Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update Amyra and Kulfi get emotional.

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Kulfi shares her sorrow with Amyra as they secretly meet discuss how Sikander and Lovely miss each other but are not ready to reconcile out of their egos.

Kulfi does not want Sikandar and Lovely to get divorced. She has seen her mother in pain and missing Sikander, she doesnot want Amyra to go through the same pain. She shares with Amyra how people used to insult Nimrat in the village and questioned her about Sikandar. Kulfi knows Amyra’s childhood will be destroyed if her parents get separated.

Amyra consoles Kulfi. Sikandar sees Amyra and Kulfi hugging and sharing a sisterly moment. He gets happy seeing them together. He wanted them to understand each other. He feels Lord has finally heard his prayers. Amyra sees Sikandar and starts fighting with Kulfi to fool him. She doesn’t want Sikandar and Lovely to know about their friendship and planning. Sikandar scolds them for not thinking of others and fighting. Amyra tells the same thing to him, since he isn’t understanding how his divorce decision is affecting her.

Kulfi pretends the fight to trick Sikandar. Kulfi and Amyra meet in the school and discuss their new plans. They both get angry when the boy speaks against Sikandar and Lovely. They get into an argument with the boy and show their unity. Kulfi and Amyra get Sikandar and Lovely for the practice and give them the changed script. They lie that that the pricipal has given a new script to practice. They tell them to enact well, since they are playing the lovers who can never get separated.

Gunjan and Tony get the walkie talkie and try to find out how Amyra and Kulfi are communicating and why. Gunjan find sout Kulfi was lying to her, and is trying to unite Sikandar and Lovely with the help of Amyra. She tells the family about Amyra and Kulfi’s plan. Mahendar tgets happy to know that Sikandar is patching up with Lovely. He tells Gunjan not to interfere in the matter. Bebe also supports him. Sikandar and Lovely try to rehearse the lines and fail to properly voice out. Amyra feels her plan is failing. Gunjan sees them together and questions them about their plan.

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  1. Kulfi knows what it is to be a single parent,she saw what her mother went through the taunting and humiliation from persons. So she will help Amyra in saving her parents marriage. I like the little fights they were pretending to have so that no one suspect them of wanting to unite Sikander and Lovely.

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