Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update Kulfis first day in school.

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lovely says Kulfi its a big day how are you feeling, kulfi says unbelievable, lovely says you just have met principal and you haven’t met other students because they are younger and also you can’t speak English, and you have given second chance so don’t do anything that you will be scolded by principal, Kulfi starts getting nervous. Kulfi and amyra reach school, lovely says Kulfi all the best go ahead Amyra will follow and smile a bit, amyra says mom why are you helping her, lovely says you just go to school and make sure she cones out crying.

Kulfi enters school, nervous thinking about what lovely said, Amyra walks to her, kulfi hugs her and asks where do i go,amyra says that way in your class,kulfi says come with me,amyra says yours is small kids class not mine bye.

kulfi enters class and says oh these are younger than bholi, kulfi gets nervous. Maam enters the class, principal enters and introduces Kulfi. Kulfi isnt allowed by fellow students to share seat so she sits alone.

Kulfi confused,she says maam that she has no papers to make decoration,maam says no worries it’s your first day just join them. Few kids make fun of kulfi. kukfi seed a empty space and says i will paint here as i use to in village.

Sikander cleaning his music room,tevar joins him, Sikander says dont i will manage, Tevar says let me anyways i don’t want to go home,i will be alone there and keep thinking. Kids say look where kulfi drew, Amyra sees kulfi drew Swastik and kalash and says are you fool you aren’t allowed to draw below school logo, kulfi says good such big issue on first day that too, principal sees that, Kulfi says sorry to principal and not to remove her from school, principal asks do you know what you ahve drawn,kulfi says yes and explains, Principal smiles and says very good you reminded us of our culture, well done and asks other kids to join kulfi. Amyra and kulfi get busy making lanterns, both together make an lantern and hug each other.

lovely walks in and sees amyra and kulfi together.Kulfi narrates her experience, lovely gives amyra cold looks and says c’mon we are getting late. Lovely asks Amyra what are you doing why are getting back friends with her,Amyra says mom its very confusing i try getting bad but she does good and i forget, lovely says but what when truth will be out,amyra says mom please no one will tell the truth and now im tired i have no time for this, lovely says okay regret later when your dad will go away and leaves. amyra says will kulfi really separate me and dad.

Sikander praises Amyra says she is so pretty, kulfi and Tevar walk in, Sikander praises her too,amyra asks who is most pretty but me or her, lovely walks to amyra and says off course you,you are the prettiest, Sikander asks how was your first day, kulfi says usual, Tevar narrates, Sikander says very good but why are you upset,kulfi says it wasn’t as i always wanted to be, Sikander says look we need to work hard, even i felt this when i came to Mumbai,like im leaving something back,its new place it will take time. Amyra says dad jewellery, Sikander says lets go.

Amyra and Kulfi have fun while buying payal, kulfi feels bad seeing Tevar spending a lot on her, jeweler asks anything fir maam.

pre cap : Everyone sing dance and celebrate diwali.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. i am so glad that amyra forgot to be mean and enjoyed with Kulfi. She is just a child who needs good friends and the proper guidance of her parents, amyra has lots of goodness in her. But no one should get a mother like lovely. She is forcing her daughter to be mean and insecure. She keeps saying she wants amyra’s happiness but in truth she doesn’t have the heart to know or see when amyra is really happy (with Kulfi.) I hope amyra remains good 🙂 and i also wish Sikander to give a little more attention to amyra, he is a very careless dad as far as amyra is concerned.
    Kulfi looks so cute in her school uniform <3 i hope Tevar stays with her even if he finds out Kulfi is not his daughter. He is the best dad for kulfi

    1. It obvious Sikander cares a lot about Amyra because she is his daughter and he’s supposed to however, he has a stronger unknown connection with Kulfi a relationship of the heart. Kulfi is his blood but he does not know this, yet he is always drawn to her. You cannot for force real love. It comes naturally! skikandar always has to try with with Amyra and that is force, an unnatural fit. He only feels a duty towards Amyra but he truly loves Kulfi. The writers has been trying to show this to us for a very long time. Blood always tell. Look at Amyra when she’s with Tevar…….she would have been so happy with her real father only if her evil mother allowed it.

      1. i am sorry but i dont support this view. I know this theme is shown in many serials where biological children have a ‘deeper connection’ with their father/mother despite never meeting them before, and choosing them over their present father figure. (kummkum bhagya and kasam both showed the children being more attached to their real father instead of the one who were with them since their birth). But i think this is pretty insulting to parents/children who are brought up in adoptive households. Blood is not the only criteria for forming attachments or bonding. Sometimes we form even stronger bonds outside our families.
        Take Tevar and Kulfi for example. Tevar loves Kulfi and is even inspired by her goodness to change himself because Kulfi inherently is a good person. He loves her and takes care of all her needs and desires happily although she is not his biological daughter. Kulfi wants to know her real father, but she is not in any way faking the affection she has for Tevar and still calls him ‘baba’ from heart.
        As for Sikander and Amyra’s relationship, I am not saying Sikander doesnt love amyra. Sikander only recently came to know that amyra is not his own daughter, still he chose not to say anything to Amyra/Tevar for amyra’s happiness. I am only saying Sikander is careless towards her. He is with amyra from birth but still doesn’t really know her and is negligent towards her. there are numerous times when amyra has questioned him ‘when were you during my school admission?’ ‘when were you when i needed you?’ Isn’t it Sikander’s responsibility to make sure amyra doesnt feel umwanted? I agree Amyra isn’t ‘completely good’ but wasn’t it Sikander’s responsibility to take care of the values amyra was learning? Lovely keeps filling amyra’s mind with poison, even now she is doing the same. But why doesn’t sikander sit with amyra and talk about her feelings? or try to teach her good? He always thought Amyra is his own daughter. to say that he never felt any connection with her and was ‘forcing’ himself to be with her just makes him even more pathetic in my eyes.
        all this is my opinion and i dont want to insult you or prove you wrong. i am just saying how i feel. I dont like Sikander actually, he couldn’t remain loyal to nimrat, he was negligent towards Amyra and he let Kulfi’s talent be exploited by Lovely/Amyra. It was Tevar who came forward and showed Kulfi’s talent on stage while Sikander had simply given up and said i cant do anything. Every time he lets circumstances rule over what he knows he should do, and then he cries. What good is that?

  2. I’m glad to amyra n kulfi together again n this time lovely should learn her lesson

  3. Really glad the friendship between Kulfi and Amyra is blossoming naturally. Without Lovely ‘s interference Amyra is finding her own way.
    Yes I do like Tevar’s relationship with Kulfi, so loving and unconditional. Let him remain her father.

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Children are so honest hold no grudges … that’s why they are considered as miracles 😍 that is, until they reach puberty 😂

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