kum kum bhagya- love is beautiful..Episode 6


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They all gets happy, abhi hugs pragya, purab also take the chance and hugs bulbul. Both the couples share a good moment
Nani: sarla ji its so late now you be here itself, you can go tommorow after the engagement
SarlaL Maa thanks for that but staying in grooms house before marriage
Nani: Sarla ji when we are one, why this difference. They all accept and go to sleep.

Pragya gets a call from abhi,she goes out without bulbul noticing her. They go the lawn in the house.
Pragya: Abhi ji i am so happy for the day. You know what when dadi said me that she want me take her home as bahu i was shocked. That was the worst moment of my life but when i came to know that you are suresh i was in cloudnine.
Abhi ji i will tell you a story, there was a princess and a prince, the prince took the chance and proposed her but princess did not find her love but their family united them and they lived happily ever after. “I LOVE YOU ABHIJI”
They both get romantic and share a hug. The other side purab and bulbul come out
Bulbul: I am so happy purab just imagine after marriage all of us will live together.
Purab: family is ok what about me ? He holds her waist bring her close and they both share a hug too. Sanam re song plays and both the couples dance to it. They both clash with each other
Bulbul: di and jiju you both here what are u doing aa ?? she teases them
Abhi: You are asking us, what you both are doing ??
bulbul: we came for the fresh air
Abhi: we also came for fresh air
Purab: oho bulbul and abhi stop it yar we all know why we came here no need to lie
pragya: Ha we dont say about you to anyone, you dont say about us.
They are scream deal done and enjoy the moment.

Scene 2: Sun rises and all are busy in the engagement works. Dadi is so tensed. Akash and raj comes to her
Raj: Nani why are you tensed dont worry everything will go well.
Akash: Ha nani dont fear we are here.
Nani: I know u do the work but it is a sudden thing so i am tensed.
Raj: dont worry nani nothing goes wrong. 3 of them smile and continues to do their work

In the room abhi and purab are getting ready. Purab wears a gold ethnic kurta with red pyjama and abhi wears black ethnic kurta with white pyjama (They both look dashing)Nani comes to them
Nani: you both look so handsome, every will have eyes on you.
Dasi: Ha didi they look too good, i am very happy didi.

Nani hugs abhi and purab they take blessing from both nani and dasi.

Scene 3: Pragy and bulbul are ready in their rooms. Sarala comes and calls pragya they both turn back and see.They are beautifully dressed both in red lehanga with gold shades. They are dorn with full of ornaments,but still they look beautiful.
Sarla gets teary seeing them, they both go and hug sarala emotionally. Sarala controls herself and keep kala teeka to them.
Sarla: You both are so beautiful. I waited to see u like this for more than 20years. Be happy meri betiya. Hope nothing bad happen.
Pragya: Maa god is with us, nothing bad happens god is with us, he will never leave us. they feel happy and smile.

Sarala goes out while aliya comes in.
Sarala: Aliya come in, Pragya she is aliya abhi’s sister, aliya u talk with ur babi i will leave.
Pragya gets shocked seeing her.
Aliya: Namasthey babi, i am aliya and she is tanu my friend. I know babi you are thinking about that day, I am sorry for that babi i did not mean to hurt u.
Pragya: Its ok, knowing your fault is the best regret.
Aliya: Babi, u know what you both are looking so beautiful, if i am feeling like this then bhaiyya and purab will becomes statues seeing you.
They both smile in shy
Tanu: then aliya i am thinking to play a prank on them what say.
Aliya: Yes tanu its time to play
Bulbul: Prank wow great idea will do but wat can we do
Pragya: No no bulbul we wont do anything
Aliya and bulbul make her accept.
Aliya: OK then we will do one thing you both wear ghunghat we will announce that you will remove the ghungat only after you exchange rings.
Tanu: Great aliya it works in two ways 1. They both will not become statues admiring their beauty and 2. They become more curious to see them.
Bulbul: Ya tanu u said right we will do. deal done. They all laugh for their idea.
Aliya: ok babi and bulbul we will go and announce about this and come
Aliya and tanu comes down and take the mice
Tanu: Ladies and gentlemen attention needed
Aliya: The point is that our brides are so beautiful today, I have no words to describe. If the grooms see them they both become awstruck. So to maintain the curiosity in the grooms our brides will wear ghunghat.
Tanu: They will remove it only after the rings are exchanged.

All the people around clap, abhi and purab feels sad but still enjoys the idea.
Aliya: Sarla aunty and nani they both are getting ready they will bring them down in 10min.
Sarla and nani says ok and they both leave to their room.

Scene 3: In brides room
Aliya: Done bulbul our idea is done. They said that they will call you in 10min. We will come after they call and take you.
Pragya: Ok aliya whattever u say.
Aliya: Ok babi we will leave.
They go out and closes the door and locks it. Pragya and bulbul does not notice them locking from outside. Aliya and tanu smile seeing each other. They both go and change into other dresses which are same as pragya and bulbul wear.
They come to brides room and aliya On some remote control she has
Tanu: What is that aliya. Aliya smiles evily and fb is shown.
Aliya and tanu are coming out of brides room,aliya keeps a small box in their room.
Tanu: What is that Aliya ?
Aliya: will get to know, now will do our work
They wear the ghunghat and goes as pragya and bulbul, the engagment rituals start.

In the brides room they both are sitting, some smoke starts coming, Pragya gets cough because of that smoke
Bulbul: Di what happened,from where this smoke is coming, Di wait i will open the door.
She goes and tries to open the door but the door does not open.
Bulbul: Di door is not opening.Di come fast.
They both try to open the door but fails to, eventually the smoke becomes more and both of them gets cough.
Bulbul: what should we do now ?
Pragya: Dont worry bulbul we will do something.
They both shout but no one hears them. Down Pandit ji is doing pooja with both the couples. Everyone are happy seeing but. In the bride’s room
Pragya: (caughing) Bulbul there is only one way. (she takes the chair and breaks the window.
Bulbul go fast go and tekk eveyone go fast bulbul
Bulbul: Di but how can i go leaving you.
Pragya: Please i am ok go fast and tell eveyone, i cannot jump thats why i am sending you. Go fast bulbul
Bulbul jumps down from the window and goes down running,
Panditji: All of you get up, and bring the rings. Both the couples get up and are about to exchange rings
Bulbul: (shouts) Purab…..They gets shocked to see Bulbul and runs to her. Purab di….she shows her finger towards the room and falls uncounsious.
Abhi runs to the room and finds it locked. He tries hard and gets success in opening the door He gets shocked seeing

Precap: Abhi sits crying

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