kum kum bhagya- love is beautiful..Intro


Hi this is ujwala.i am new to telly updates
please support my article..this is the intro (based on kum kum bhagya)

Abhi Mehra- a rich rockstar who lost his father and mother loves his Nani(grand mother) and aliya (sister)

Nani- abhis’ grand mother who is the head of the family, loves her grand childern

aliya- abhis’ sister did her mba who always give importance to money n status hates poor a best friend of Tanu, who plans to make abhi marry tanu

Tanu- good friend of aliya, who also hates poor and gives importance to money n status, one sided lover of abhi

Pragya Arora- a simple girl who lives with her mother sister and grand mother

Sarala Arora- pragya and bulbul’s mother runs a marriage hall and love to see her children happily married

bulbul- a cute naughty girl who is doing her law course, in love with her classmate(purab)

Dadi- pragya’s grandmother who loves her family and is a bit naughty even at her age.

Purab- bulbul’s classmate who loves her a lot, a orphan

Location: KUM KUM BHAGYA Function hall

The episode starts with Sangeeth program going on and A man with his wife (bride’s father and mother) takes the mice and shares their happiness about her daughters marriage and thanks sarala and her family for the arrangements they made for the marriage. They call sarla and her family to come on to the stage. Sarla searches for pragya and finds no where she tell a girl next to her (bulbul) to search pragya and come. She along with her dadi goes to the stage and thank them for keeping hope on them and giving them the contract. She gives whole of the credits to her daughters (Pragya and Bulbul).

Location: Outside the hall
A big car comes to the hall, all the people around there gather near the car yelling ” ABHI ABHI “. the car stops and a tall man comes out of the car (who is Abhi) he comes out of car and says hi to everyone. Along with Abhi comes his grandmother, aliya and tanu. He walks towards the hall and while stepping inside the hall he suddenly stops as a bangle stops at his feet. He picks it up and thinks about its belonger, a small girl comes to him and pulls his shirt. Seeing her he bends down and ask her ” is this bangle ur’s ” she nods her head in rejection and shows a girl who is hiding behind a pole( who is pragya) . He see her and suddenly the girl takes the bangle from him and runs. Abhis does not realise the girl taking the bangle as he gets stunned seeing the beauty of pragya. The girl give the bangle to pragya and they both run away. Abhi searches for her while his nani calls him.
Nani asks who is he searching for. he replies that “bangle..” even before he complete the sentence Aliya interupts him saying that ” even she liked the bangle and asks him to purchase it for his wife” saying this aliya eyes at Tanu who smiles in shy and dadi smiles listening to aliya’s words. The screens freezes on Abhi who is again searching for the girl.

Precap: Abhi performs on stage singing song imagining pragya behind the pole and running with the girl.

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