kum kum bhagya- love is beautiful..Episode 7


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The episode starts with abhi opening the door and gets shocked to see pragya fell uncounsious, he goes to her running.
Abhi: Pragya get up what happened to you, get up pragya. He gets tears in his eyes
Akash: Bhai, take babi to the room i called doctor even bulbul is in the room
Abhi takes Pragya in to his arms and take her to the room. Both bulbul and Pragya are made laid on bed, doctor comes.
Abhi: Doctor see them, nothing should happen to them if anything happens we cannot live please save them.
Doctor: I will try my best do not worry, please go out
All of them goes out, abhi and purab goes out with teary eyes. Abhi goes out and sits crying.
Purab: Abhi what happened i am not able to understand, see abhi both di and bulbul are lying on their. Why abhi ? He crys badly hugging abhi. Doctor comes out.
Raj: Doctor what happened are they fine.
Doctor: Nothing to worry they are fine now, they inhalled more corbon gas, it made them suffocated. I have arranged oxygen masks to them in some time they will get sufficient oxygen. No need to worry.
Akash: What carbon gas but how it is possible.
Raj: Akash stop let doctor leave we will talk afterwards.
Doctor: Abhi they both are fine, nurse will be here and will take care of them, will come in the evening for checkup.
Abhi: Thanks doctor,thanks a lot.
Doctor: Its ok its my duty i will leave now.
Doctor goes with akash and everybody go to see them. Abhi holds pragya’s hand and purab bulbul’s hand they both cry seeing them like that.
Taiji: Abhi and purab dont worry , they are fine na dont cry.
Akash comes running “BHAi”.
Akash: Bhai i found this is their room it is fuming some gas i think it is the same carbon gas tin.
Abhi: That means some one has wantedly kept it in the room.
Mithali: Abhi keep this gas aside. When pragya and bulbul are in the room who were there in the mandap.
Tauji: Mithali shut up.
Abhi: No tauji babi said right, who were there in the manddap ?
He searches around and fine aliya and tanu missing.
Abhi: Aliya and tanu. Where are they ?
Purab: I saw them going to their room
Abhi goes to their room without saying anything. All others follow them.
Abhi: Aliya what are you doing.
Aliya: Bhaiyya i am so tensed about the morning incident. I am thinking how it happened.
Abhi: Dont lie aliya I know you both wantedly did it.
Aliya: What are you talking bhai.
Abhi: Stop it aliya i know it was tanu who was in the place of tanu.
A fb is shown, Bulbul comes running and abhi is about to go to her but tanu stops her. He sees the ring in her hand.
Abhi: And that ring belongs to tanu. He shows the ring to everybody .
I know it was tanu but why did you sit in place of bulbul.
Aliya: Because i love purab bhai.
Purab: what are u talking aliya.
Aliya: Yes purab i loved you.
Abhi: But aliya he loved bulbul na
Aliya: Ha bhai i know but i loving him from last 10years. Everytime he talk with me I feel like i am listening a fairy tale,
when he touch me I pray god to freeze the moment. I cannot say how much i love him.
Purab: Stop it aliya I cannot imagine anyone in bulbul’s place. My heart is written in the name of bulbul no one can remove her.
He starts to move away from the room
Abhi: Stop purab. Listen aliya nor me nor purab is ready to marry u. We have our priorities. But still i forgive you because god made me your brother. I promised mom and dad to take care of you. You better forget purab and also tell your stupid friend to forget me.
I dont want anyone to talk about this before bulbul and pragya, please.

They all go to their rooms. abhi asks sarala and bheeji to go with nani to her room. He says that he and purab will take care of them.
Purab goes to bulbul and sits beside her.
Bulbul: purab di, she is in danger, jiju di is in danger save her.
Purab: bulbul di is here with us, she is safe nothing happened to her.
Bulbul gets up and hugs purab. Abhi gives water to her she drinks and calms down.
Purab: Di is here doctor said she is ok.Dont worry.
Nurse: doctor mam called and said that we can remove the oxygen mask. She removes the mask.
Purab: Bulbul u take rest, we are with u and abhi is with di dont worry.
Bulbul: No purab i cannot sleep. She goes to pragya and carses her hair.
Bulbul: We both were in the room suddenly smoke came and di started coughing. Even the door got struck then di sent me through the window and i failed to bring her down from window.
I came running down and (she stops). Purab when i came down you were with some girls who were dressed like brides. Who are they purab.
Purab: Bulbul there were no one we were waiting for you both. No one were there. You were uncounsious so you thought like that.
Bulbul: May be purab, if you with anyother girl i would have killed you
Purab: If anyother take your place not need for you to kill i will automatically die.
Bulbul gets emotional and hugs him. Both abhi and purab gets relieved.

Scene 2: Aliya’s room
Tanu: aliya you said na we will go into their life, now what happened the totally throwed out from their lives.
Aliya: Dont say like that tanu. You did nothing and now scolding me.
Tanu: What your help did not do anything to me, i am leaving.
Aliya: Ok then tanu go dont come again. You should not ask my help when i am happily living with purab
Tanu thinks in mind she is like naagin she can do anything if i go now and she settles with purab No no no, i wont leave
Tanu: I am sorry baby, i was in tension so i said like that I am sorry i know u will never leave your friend.

Back to abhi’s room. Abhi is sitting beside pragya holding her hand and purab,bulbul are holding each other. Pragya suddenly moves
Abhi: Pragya, i am here pragya. Purab and bulbul come to her
Pragya: Abhiji i am fine dont worry, She smiles.
Abhi: Pragya i know you will be fine.
Pragya: How can i go leaving you abhiji.
Bulbul: That means you just came for jiju not us.
Pragya: We are 2different bodies but same soul.
Bulbul hugs her and helps her to get up.
Pragya: Abhiji you cried na.
Abhi: No pragya i did not.
Pragya: I know u cried. How can you lie to me. Abhiji i cannot go leaving you all and you all promise me that you will not leave me.
They all keep hand in hand and make the promise.

Scene 3:
Its morning both the couples are sleeping. Bulbul and pragya on sofa and purab and abhi in bed. Pragya and bulbul gets up and goes down. They make coffee and bring to room.
Bulbul: see didi patients are serving and they both are sleeping.
They both woke them up
Bulbul: Purab how bad you are, you should serve but we are doing it.
Abhi: dekh bulbul, king is always king and queen is always queen.
Purab: But bulbul why did you get up. Someone would have brought coffee na
Pragya: Purab yesterday whole day you were with us and why cant we do today
Abhi: You sufferred because of us so we should serve you.
Pragya: What do you mean abhiji ?
Puurab : Abhi means that we did not take care of you you are suffering.
bulbul: Enough, i cannot get more emotional. We will stop here.
Abhi: Yes we will stop here. Today we make it special

Nani,sarla,bheeji and dasi comes.
Nani: You got up. how are you feeling now.
Sarla: I got scared seeing you but my sons removed my fear
Bheeji: Ha see now she is giving love. Whole night she did not sleep and did not let me sleep. I thought of giving her cough syrup.
All of them laugh.
Nani: I want to see this family ever after
Pragya: We are fine now dadi dont worry nothing will harm us.
Nani: Ha god is with us. Oho i forgot today we are keeping maha arthi for your health and prosperty get ready and come down.

All the people come down, aliya and tanu also comes for the pooja, everyone maintain distance.
Aliya: Babi and bulbul how are u feeling now.
Pragya: I am fine aliya, your prayers us come back.
Abhi and purab see them angrily.
Nani: Panditji start the arthi.
They do the arthi, deva sri ganesha song starts.
They ask both the couples to do the harthi, first Pragya and abhi do then bulbul and purab. The pooja gets completed and panditji goes out.
Abhi: Nani i want to talk with you all.
Nani: say beta what is it ?
Abhi: Nani, yesterday was a bad day right
Nani: Yes beta, I cannot forget the day
Purab: Sarla aunty, Yesterday was a sad day right
Sarla: Ha purab but why are you asking
Abhi: You will know aunty. Dadi today is a good day right
Bheeji: Ha beta, getting back our children what can be more good than this
Purab: Nani, today is a happy day right.
Dasi: yes purab, but why u both are asking same question.
Abhi: Nani, yesterday panditji fixed muhurth but the became sad, but today there is no muhurth, no pandit but we are happy
You only said that today she is good day. Nani, we will do our engagment now itself, shall we.
Nani gets teary eyes and accepts their decison.
Bheeji: Abhi you said very well, on this occasion we will have cough syrup tonight.
Sarla: Bheeji, you be na. Now it is not time for cough syrup. Abhi how can you get engaged now.
Purab: Why aunty any problem ?
Sarla: Yes there is problem, without rings how can we do, wait i will bring them.
She brings the rings and give to them. They exchange the rings, Sarla gets emotional and cries
Pragya: Maa why are you crying ?
Bulbul: Maa you dont like our marriage or what. If you dont like We will stop here
Bheeji: Tears come not only because of sadness but also hapiness. See bulbul she is so happy now and totally accepting your marriage. She waited to see you happy, it took long time and the time has increased her fear, today all her fears are gone. She is happy and fearless.
Abhi: Maa if u think we are your sons stop crying.
Sarala: Abhi i am not crying i am letting out my fears, dont worry i am fine.
Tanu: Aliya i have one doubt if they are daughters and they are sons they become brother and sisters right.
Akash listens them.
Akash: relations are connected with heart not by words.
Aliya: even akash is taunting us i wont let this continue for more time.
All of them go away.

Purab takes bulbul away.
Purab: aunty is crying and u are making fun to cancel our marriage.
Bulbul: u know purab i cannot see maa crying, and even if we cry she gets more feared thats why i controlled my tears and tried to make her smile. She gets teary
Purab: My princess will never cry and if she cries i will also cry. He acts like small child crying
Bulbul: Purab its like u are crying for chocolate,not for me.
They both smile and have an eye lock.

Precap: Abhi goes to pragya’s house.

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