kum kum bhagya- love is beautiful..Episode 3


Hi friens thanks for the great response. Here is the continuation.

The sun rises and a house is shown. Pragya opens the window curtaing and feels the fresh air. Bulbul comes and huga her.

bulbul: di you are so beautiful today
pragya: u too bulbul, meri choti behen.

scene shift to abhi home. abhi gets up and holds a pillow and says “good morning fuggi”.
He gets ready and comes out. jst then tanu come to him and leans on him.
Tanu: Rockstar u are too handsome today shall we have breakfast together.
Abhi (by pussing her away): hi miss super model, this is my house and my rules run here. u shld learn to be in limit and i am not intrested in ur invitation but thanks for the compliment. i am excusing u because you r my pyari behen ki friend ho. if not i would have…he stops the convo and goes out.

Tanu gets irked and fumes.

Scene2: A photo studio
Abhi gets down from his car and go to the studio

Photographer: (suprised) a..a..abhi the rockstar…you in our studio i am so happy can i take a photo with you.
Abhi: ya sure but you should help me
Photographer: yes sir will do what is it.
Abhi: I want photos you have taken yesterday in marriage.
Photographer: sure sir. (he shows photos in his computer, Abhi see all the photos and stops at pragya, bulbul and bride’s photo
Abhi: Yeh man do you know this chasmesh nahi…fuggi nahi…who is this girl man.
Photographer: Sir they are bulbul madam and pragya madam kumkumbhagya hall owners
Abhi: Pragya..Pragya Abhi mehra (he smiles in happiness and shy)
He thanks the Photographer and pose with him for a selfie and moves out excitedly

Scene3: Abhi’s house Purab comes to the house jst then he gets a call

Pragya calls to purab and scolds him for not following her order to bring dadi.
Purab: Hello di hold down, iam at dadi’s house
Pragya: I am sorry Purab, is dadi ready ?
Purab: Dont know di, i will see and call you.

Dadi is doing pooja while abhi goes
Purab: Nani are you ready we should go to pragya di’s house.
Nani: No Purab i cannot come today, my sister(dasi) is coming today call her i will talk. Purab calls to her and dadi says that she cannot come. Pragya gets disappointed but asks her to come with her sister tommorow for sure, for which dadi accepts.
Purab comes out at the same time when Abhi comes

Abhi: Purab man iam very happy today
Purab: Abhi i did not see you like this anytime what happened.?
Abhi: Purab i am in love man i want to get married.
Purab: Abhi what who is she.?
Abhi: you know her well she is your pragya di
Purab: What? You cannot know how happy i am. Pragya di, she is awsome abhi. He takes the phone to call bulbul, but abhi stops him
Abhi: NO Purab i want to surprise them.
Purab: Whatever you say abhi, You know what she is beautiful not only from outside but inside even. She is so simple and awsome women. you know what even her family to good. Bulbul loves her sister a lot and she loves to be like her.I forgot to say even nani liked her and tommorow nani is going to their house.
Abhi: oh Purab you made my day. I will say to her today itself. I dont want to make this complicated. If i wait that tanu
Purab: What did tanu do abhi.?
Abhi says what happened in the morning
Purab: I know abhi she is not a good woman, you have taken good decision.

Precap: Abhi talks to nani about his love.

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