kum kum bhagya- love is beautiful..Episode 2


Hi friens thanks for the great response. Here is the continuation.

The episode starts with Abhi and purab watching love of their life. Nani just then comes and feels excited seeing purab.
Nani: purab beta after a long time.

both Abhi and purab realise nani’s presence and feels shy (guys imagine how cute they both be wen they feel shy, how cute dears.

Purab: Ha nani i am also so happy to see you after a long time.

He takes her blessings Nani: jeethey raho beta. hope u get all the happiness in the world

Abhi: Nani you know what purab is in love. He shows bulbul to nani

jst then aliya comes along with tanu and gets excited seeing purab

Aliya: Hey purab, you after a long time, iam so happy to see you (she talks overexcitedly and leans to hug him but realise and stops herself from hugging)

Tanu in aliya’s ear: why r u so excited aliya. I have never seen u like this.

Aliya: He is the one who i told u na. My love My life purab. Only you know how much i missed him these many years.

Tanu: Ya aliya u told me na. I forgot. This minute iam so happy to see love of our life together.

Aliya takes abhi with her in shy.
Nani: who is that lucky girl purab ?

Purab calls both pragya and bulbul to nani. (PRAGYA REMOVES HER SPECTS) He introduce them to nani. She feels so happy seeing pragya. (abhi will not see nani and pragya talking). Purab and bulbul becomes busy in their talks and nani talks with pragya

Pragya: Dadi you are so king hearted i love u dadi. Will u do me small help.

Nani: Ha beti bolo.

Pragya: Dadi come to our house tommorow i love to spend time with you.

Nani: i love to come and spend time with u and your family.

Pragya: Then purab i order u to bring dadi to our home tommorow.

Purab: (acts like a minister) Watever you say my lord. They all laugh and pragya along with bulbul purab turns back to go just then Abhi comes and see pragya from back.

Abhi: Nani who is she.?
Nani: she is bulbul’s sister. she is so good.
Abhi: Excitedly is she wearing spects ?
Nani: No beta.

Abhi thinks she is not his chasmesh and gets disappointed.


Shaadi rituals start and everyone enjoy the marriage.bride and groom take the 7pheras, and the marriage becomes complete.

Nani, Abhi, Aliya and Tanu greet the couple and comes out.

Purab: Abhi i will also come with u till outside. (listening this aliya smiles in shy)

Abhi walks along with nani, aliya and tanu towards the car but his eyes searching for pragya.

Aliya: OK purab bye i missed u a lot these many days come to home na we will talk for sometime.

Purab: sure aliya i will come. saying this he take nani’s blessing and hugs Abhi.

They are sit in the car, bid goodbye to purab whereas Abhi is lost in his chasmesh love.

Precap: Pragya calls to purab and scolds him for not following her order to bring dadi.

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