Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update : Tevar sees Kulfi sing.

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Kulfi walks to organiser dressed in Parvati outfit,he says go on stage and sing song, Kulfi looks at the footprint of Sikander and takes blessings,Kulfi begins her performance,Tevar stops to find who it is.Dadi says to Mahindee ddoesnt this voice similar to Kulfi,Gunjan says yes and he is a boy but has a voice of girl,but why you look so uneasy,Dadi says Kulfi gave her voice to Amyra,and thinks i can never tell Sikander the truth god do something that Sikander gets her dad and Lovelys family doesn’t break too.

Tevar sees Kulfi sing, all cheer for Kulfis song,Tevar says what a voice whoes daughter is she.Mahider and Sikander discussing how peaceful os Kulfis voice, Sikander says how does it reach the heart, Mahinder says because of truth we elders as we grow we learn to leave with

the lies, we dont have daring to tell truth, this heart has no softness left,that poor cchilds voice doesn’t reach there and starts crying, Sikander says tell me whats wrong, Mahinder says just some past thing.

Tevar says marvelous kid. Organiser give Kulfi money she says i just want 100₹, organiser says so sweet tele what you want,Kulfi says nothing for me just that Lovely maam and her family stays happy, Organiser says tell me her full name,Kulfi tells Lovely Sikander Gill,he announces on mic and Tevar stops hearing it.

Tevar looks at Kulfi and says your dad is here for you,Master asks why did you say that what pain is that ddweling inside you,who gave you and what is it ,Tevar says with great difficulty i have hidden this truth dont ping it or else and starts laughing,Master says one day the truth will be out and leaves.

Kulfi with her 100₹ note and very happy and says if Ma had them she would buy so many things for me,she always did,she never bought anything for herself always for me and if i knew,when her birthday was even i would buy gift for her,and is in tears,and dreams i would go to room when ma would go to farms and decorate the room,and would buy kites too first use for decoration and then play with it,would make pakoda and papad and cream biscuit and motichor ladoo,and buy bangles for her too of different colours.Kulfi dreams of getting Nimrat in room blindfolded,and surprise her,Nimrat after seeing decoration hug kids,Nihalo and setu walk in,Setu playing dhol and Nihalo dancing all join her,jonny bark,Kulfi says it would be so fun but i dont have my baba and it would be fun if he was there too and dreams of her father walking in with bouquet, Kulfi waiting to see who it is, but opens her eyes and says if i had money i would celebrate moms birthday but for now llets celebrate Lovely ma’am birthday.

Pre cap: Kulfi says Amyra look i got money,Amyra says we dont need just leave out,Kulfi say ok will see you directly at party now,Amyra gets angry and asks Rohan to keep her away from the party,

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Amyra is so mean she needs to cut that crap out now before it’s too late. Love Kulfi as usual.

  2. Tevar will pretend to be Kulfi father assuming kulfi is his daughter and Amyra get jealous again and won’t let kulfi go ehhhh I will stop watching this show if they won’t give any justice to kulfi it’s like if u bad and manipulate u can achieve thing that’s what they teaching viewers well done star plus

  3. Tevar is amyra father he believes that sikander stole lovely from him, and the seccess sikander has blongs to him can’t wait to see see lovely fall, love kulfi

    1. Mona146

      how can someone steal lovely when it is not possible to lift or hide her.

      1. Mona146

        well sorry if sb felt bad for my words

  4. Losing interest of the show. So much of injustice and negatively towards kulfi by children among similar age and none of the elders are noticing nothing. Is This show was about the bond between father and daughter or hate between young [email protected]

  5. Wow so amyra turns out to be tevars daughter lovely and Tevar.thats why lovely looks so anxious hearing the name Tevar

  6. Lovely wants to put her damn sin on Sikander the blo*dy low life,she had her fair share of flings in her nasty life and now wants Sikander to pay for her sins what a joke. No more dragging puhleesee expose her and let Sikander finds out the truth about Kulfi being his daughter. And kick her ass out on the curb she has done many mean things to poor Kulfi let it be payback time now my opinion right!!!

    1. Mona146

      for godsake how can tevar and sikander love lovely who is not at all lovely in anyway.

  7. Why kulfi not invited by sikandar to attend party as he was willing to sing together

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