Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update Mahinder meets setu

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bholi says im her daughter,im not kulfi,kulfi didi ran away because ma tried selling her,mahinder tries to confront but nihalo shouts and gathers people and says he is trying to steal my kids seeing me alone,mahinder says she is lying but no one listens so leaves.

sikander and ustad began to sing,amyra recording,lovely prays god to not unite mahinder with Sikanders love child,mahinder in dargah prays for Sikander.kulfi in tears, Sikander prays god i have done wrong to nimrat but don’t let the kid face hardship let us unite,kulfi walks to sikander wipes his tears and joins them sing, Sikander smiles,amyra gets nervous,amyra starts crying.

setu collapses in dargha mahinder holds him.all appluad, kulfi hugs Sikande,amyra jealous,ustad hugs kulfi and asks her sit beside him and

says you have brigther future i can just salute your talent,may god bless you with whatever you wish,ustad says Sikander now i know why is that pain and truth back in your voice,now i shall take leave.sikander and kulfi take blessing,ustad says i heard amyras concert and this boys voice too,god is always with deserving i hope you support the deserving one.

setu crying,mahinder says god cures everything,setu says when my sister nimrat was alive,all was good,she faced so many hardships,first her husband left her when she was pregnant then my wife troubled them, mahinder says talk out at times Stangers help you,setu tells the whole story,mahinder asks who is her dad,setu says he is fanous singer in mumbai,he has everything except heart,he fooled my Nimrat and married someone else abf and has a daughter too,mahinder asks name,setu says my nimrat wouldn’t like me doing so,she didn’t even kulfi let know about her dad, mahinder says what kulfi,setu says yes her daughter.

kulfi says eid Mubarak ma,first festival without you,i celebrated but,im not liking this, Sikander walks in and says loneliness, kulfi says how you know, Sikander says you said our hearts have met right,so i know it,both in tears,kulfi says I’m sad beacause im missing ma,who are you missing, Sikander has nimrat on his mind,kulfi says then miss that person happily not sadly, Sikander says how did you get it.

mahinder says kulfi is girl,setu says yes she is, I lost her in train in mumbai,i thought i will go see her father and ask for help but i saw his family then i thought i will never tell him,mahinder says any picture of kulfi,setu saysunfortunately i dont,kulfi says meet my mother and points at the star, Sikander says she is pretty.

mahinder says does she know about her father,setu says no,but she is very good singer she has that thing.mahinder thinks the kulfi in our house and this kulfi is there any connection.
pre cap: kulfi gets scared seeing ghost.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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