Tabhi’s wedding day. Only reading updates r enough. Thanks to Hasan who saves not only us in fact our time too from such an irritating crap.

  3. Why is everyone angry? Even my sister , my friends and neighbors are so mad at Abhi and Pragya.They say they’re done with the show and I say Kumkum Bhagya is still my no.1 And am busy downloading pics of Sriti(Pragya). Abhi and Pragya are fools together, so they’re made for each other.Tanu is just a distraction. The producers know that the audience will react this way and am sure they they’re having their fun. Lets not forget ZEE is all about extra-ordinary things(fools, obsessions,deadly,suicidal) Abhi’s character is an antagonistic protagonist(he has a cruel way of doing good things) . And my dear Pragya is the sweetest fool there is. She does good things in the most foolish and stupid ways. And she comes out looking innocent in all these. Guys enjoy the show while it lasts. All I know is Abhi and Pragya will be together! When? Only extra-ordinary time will tell!!!!!!

  4. Hahahah Prati dont complain anyway found this on you tube watch and comment ….https://youtu.be/QorxCsJS_HM

    1. Well savita it’s another joke. They r trying this since long but every time gets failed so how they will get succeed in just a day to bring abhi’s memory back? Ya Pragya could challenge taliyaa but she should also think before giving this challenge to them. But savita this news is not coming from believable sources so it can’t be believed. There r lots of spoilers like this which flots on different sites with their different logics and story. Only one source is believable which tellychakkar. It’s spoilers r 99% true. I believes only it or except it I follows news segments. That’s it. And savita that’s so sweet of u dear but I doesn’t belongs to any TV or entertainment industry. I was a literature student and I read lots of dramas and novels even sense and sensibility too on which this show claims to b based. Analyzing or criticizing was a part of my studies. That’s why I know how to analyze or criticize something. And about the news regarding the show so savita nothing is impossible in presence of Internet. In present time u can get almost every news or knowledge through it. That’s what I does so. I searches news in my free time, related to it and post it for all of u. That’s it.

  5. Oye svi log kaan khol kr suno
    Ekta kapoor ka ye serial ekdm bakwas h
    Agr chte ho ki show bnd hojaye To trp rate decrease krwao
    Serial kiu dekhte ho just f**k the assessment of ekta kapoor

  6. Thank you prathiksha

    1. Ur most welcome dear?

  7. very boring serial. they are repeating one story again and again. just stop the tanu’s chapter.. bring something new.add some new twist and new villains…. cheap drama. hate this serial now

  8. Ekta baby i do not know if you read telly updates in case you do please go hang your f**king self take this f**king serial off air you do not have a story you are like a child from grade one who is trying i mean TRYING to put something out there for us the viewers but you are failing miserably i mean you are not forcing me to look at your serial but enough is enough you cunt hole GET TO THE f**kING POINT AND STOP BEATING AROUND THE f**kING BUSH yes i have said it awesome i actually feel great now phew

  9. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    My my my ….what the f**k man ?????
    So flipping annoying. .either the writers or ekta are lonely miserable souls. ..
    and dragging on for Gids knows what..
    too predictable clichés! !!!!…

  10. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I seriously doubt that anyone actually read our comments..
    we just f***ing our brains for f**kall..
    they don’t give a darn shit…idiots..
    I just feel like bashing all of these dumb heads in a mixie…lolllll

  11. Kwaku Martey Darpoh

    If the writer doesn’t take care the show will end where the real understanding will be missing

  12. OMG, what is taking them so long to figure out that Tanu, Aliya and Nikhil are the bad ones and I thought that Nikhil had already told Abhi that he was married, oh was that when Abhi had his memory in tact. This is getting so boring with Pragya not opening up her mouth and saying anything, she really love strong. it should have been here in Trinidad….yuh woulda see action.

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