Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update Gunjan meets with an accident.

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Amyra asks Sikander to promise him, kulfi wipl never come to their house, Sikander says what kind of condition is thos Kulfi has no one, Amyra says she has her dad now, Sikander says look when you were scared you went ro your grannies place what if Kulfi has to, Amyra says whats my fault why do my family has to be hers,you just saysl yes or no,Bebe says yes i promise a d Sikander can’t you do this for your daughter.

Tevar very angry, Master asks whats wrong,Kulfi walks to Tevar hands him a stick and says hit me I did wrong by lying to you i should have been with you I’m sorry,Tevar says when you knew it was wrong why did you lie, didnt you want me to win,Kulfi says no i wanted Sikander to win for Amyra, because if he would win Amyra would go home and she will be happy and

so will be i with you,Tevar very happy to hear Kulfi is happy with him. Sikander says if this is what everyone wants i promise and hugs Amyra.

Tevar and Kulfi in lawn and others dancing to entertain her, Sikander im balcony watching them,Tevar starts dancing to cheer Kulfi and she joins too, Sikander smiles seeing Kulfi happy. Mohendar says to Lovely i don’t know what you told tevar but truth won’t change Kulfi is Sikanders daughter and nothing can change that, and once this truth is out you will be ashamed, Gunjan hears them talk, Lovely says how will the truth be out only you me and bebe knows the turth so just keep mum,Gunjan in shock.

Kulfi walks to Sikanders house with sweets Amyra stops her and asks why are you back here now dont you understand stay away,Kulfi says i got sweets Sikander sir won so,Amyra says we dont need anything, Sikander hiding and watching,Amyra pushes Kulfi, Sikander rushes for help, Amyra angry and about to leave Sikander shouts Kulfi dont you know iys bad manners to enter someones house without invitation, Kulfi says but you said i can come anytime,He says its me saying now you cant,Kulfi says look at me and say you mean all of these words, Sikander says i dont want to give any explanation, Kulfi says but why are you behaving this way, Sikander says because you aren’t my daughter.

Kulfi feels bad and runs away,Amyra very happy goes and hugs Sikander and says i love you. Gunjan walk’s in and says Mohendar is so right this truth wont be hidden Kulfi wont face injustice, I’m going and telling the truth right away, Lovely hokds her hand tight and doesnt let her go,both get into argument,in the heat,Gunjans head bangs the table.

Tevar asks Kulfi where was she,he got her kulfis to have,he sees she is crying and asks whats wrong and hugs her. Lovely checks on gunjan and gets scared and calls for helo,mohendar in shock and everyone rushes, Sikander calls doctor.

Pre cap : Tevar asks Kulfi why did you go, Kulfi says to give prasad, Tevar says i wont forgive those people they insulted my daughter, they will have to pay for it.
Mohendar says to Lovely you raised hand on my wife and so you will repay Kulfi will come back and calls Sikander

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I think she will tel the truth before she died

  2. Don’t know how someone can b dis wicked lovely is so bad how many people will she have to kill to keep her secret

  3. Mr Writer its so rude to have that Amayra behave so rudely. Its not a good signal for other kids watching. Remember this is shown worldwide and we all love Kulfi

  4. King Solomon

    We should have episode where Sikander and Tevar are fighting over who is father of Kulfi.

    Wiseman (or Wisewoman) shall say, split Kulfi in half.

    Non-father says, yes, split Kulfi.

    Only the real father will say no, don’t split Kulfi, let the non-father keep Kulfi


  5. Amyra’s character is truly despicable. She is actually sadistic, taking pleasure in Kulfi’s pain. Why does everyone bend to her? She is not corrected but indulged. Really needs to be taught better values.
    In spite of the precap, still think Sikander will not know the truth.

  6. sadistic Amyra, foolish Sikander…bending down to her and attending to his every whim….Whatever happend to him saying he stands for everything right??!!

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