Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 36


Soory for late update I know episode is short hope you like it and give your response
The episode start with abhi driving car fastly and he reach hospital and continuously tears are flowing from his eyes he fastly open the car gate and run inside and ask recepnalist
Abhi: I want to know pragya room no.
Rep.: room no. 50
And abhi runs from their as he come near the room he see a stricter is coming from room fully covered with white cloth and their sarla is standing and crying abhi get a shock by this and go near the stecter
Docter: we are soory we cant save her
And these words for abhi like some one stabbing him and he fall on floor like life less body and sarla started crying their dadi and all come and all started crying but abhi stand up
Abhi: dadi rohit don’t cry nothing has happen to her I know nothing will happen to her
Dadi: see what youi have done abhi bcz of you
Abhi crying and sits on floor
Abhi: yeah dadi its all bcz of me she did this I am a murder I has murder her I killed her dadi bcz of me she left us but pragya give me one chance please pragya come back I will give you all happiness which you deserve but please come back pragya I will never ever hurt you I cant let to cry a single day but please come back I want to show my care to you I want to show my love to yes I love u but I am a fool to think that you u come near me you also leaft but I don’t know that my words will effect you this much I know I am a follish person whom you can handel only please pragya for the sake of rohit please come back I cant live with out u just once come back I will show my love to you I want to tell you how much I love and I will never leave you and cry
Suddenly a voice come
And abhi turn and he stand up and by seeing the face from where voice come his faical expression changes to happiness and he go and tightly hug the girl standing
Abhi: pragya you are alright I know u cant leaft me and break the hug and hug her face
Abhi: are you alright na
Pragya: yes but
Before he could say anything abhi hug her tight like some one is taking her and pragya feels happy by this and hug back and all clap and abhi come in senses and break the hug and see al smiling he is shocked seeing everyone
Bulbul: don’t be shock abhi oops abhi jiju right rohit
And rohit and bulbul give hi fi to each other
Abhi: what is this and pragya here then who is this and goes and uncover the white blanket and see pillow their
Dadi: ok I will tell you everything we are very upset with your decision but tomarrow I hear you when you are talking alone and get to know about thw stupit reason of your for deniying marriage and I call bulbul and tell them all this and we make a plane to make you tell that how much you love pragya as I cant let a bahu like pragya to go like this so bulbul call ranvi and arrange all this firstly pragya opposed but we make her understand
Abhi: dadi I am soory I know I become very stupid soory to all
Dadi: don’t tell soory to me tell to her whome you hurted the most
And abhi turns towards pragya
Abhi: I know I hurted you most with my words but will me able to forgive your ladu and give him a chance to make your life beautifull and fill it with his love will you marry me
Pragya has tear in her eyes and abhi take tears on his finger
Abhi: these are not tears for me this are dimonads don’t waste them I cant see it
Pragya smiles
Abhi: so miss pragya mehra will you be my chasmish
And bend on knees and give his hand and pragya smiles and hold his hand and nodes
And all smile hearing their confession
Rohit: but I have a say something
Bulbul: what
And rohit goes and hold pragya one hand and abhi one hand
Rohit: from now I will not call you dost I will call you mom and yeah you have to promise you will mever leave me and dad
Pragya gets happy and sit in knees and kisses rohit cheek
Pragya: ok my champ moms promise
Dadi: ok now everthing get setteled so we will do engagement tomarrow only
Sarla: tomarrow but preprations
Dadi: you don’t take tension of preprations we will do it now it cant wait anymore
And all smiles and screen freez on their smiling face

Credit to: queen

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