Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulfi humiliated

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Amyra on conference call with friends inviting for success party,she sees Sikander and Keeps the call,Sikander walks to her and says my princess,amyra says no I’m not,Sikander says my daughter will always be my little princess even after last night,amyra says princess is one who has crown,and diamonds,Sikander thinks you have nothing to do with last night but worried about crown.

Sikander says amyra close your eyes I will be back and says now open your eyes,amyra says where’s the gift,Sikander acts as if he is unwrapping a gift,and it has a crown and puts on amyras head,amyra says where’s my real gift,Sikander says but you broke my promise what will I do,amyra says mom,Sikander says look princess you made a mistake and if you do it again you will make a huge mistake you have to say

no to mom and all this sucesss and appreciation is that kids he has such beautiful voice,kulfi hears Sikander praising her voice and very happy and leaves,Sikander says amyra will u like if I steal your things,amyra says no,Sikander says then why this party and when truth will be out all will leave you and you will be alone.

Sikander says I spoke to amyra and now it’s time to talk to rk,kulfi smells fragrance and says it’s goona be fun in today’s party,she sees left and asks what are you spraying,he says it’s room freshner,amyra says kulfi I need to talk to you,kulfi says yes,amyra says I hope you are not upset that I stole your voice,kulfi says first I did but not now,amyra says sure,don’t cry after my success party,kulfi says I’m so happy for you and I’m happy that people loved my song and Sikander sir too,amyra says enough I’m done talking and thinks mom is right dad knows nothing and now i will enjoy party and dirty boy don’t play here I will enjoy here with my friends.jonny barks at amyra,amyra says kulfi keep jonny with you my friends are afraid of him and gets a call and leaves.

Lovely having desserts and says Sikander is so unbelievable and how dare he speak like that,cutie says lovely I told you not to mess Sikanders affair was trump card and you lost it,lovely says amyra is trump card,and what mistake I did I heard dad and Married Sikander and now my life is a mess,cutie says oh please you weren’t forced,lovely says you people don’t make me forget things enough of the taunts,cutie says apologies and stop it,cutie says Sikander won’t be quite and where is he,lovely says I don’t know.

Lovely says frankly I don’t want to know,and as always he must be thinking of ruining my life,how he will stop contract,oh shit he must have gone to visit rk.

Sikander at rk office and says I would like to see rk,he is asked to wait for 10 minutes,rk takes time,Sikander keeps asking how long will it take,Sikander says he won’t be available today,Sikander says I know you are lying let me contact him,and finds phone is switched off,Sikander leaves in anger.

Lovely says mom situation is managed I called rk and asked him not to meet Sikander as he is there to stop contract,he isn’t happy about amyra singing and thinks she isn’t ready yet,cutie says lovely how many lies,you can’t stop Sikander everyday and is this how you will launch amyra,lovely says mom enough I’m already stressed,do you ever listen to me,cutie says do you listen to me,I have told you so many times call me cutie and not momLovely gets worried for the future. She doesn’t want the secret to come out. Amyra enjoys with her friends in her success party, while Kulfi enjoys dancing with Johny. Kulfi runs after Johny and enters the party. She meets Amyra’s friends and gets humiliated. Kulfi gets scolding by Amyra. Amyra gets panicking when her friends ask her to sing. Kulfi gets heartbroken and decides to leave Sikandar’s house.

Precap none

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    O god johny is the cutest thing abt the show…he stole the show today..the way he was dancing and talking to kulfi!!!…chooo cuuuuteee?????

    1. But show is nonsense

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