Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 2nd July 2018 Written Episode Update : Kulfis recording.

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Lovely shows Kulfi her mother’s locket and then snatches it away from her. Kulfi sees that Lovely has many of her mother’s belongings and gets very happy. Kulfi tries to take the things but Lovely says she will not give the things to her so easily. Lovely tell Kulfi that she loves Amayra a lot and will do anything for her happiness. Lovely tells Kulfi that she can either get her mother’s belongings or she can sing at the radio station. Lovely asks Kulfi to make her decision soon. Kulfi wakes up next morning and tells the dog that she is unhappy as she is in a big dilemma. Kulfi says that if she sings today then Amayra will be very unhappy. Mohender and his mother come there. Mohender gives blessings to Kulfi. Mohender tell Kulfi that he will become a big singer. Kulfi says he does not want

to become a big singer. Kulfi says that she does not want to break Amayra’s heart. Dadi says that she should not worry about Amayra as everything will be alright.

Kulfi in dilemma at radio station

Sikandar comes to Amayra’s room while she is asleep. Sikandar tries to wake up Amayra. Amayra wakes up and angrily asks Sikandar to go away. Amayra runs out of the room and looks at Kulfi angrily. Lovey and her parents stand by Amayra and Sikandar’s family stand by Kulfi. Sikandar comes there and is in a dilemma looking at the two sides. Kulfi cries and pleads to Sikandar. Sikandar blesses Amayra but grabs Kulfi’s hand and leaves. Amayra, Lovely and her parents get angry. Sikandar and Kulfi are in the lift and Sikandar tells Kulfi that whatever he is doing is for Amayra’s wellbeing and she will forget the pain soon. Kulfi thinks that children never forget such things. Sikandar and Kulfi reach the radio station and Sikandar gives Kulfi a pep talk. Sikandar asks Kulfi to make most of his opportunity. The producer meets Kulfi. Kulfi is tensed and thinks to stop her recording. Kulfi tells Sikandar that he wants to talk to him and takes him aside. Kulfi gives Sikandar a blade and asks Sikandar to cut his finger as guru dakshina but he will not sing. Kulfi says that his mother told him the story to Eklavya. Sikandar laughs and tells Kulfi that he does not need to give such a big sacrifice. Sikandar asks Kulfi to sing without taking any tension. Kulfi is taken in the recording room and he is in a big dilemma.

Precap: Lovely threatens Kulfi to never give her mother’s belongings. Lovely asks Kulfi to record a song for Amayra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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