KULDHARA by soumya and lasya (episode 04)

4th episode

The episode starts with everyone coming downstairs after freshening up
to have breakfast. Karthik and naira were still lost thinking about
night’s incidence but came back in reality by mishti’s voice.
“Good morning everyone” Mishti shouted.
Everyone replied except karthik who was still lost.
“What happened karthik?” Ranveer asked

“Nothing” he replied
“So you are still dreaming” Naksh said and all laughed except kaira as
they knew what had happened.
“Maybe he is still dreaming about naira” Yash joked and they continue laughing
“Stop teasing my brother now” Rose helped him out
Suddenly they heard keerti shouting at terrace. They all ran to terrace.

“Keerti are you fine, what happened?” All asked but she was numb just
she showed at down by her hand.
All look down on the floor they found many birds died there. (I hope
you all know what does it means)

Rose and Ananya hold their husbands hands and Naksh goes to keerti and
hugs him. Kaira Hugs Mishti to console her.
Then they started to go down, all were passed from the terrace door
except Naira.
When she was going the terrace door locks she left alone in the terrace.
All were shouting and were trying to open or break the door from other side.
Here naira was also trying hard to open the door but all the handwork
were going to drain.
She was crying and shouting for help and in other side mishti, keerti,
ananya and rose were crying too.
Karthik, naksh, ranveer and yash were trying to unlock naira.
They all were hell worried.

At last door opens up automatically; all enters and found naira on floor.
Karthik took naira downstairs in his arm as she was fainted.
Karishma came running from her room to hall were other members were
sitting and missing children.
“What happened karishma?” Akshara asked worriedly seeing her in this state.
All members came to her and asked same thing.
After breathing normally karishma speaks.
“They have not went to Shimla” She told everyone
“Not Shimla than where?” Naitik asked
Karishma was not replying

“Say Karishma not just stands here quit” Bhabima asked angrily
Karishma shows them her phone.
They see the snap story in instagram uploaded by mishti before
entering the kuldhara mansion.
Everyone was angry as well as worried for them.
“The village is haunted we have to call them back as soon as possible”
Bhabima said.

Everyone tried to call them but their phones were unreachable.
“Now what we will do?” Karishma asked
“I don’t know they should have told us they are becoming very
irresponsible” Naitik said fuming in anger
“There is only one way” Akshara said
“What?” Everyone asked
“We have to go there” She replied.

With some discussion Akshara and Naitik will go finalized. They pack their bags.
As they didn’t got tickets for bus. They thought to leave in car which
will take three days to reach Kuldhara.



  1. Rahul96


    |Registered Member

    Awesome , now Naitik and Akshara !!!
    Somu ( Soumya ) dont scare innocent people , I know it was you who killed all the birds !! 😋😋😋😋😋

  2. Orchid


    |Registered Member

    Wow somu di awesome update yaar love it. Incidents are getting scary day by day good for my cock heart(joking hahaha😂😂😂) btw when I was reading the ff I saw someone in my window and I got hell scared but later know that it was my cousin. I was like dying in that situation. But love the update. Post asap. Love u😘😘😘

  3. Christie123


    |Registered Member

    Dekha tune mujhe itniiiiii interesting epi ka link nahi bheja but i love u thays why maine itni mehnat se khud akar parhi.and god! Tu apni wroting se meri jaan legi.its tooooooo awesome.

    • Soumya85



      Thank you so much meher sayad mai link send karna bhul gayi😅par fir bhi tu padhi mehenat karke wah…Love u 😘😘😘😘😘😘

      • Christie123


        |Registered Member

        Phirse thanks yaar isbar chodrahihu mera man NAHI HEI jhagda karneka. Mehnat actually na tab meine excersise Kiya tha na that’s why laziness NAHI that. Love you infinity

  4. Raf

    It really awesome… Waiting for next..Post asap!! U 2 have a great talent ( lasya n Lil Angel-Soumya)

  5. |Registered Member

    I am late I know but this part was awesome n say the secret of the mansion soon n I guess gayu is alive.upload the next epi soon

  6. Riyasmiles


    |Registered Member

    Oops i am late.. I commented earlier but dont know why didnt it got published….
    Awesome… Loved it…. Intresting….. And fantabulous…
    Waiting for next di…
    Thanks for the link….
    Keep doing good work…
    Stay blezzed di….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.