kum kum bhagya- love is beautiful..Episode 4


Hi friends this is ujwala, sorry for the delay and i make sure i wont do it again,

The episode starts with sunset, Abhi along with purab goes to nani’s room. Nani is busy talking with dasi

Abhi: Nani i want to talk with you
Dasi: Arey abhi i was waiting for you, before you say anything tell me when are you going to get married
Abhi: Nani i came to talk about my marriage only
Nani: Abhi are you serious tell me what is the matter
Abhi: Nani i am in love and i want to get married
Nani: Is this true abhi, you really want to get married. Hey bhagwan i am so happy today.Abhi who is that girl
Abhi: Nani you too know her well, and purab said me that you liked her a lot she is pragya.
Nani feels excited listening to abhi

Dasi: Abhi i am happy for you, just now didi told me about pragya, didi’s words told me that she liked her a lot now even you liked her. I am so happy abhi
Nani: Abhi beta, i am also so happy for you, and how do you know her
Abhi: Nani did you remember we saw a bangle yesterday in marriage that is of pragya’s. you remember aliya said that we will gift that bangle to my wife, today she is only becoming my wife
Nani: ha abhi i remeber which means that god also want you to become one.
Abhi,Nani,dasi and purab gets happy with the news.
Nani: Ok purab tommorow when we go to there house then we will talk about the alliance.
Purab: ha nani, i am excited to talk with them and see their happiness
Abhi: Nani i need a help from you

Nani: ha beta say what is it?
Abhi: Nani you should not say to pragya that rockstar is your grandson
Purab: what are you saying abhi how can we do like that ?
Abhi: Purab say them that your grandson name is suresh and i am working as a teacher. See purab i want to enjoy with pragya before marriage, if she gets to know it becomes a normal thing man, please understand me
Nani: No abhi i cannot do like this
Purab: Nani why cannot we do. let him even enjoy the days before marriage. I will promise you that abhi will not hurt pragya di, i will take care of it
Nani accepts it, abhi hug her and nani thanks god for the good news

Scene 2: Next day
Pragya is walking on the road, abhi comes and stops her.Pragya gets surprised seeing him,before she talk to him he takes her to a near park holding her hand.
In the park abhi holds pragya’s hands
Abhi: I want to tell you a story Once a prince came to marriage hall, there he saw a beautiful princess behind the pole waiting for her bangle, when she got it she ran away without seeing her prince
The prince searched for his princess every moment but he failed. But today he got succeeded, he saw his princess and she is holding his hands.
Saying this he points towards the sky, In the sky aeroplanes fly and they write “I LOVE YOU PRAGYA” with colours, she gets surprised seeing it
Abhi: I love you princess, you are my life now. Pragya’s eyes are filled with happy tears but she stops herself and runs away without talking to him, abhi stands their seeing her happily

she gets into auto to go to her home. She rewinds the whole prosing scene and smiles in shy and says “I LOVE YOU ROCKSTAR”. Autowala jst then reaches her house and stops.
She gets down and rings calling bell, bulbul opens the door
Bulbul: Di you, see who came to our house.
Pragya: Dadi, i am so happy to see you, thanks purab. saying this she hugs dadi
Dadi introduces her to dasi and she hugs her too.

Sarala: Pragya i am so happy today, After your dad died my only aim was to get both of you married and see you living happily, today i am seeing that moment. I am sure that both my daughters live happily ever after
Pragya: Maa what are you saying i dont understand
Bheeji: Pragya you are getting married
Bulbul: Ha di, dadi came here to fix your alliance with her grandson
Nani: Ha pragya, my grandson a..
Purab: Nani suresh
Nani: Ha suresh he is a teacher we all want you both get married. you like it na
sarala: what are you asking maa, all of us be on same word we like your grandson. what say pragya

Pragya: (hides her tears) ha dadi i am so happy, i love you and happy to live with you forever.
Nani blesses her and they spend whole talking with each other
Nani: ok sarala we will move and pragya tommorow you can meet my grandson.
Pragya accepts,they go home and all others go to their rooms. pragya cries in her bed jst then bulbul comes and calls di, pragya wipes her tears and smiles seeing bulbul

Bulbul: Di you know what purab called me just now, he said that he just now talked with jiju(abhi) and they both decided that after our marriage even me and purab will live in jiju’s house along with you all
Pragya: Oho mera behan i am so happy they both hug each other and pragya is confused between happiness and sadness.

Scene 3: Next morning Pragya gets a call from suresh(abhi) he asks her to meet him in the coffee cafe,
She gets ready and reaches the cafe and is waiting for suresh, jst then abhi comes
Abhi: hey pragya you here, you did not say anything yesterday, i waited whole day for your call but you did not even care to call me
Pragya: see i am not at all intrested in your propsal, thats why i did not try to call you. Being a rockstar mean that you can propose anyone and they should accept you
I am not that time. I am not intrested in you
Abhi: If you are not intrested then why did i saw tears in your eyes when i propsed you yesterday, which means you are happy about that
Pragya: They are not happy tears, they are sad and angry tears. Please leave me now, i am waiting for someone, please leave me and forget me for god sake
Abhi: Whom you are waiting for he will not come
Pragya: why ?
Abhi: How can i come again when i am here
Pragya: (shocked) you can come againg means
Abhi: Not i how can he come when i am here
Pragya: whatever you jst leave me please.
Abhi: ok bye my love

Pragya gets a call from purab and he says that suresh had an urgent meeting in his collage so he cannot meet her. Pragya goes to her home. In the home
Bulbul: Maa and dadi just imagine, after marriage we can see jiju do concert in our home. (Except pragya everyone know abhi is suresh)
Pragya: What concert ? (She hears them and all get shocked seeing pragya)
Bulbul: what concert di, i said class jiju is teacher na. Maa you know what di is so upset that she did not see rockstar in the marriage and she is imagining eveything with rockstar
Pragya: Stop it bulbul i am not thinking about rockstar, just stop it (Pragya goes inside and all others feel relieved.)

Precap: Dadi calls eveyone in the house to talk

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    Plz itna late mat KARO post kar be me PLZZZZZZ.owsm story he plzzz post fast

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