kum kum bhagya- love is beautiful..Episode 5


Hi this is ujwala thanks for the great response dears and i know you are waiting for some villian acts. We are writing this fan fictions because we are bored with the general sadism of villains on heroins and heros. So let us enjoy some smooth and friendly time what say ??
But i will not let you wait for more time.

The episode starts with showing abhi’s house. Mithali is going to her room from kitchen, she hears calling bell and opens the door, she finds panditji there, before she ask anything nani comes and calls pandit inside.
Nani: Panditji i was waiting for you, did you fix the muhurth.
Pandit: yes , i have seen there kundali, dat after tommorow is the best day for the engagement of both the couples.
Nani: Thanks a lot pandit ji, i am so happy i will make the arrangements and call you.Thanks

Panditji leaves and mithali hears all these and starts thinking.Nani calls robin and he comes
Nani: robin tell everyone to come here fastly.
after sometime, tauji, taiji, raj,mithali,aliya tanu,akash,dasi and rachana(akash wife),abhi and purab comes down
Aliya: Nani why did you call us anything important or any bad happend
Nani: Yes aliya something important but good not bad
Tauji: What is the matter ma ?
Nani: I have seen a match for abhi, she is a perfect match for abhi, her family are so kind hearted. They dont have much of money but their love is more than that. Her name is pragya arora they own kumkum bhagya function hall.

Akash: ho nani, abhi bhaiyya ka shaadi, i am so happy, congrats bhaiyya
Aliya: But nani you did not even ask us before how can you do like this ?
Nani: They are so good people, she is perfect match for abhi
Aliya: but nani
Nani: stop it aliya, let me complete my talk. Day after tommorow is best day for both the engagements.
Taiji: both what do you mean ?
Nani: Pragya with abhi and bulbul with purab (aliya gets shocked listening this and nani continues) bulbul is pragya’s sister, bulbul and purab are loving each other for a long time so i thought even about them, purab is same as akash to us

Tauji: Maa you have taken a good decision,
whatever u do for abhi is for good, so i accept this.
All others except aliya and tanu enjoy the moment, they both fumes and go away, abhi watch aliya going away

In aliya’s room, tanu starts crying whereas aliya fumes, abhi goes and knocks the door
Abhi: Can i come in aliya
Aliya: Ha bhaiyya
Abhi: I can understand you are angry because we did not say u before, i am sorry for that it was in hurry. U know what in the marriage you said na we will give that bangle to my wife,it happened she is having that bangle, she is one who lost it that day.
Aliya: Bhaiyya, i accept i told you that, but i wanted you to buy it for tanu.
Abhi: what did you say ? You want me to get married to tanu, how can you think like that aliya.
Aliya: Whats problem in that bhaiyya. You are rulling the music world and she is ruling the modelling world, you are best in your world and now you choose to marry a poor girl
Abhi: come on aliya, being at top does not bring love, but a kind heart will. Pragya has it but tanu does not have.

Aliya: Bhaiyya i dont want to listen anything please go, tanu tell him.
Tanu tries to touch abhi but he warns her saying dont even try to touch me Miss.tanu and he goes out.
Tanu: Aliya what will we do now, our lives are gone.
Aliya: Tanu if they dont come to our lives we will go to their lives (aliya smiles and tanu gets confused with her words.

In the evening abhi is sitting in his room confused, aliya goes to his room
Aliya: bhaiyya

Abhi: come in aliya,why to ask
Aliya: Bhaiyya i am sorry for what happened in morning, My mind was so confused listening the news
from the day i met tanu i thought only one thing to make u and tanu get married and suddenly my thought failed so i became agressive. I am sorry again bhaiyya I am so happy for you
Abhi: Its ok Aliya i can understand but i dont like tanu and her behaviour.Pragya is so good girl, i promise you she will fulfill mothers absence for you
Aliya: I am so happy bhaiyya waiting for your engagement day.
They share a hug and abhi kiss her with love.

Scene2: The next day. Abhi is at her room, just then she gets call from suresh,she attends the call
Suresh: Hi Pragya i am sorry for yesterday i had an important meeting, I am sorry again
Pragya: It’s ok suresh ji work first and i can understand.
Suresh: ok Pragya will meet today same place same time.
Pragya: ok sureshji.

She gets ready and goes their and enters the cafe,She gets call from suresh
Suresh: Hey Pragya i am at table 7, wearing pink colour shirt (he ends the call and pragya finds him, she is about to move but abhi comes their)
Abhi: hey Pragya you here again, i am so happy. Are you following me.
Pragya: no no no, why should i follow you, i came to meet sureshji. (just then suresh comes to them akash comes as suresh)
Akash: Hey pragya, i am waiting for you their who is he ?
Pragya: Rockstar abhi
AKash: Ya this is rockstar how do you know him ?
Pragya: My friend
Abhi: Not friend lover

(Pragya and akash gets shocked)
Akash: what lover, Pragya what he is saying.
Abhi: Yes mr.suresh iam her lover
Pragya: No not lover sureshji, promise
Abhi: she is lieing man, ok ok, ask her to promise on her promise and say that i did not propose her
Akash: come on pragya promise
Pragya stands silent
Akash: THat means…ok wait i want to talk to purab (he calls purab and asks him to come, purab comes)
Purab: Hi suresh, why did you call me here.
Akash: You know him na purab ?
Purab: Yes rockstar abhi
Akash: NO he is Pragya’s lover.

Purab acts as if he is shocked and he goes and holds abhi’s collar
Purab: How dare you do (Before he complete his dialogue he gets laugh, seeing him abhi and akash also laugh louder. Pragya gets confused and ask them what happened, but they are unable to control their laugh and they continue laughing
After sometime they realise that everyone around them are watching and they stop. Pragya is seeing them in angry. They pragya and sit at a table. They start laughing again but stops seeing Pragya
Pragya: What happened why are you laughing say me, even sureshji you are laughing but why
Akash: Purab will say why
Purab: Pragya di he is not suresh, he is akash, abhi’s brother
Pragya: Then where is sureshji

Purab: We dont know anyone with suresh name
(Pragya gets shocked listening this)
Pragya: purab dont make fun tell me the truth please i am getting tensed yar
Purab: Di abhi is suresh, he wanted to enjoy sometime with you so he convinced nani to lie to you.
Pragya gets shocked to listen this and she goes away

Abhi: Akash and purab go home i will convince her and come.
He runs to pragya who going in angry, he holds her hand and says sorry.
Pragya: I am so angry on you leave me sometime will call you in the night. Saying this she goes away and stans their tensed.

scene3: In night abhi along with purab is sitting in his room, abhi is so tensed and is watching his phone, purab is sitting silently. Just then they listen the calling bell and come down.
Everybody(except aliya and tanu) in the house comes down listening the calling bell in that night

Robin opens the door it is pragya and her family, nani asks them to come inside they all come
Nani: what happened sarlaji why did you come in this night any problem
Pragya: Nani ask me i will tell not maa. (she goes to abhi and says)
You know what abhi ji dadi called me sometime back A fb is shown where dadi calls pragya and says that abhi is suresh, she said it because abhi wanted her to say, but from the time i lied you i am so unhappy i called you before abhi could say it to you, she apoligise and asks her to forgive even her grandson for doing like this

Pragya: Dadi u are so kind but even before u called me i got to know the truth and i have taken decision before u called me. Dadi iam so sorry to say this i dont want to marry your grandson.
All gets shocked listening to pragya, just then aliya and tanu come out and see pragya they remind the incident happened in marriage when pragya scolds them about the importance of marriage and relations
Aliya: tanu u remember her that day, she is pragya my woodbe babi
Tanu: Ya aliya i remember i am so tensed now.

Nani: Pragya what are you talking i asked u to forgive him na please dont do like this Pragya.
Abhi stands there shocked and he has tears in his eyes.

Bulbul: Dadi it is not so easy for jiju to get di’s heart. He cannot do this
Purab: Comeon bulbul abhi will do anything for Pragya di hey na abhi
Abhi nodes yes
Bulbul: Jiju you should sit on your knees, hold your ears with hands and say sorry then she will accept
Abhi: before everyone ?
Bulbul: Ha jiju before everyone.

Abhi comes to pragya,sits on his knees,holds his hears and keeps silent
Akash: Come on bhai say it dont do late

Everyone shout liatening him and pragya sees bulbul
Bulbul: Jiju we all know you are romantic, but its not time to romance say sorry jiju
Abhi: ok i am sorry fuggi.
Pragya has tears listening this and smile seeing him.
Akash,rachana, purab,bulbul seeing her smile and others feels happy.Abhi gets up and hug pragya
The episode ends with aliya and tanu fuming.

Precap: Pragya and bulbul gets tensed when their room door is struck

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