Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update : Kulfi tries convincing Principal.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Principal scolds Tevar and Sikander and blamed them for cheating, tevar defends her and says asks her to please stay in limits, and says i know amyra and her friends have troubled her before as well, principle asks tevar to not blame her students to protect kulfi and leave with kulfi she will get no admission here, kulfi says im apologies and says i havent cheated i want to study,principal yells at them and asks them to leave.

Mohendar says let me talk to Sikander, lovely says why will he deny for treatment but with this face of yours he will find something fishy, mohendar says but leaving him alone, lovely says he isnt alone and im with him and anything for amyra and her dad now leave.

Tevar complains to Sikander, Sikander says calm down please,Tevar says how will i,my daughter

has worked so hard,kulfi walks away, Sikander and Tevar start looking for her. lovely sees miscalls and calls her back,amyra tells her plan worked,kulfi walks to amyra in tears and says dont be happy i failed,Amyra thinks thank god she heard nothing,and asks what happened,kulfi explains, amyra says why didnt you defend yourself, kulfi says i did but maam didnt hear us,and scolded everyone, amyra says no worries we will find other school,kulfi says but baba and Sikander sir they are let down,kulfi starts thinking about chiroli,amyra asks where are you lost,kulfi runs away and goes to principals office and pleads to her, principal throws her out.

Kulfi starts singing explaining her situation, Amyra tevar and Sikander walk to her, slowly other student’s abd teachers gather.Tevar and Sikander get emotional, Kulfi has all the insults on her mind, while singing, kulfi starts using English words in her song, she pleads the peon to let her in. Tevar gets on knees along witg kulfi, principal opens the door, she says this will be your last chance and any mistake and you wont be heard, you will have to walk away.Amyra gets upset.

principal takes kulfi in,Amyra thinks god what is this. Principal starts the test.Tevar and Sikander paniced stand out, tevar says of kulfi won’t be admitted even amyra will be upset,amyra thinks she isnt my friend instead she is my dads daughter and so i want her to stay away from my dad as my mom said.

Kulfi walks out, Tevar says let this school go to hell,i will admit you in another school,dont be upset, Kulfi starts laughing, and says i am part of this school now, Tevar and Sikander start dancing in joy, Amyra feels bad. Principal walks out and says she is very smart, Tevar apologies for his behaviour, Amyra thinks about warning given by lovely and Sikander will go awya from her,happy Kulfi goes to amyra and thanks her and gives big hug.

. pre cap: Sikander says lets party, kulfi says no we have to go chiroli. lovely asks Sikander to stop them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Worst serial it should be stopped

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      why would you say that dear ??

      Kulfi is a very brave child, left at an early age with memories of only good things told by her mother … this subject is truly touching πŸ™Œ i watch from the Caribbean and support this serial πŸ’―πŸ’―

  2. though i was pissed by the principal’s behavior, am glad Kulfi got her admission. She would have been very disheartened otherwise. I still wish Amyra becomes positive again. Sikander is not helping matters either. He knows amyra is upset over something and is crying and hugging him and questioning him why he didn’t use to accompany her as well… But Sikander is always more concerned with Kulfi than Amyra.
    Nice game lovely is playing. She didn’t allow anyone else to talk to Amyra. She is also forcing Sikander to go after Tevar and Kulfi at all times, while behind their back she is poisoning amyra’s mind that look your father is more interested in Kulfi than you. One day amyra will know she is Tevar’s daughter and that her mother always knew it. I hope amyra starts hating her mother then.

    1. Yes very well said

  3. Plz phir se amayra ko +ve role mein le AAo. Lovely ko khatam kro with tevar. Main leap ka hi wait kr rhi hoon pta nhi KB tk aaega. Mariam khan mein KB ka aa gya lekin isme makers ko pta nhi kya problem hai. I want kulfi to grow as a modern day trendy girl with same virtues. And also amyra and kulfi’s bond should be stronger than ever coz of amyra’s hatred for lovely.

  4. Still think the friendship between Kulfi and Amyra can be restored. Amyra did recognize Kulfi’s goodness previously. Time will tell.
    Sure some obstacle will prevent Kulfi from going to Chiroli . ……as is always the case, and even if she goes nothing definite will be revealed…………as usual…….

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I think this serial should remain as is, please, no leaps and bounds … else you will ruin this amazing story πŸ˜πŸ’ž

    Sikander is such an awesome dad … folks, u hv to remember it was Kulfi who brought him back to his senses … she is sooo adorable 😍

    1. Sikander is a pathetic dad who never controls her bully daughter.

  6. Lovely is so pretty and cute, Sikander is lucky to have an independant, woman like Lovely

    1. ???

      Are you alright?

    2. Jalvyndradrindra

      Yeah, are you alright? Lovely is fat, ugly and evil, how can you like her? She’s like the devil but much more fatter.

  7. I’m so so sorry, I’ve let you down

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