Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update Sikander finds the truth.

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Sikander walks to kulfi and asks liked it,Kulfi says yes it’s like a blessing from you and lord,Sikander says did you prepare for tonight,Kulfi says yes Tevar sir told me about it and brought new clothes for me too,Sikander says go get them and show me,Kulfi says ok and leaves, Sikander steals diary in mean while,Kulfi walks in and asks which one did you like Sikander says you will look pretty in everything now I should leave.

Sikander in pandal and prays to lord and says now you show me Tevar truth,he looks at the wallet,which has his and Kulfis picture,he gets a message which has Tevars old pic,Sikander compares the photo, and says this picture is current and not old so someone is lying.

Kulfi excited for Aarti,Tevar and kulfi leave for pandal. Sikander says Tevar is a

liar,Amyra hugs Sikander and says you are so on time,I was about to call you let’s go for aarti,Sikander says one minute,Lovely asks all ok,Bebe says all work after aarti,Sikander looks in anger at Tevar while aarti,Kulfi starts singing aarti.Amyra sees Sikander looking at kulfi and asks him to focus,Sikander leaves pandal after aarti finishes. Tevar gives kulfi modak and says bapa loves modak it’s his favourite and tells her importance.Kulfi says may I try,Tevar gives her one and she relishes it and says I loved it too,one more please,Tevar says the whole plate is yours, Amyra jealous seeing Tevar and kulfi,her friends say why be jealous now she is tevars daughter,Amyra says that won’t change things and if you want to be friends with me not a word good for her.lovely says mom I’m so tensed, cutie says just don’t take Mohendar lightly,Amyra walks to them and asks where’s dad.

Sikander stops kulfi and Tevar and says we should talk Tevar says go meet Bebe,Kulfi goes to bebe and wishes her and hugs her, Kulfi asks where’s uncle aunty,uncle loves ganeshji so where is he,lovely walks and says bhabhi fell down, she is hospitalised but don’t worry,Kulfi says why shouldn’t I.

Sikander attacks Tevar and says you cheated on us,Tevar says what’s wrong. Kulfi gives modak to lord and says take all my modak and cure my aunty,and starts crying,Bebe says you still care for us unlike us,Sikander says diary locket all is a lie. Tevar says I should have understood you are just a fake, Sikander says nothing of the things match,Tevar says I never mentioned diary nor locket and also I was ready for DNA,and we should stop fighting for my Kulfi,and you say you love Kulfi but for your daughter you used my Kulfi we all know,so you are the wrong one not me.

Competition are organised for Ganesh utsav,Kulfi very excited.Tevar says I was quite and what proof you have one day you say she is my daughter and other da you say she isn’t what’s wrong with you. Amyra says to kulfi stop being so excited,and this trophy was always mine and just because you are tevars daughter things won’t change. Sikander says to Tevar by visarjan I will give you proofs and kulfi will be back with me.

Pre cap: Sikander shows to lovely that everything the diary and locket all is lie and I will get kulfi back home. Tevar helps kulfi practice for competition.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I am happy to see Tevar treating Kulfi so nice and why the heck is Amayra getting jealous???l She wanted Sikander all to herself she got his undivided attention what now??? Sikander needs to know the truth also Tevar and this Lovely is so selfish stew.

  2. If ever there is a leap, I think Amaira’s friend may fall for kulfi

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