Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update Mahinder in Pathankot

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kulfi says its my fault nanu,aamyra is being scolded because of me, kulfi sees mango and says oh gold,nanu says its mango, kulfi says i always have smelled mangoes never eaten them,nanu says Amyra and Sikander sir loves mangoes.

nihalo forcing her kids to sing,and says couldn’t you learn some singing from kulfi, Mahinder walks in,and asks hello do you know nimrat,nihalo asks who are you.
lovely remembers cutie’s words that Sikander will never forget his love child.lovely gets to know Mahinder is out of town.

nihalo says she is dead,and you tell me what else you want,mahinder says her daughter,nihalo says yes what so.lovely breaks a glass and says bhabhi all the men in this house tells us nothing, Sikander hide about Nimrat and now even mahinder bhaiya left without

informing god i can’t handle and leaves.

nihalo asks why you want details.gunjan calls mahinder, lovely hiding and listening,gunjan says just tell me where you are, Mahinder says calm down im in pathankot, lovely thinks god this means Sikander sent him.sikandercall’s Mahinder and asks any news, Mahinder says I will make you a call.

amyra deciding what nail paint she will apply. amyra and Sikander gets to dining and see amras, Amyra thinks dad this for me, Sikander thinks amyra did this for me,kulfi and Johnny hiding and watching.amyra and sikander relish on amras.

mahinder says I would like to see nimrats daughter,nihalo thinks maybe he is money man,and says you want her to sing right, Mahinder says yes tell me,nihalo says I will need money lot of money,mahinder hands her money and says I would like to see her,nihalo says she is out with her mama,mahinder says im staying near station send her there.

sikander says are you still upset,aamyra says obviously you scold me because of dirty boy, Sikander says i scold you for mistakes and want you to be right,amyra says I can’t be always wrong,sikander says with Johnny your behaviour,amyra says agreed i won’t do it again,sikander hugs her and says I missed my princess.kulfi smiles seeing them patch up.
nihalo finding her kids, they busy plucking mangoes,nihalo says bholi whats your name,she says bholi,nihalo says no its kulfi.sikander says amyra i will teach you and you will not need anyones voice to cover up,amyra says really,sikander says yes now go to music room and call kulfi too,amyra says why him im there you gonna teach me.sikander says we need to give him chance too,amyra says but he knows to sing,sikander says we just help him practice,you have dada but he has no one, Amyra says but i hate him, Sikander says may be because he sings better than you,amyra says may be.

nihalo forces bholi and asks her to act as kulfi.sikander tells amyra how he had to face hardships and always out paced them,and says so amyra jealousy and hatred is not good,you have to think of bettering yourself,amyra says okay let me go call kulfi.sikander says if amyra can hate kulfi for his singing what will she do when she will see her sister.

pre cap: sikander shouts and asks who changed my alcohol with jeera water, kulfi says i did because I don’t want god to punish me,sikander says no one dare talk to me like this, kulfi says what your mom never scolded you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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