Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update Sikander sees kulfi

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Kulfi says of someone sees me,they will inform security and then he will hit me,kulfi goes hide Beneath a trolly,she sees Sikander but doesn’t recognise him and says may be he is the king of this palace.the trolley is dragged to amyras room,kulfi sees Amyra walk and finds her footwear weird and laughs.amyra hears it but ignores.

Kulfi gets out of trolly and hides behind the chairs.amyra joins everyone for breakfast,Amyra asks what book is this,Sikander says its your gift,Amyra says I remember dadi gifting this as well,Sikander says this all the songs your uncle taught me,you know it’s easy to be a superstar and this diary and your uncle made the star I am now,and I want to teach you all that I have learnt,Amyra says let me post on Internet,Sikander says later firsts remember this is

a treasure and you guard it with your life this is very close to me never loose this.

Kulfi to Jonny says that bag has my mothers memories,I hope you understand now please give me my bag please,Jonny runs away and kulfi follows.

Lovely drops her lenses,kulfi enters her room but gets scared,lovely mistakes her to be Amyra and says baby give me blue cap bottle,Jonny pushes it ahead,kulfi hands it to her and runs away and hides behind windows.

Kulfi very hungry,kulfi again sees the fancy footwear and says why does everyone wear such footwear here and gif I’m so hungry,Jonny goes to dining and gets toast from Amyra,kulfi prays god please give me food,Jonny walks to kulfi,kulfi says thank you and shares it with Jonny and says you must be hungry too.

Jonny goes back to amyra,and gets another toast and leaves.sikander says Amyra how quickly get ready then we will practice,lovely walks to amyra says let’s have breakfast,Amyra says I’m done and will get ready then practice with dada,lovely says don’t forget you have dance classes in an hour.

Kulfi looking for her bag in amyras room,she enters her wardrobe and is awe with her dresses,kulfi says Jonny please return my bag,kulfi hears footsteps and hides.sikander and Amyra enter the room.
Sikander says Amyra first always take blessings of this book,kulfi says enough I can’t hide anymore I will go tell everyone and hears Sikander sing.
Kulfi says this voice is similar to sikander gill.

Kulfi starts acquiring the knowledge and Amyra starts getting bored,Sikander In tears while singing,kulfi says why did he stop,Sikander says now amyra learn all the lyrics and then we shall sing together and leaves,kulfi sees Amyra and says she looks my age may be she will understand my pain let me talk to her.

Amyra in bath tub clicking selfie with book,she spills water over it while playing,kulfi sees that and runs to her saying oh no look at that,Amyra gets scared and drops the book inside the tub,Sikander calls Amyra,amyra says oh no dada,kulfi says don’t worry I will help you and bends to get the book but Amyra pushes her,Sikander rushes and asks what’s wrong,he sees the pages all wet and says oh what did you do,kulfi gets out of the tub and Sikander gets scared.

Kulfi gets out of the tub and walks to Sikander shivering,Amyra says she tore the book and threw in the tub,Sikander jumps in tub and says my songs ,kulfi gets in with him,Sikander looks at her in anger and asks who are you and how did you enter my house.

Pre cap: everyone scolding kulfi,lovely says no calling watchmen,call police right away.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Mellu

    this Amyra is same like her mom , finally they both came face to face but the consequences were really bad, looking forward for the coming episodes

  2. Yes you are right she is same like her mom thats why she pushed kulfi

  3. that scene was so cute when jonny bring toatst from dining table to give to kulfi when she was hungry

  4. can anyone search 2 nd may episode song , sing by Sikandar

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