KULDHARA by Lasya and Soumya (Episode 2)

After gayu’s birthday celebration all cousins went to naksh room for discussing about trip.
KaiRa were ready to go!  but yash was not ready.
Yash told everyone that the village is haunted but everyone ignore him.
Mishti was excited for the trip because it was after 6 moths they were going out together.
After gayu’s death all happiness of singhanias and maheswaris are lost, they were living their life but not as happy as before.
KaiRa came back to their house. They were feeling something strange as something was stopping them to go!!
In singhania house Naksh told all the elders that they are going Shimla for some days as they have not gone somewhere out for many months.
All elders agreed.
After packing they all meet at KaiRa’s house.

Cousins preceded their journey to KULDHARA in a bus
Everybody is excited as they are going to Kuldhara!
One side they are going to a trip after ages… other side they are going to a haunted house….and another side they are going for a trip without Gayu!
They have mixed feelings!
“Oh…come on guys! We are still not dead In that mansion….and this is not the funeral of any of us…” Freaked out Naksh!
“Bhai…Why are you talking like this” Naira shouted!
“Then why no one is talking as if…”
“Stop… Naksh! First of all we are going to Haunted mansion and you are talking like these” Yash confronted Naksh!
“Acha, Fine now! Stop this! Tell Naksh what shall we do?” asked Keerthi
“Okay! Now as we are going to haunted village! We will share some haunted experiences!” Naksh suggested!
“No! I’m afraid! Please stop these” requested Rose!
“Bhabi! Don’t be so silly… there is nothing like ghost and all! I’ll prove it!” Mishti said
“Okay! Mishtu…how will you prove that there is no ghost!” Questioned Naksh!
“bhai! We will stay in Kuldhara mansion only and there I’ll prove that there is no ghost and all bla!” answered mishti!
“good idea! Let’s do that!” agreed Naksh!
“did you both go crazy all where? No I’ll not agree” cried out Yash!
“Yash bhayya! There is nothing like that! I there with you right?” assured Mishti!
“Why are you both not speaking out? Where are you?” asked Keerthi shaking both Karthik and Naira!
“yes! Tell me what happened?” said Kaira coming back to world!
“we will stay in Kuldhara bhavan after going to that village and prove that there is nothing like ghost or devil” Said mishti!
“I don’t think this is a good idea” said Karthik!
“yes! No we shouldn’t stay there…Gayu di said many stories about that!”
“naira di! They are stories not real!”
“yes! Naira please FOR GAYU’S SAKE” confessed Naksh!
The phrase “FOR GAYU’S SAKE” touched everyone’s heart piece and they agreed so!
Soon…they reached KULDHARA VILLAGE!

“Omg! How are the people staying here…? It’s sultry here” said keerthi waving her moving her hands to and fro her face!
“Keerthi bhabi! I hope you forgot!  As you all believe only ghosts live here…so that they can make the temperature cooler” said mishti with sarcasm!
“NO….THIS IS NOT YOU BELIEVE THAT THE GHOST IS HERE OR I BELIEVE…THAT’S VERY TRUE” shouted some random old man widening his eye and mouth!
The man was very untidy! Infact dirty! He looked as if he did not bath since ages…his pleats of hair were like some snakes coming out from his head! His dry lips….harsh voice and evil eyes”
Yash! He looks so scary! Let’s leave” rose caught her husband’s right hand tightly!
“bhabi! Slow down!” spoke out mishti!
“how are saying this? Did any ghost had dinner with you? Oh…no how will it do….you are that scary that the ghost will run away seeing you!” mishti spoke out again!
“ah!” that old man shrieked out in anger!
“err..i’m sorry from her side…please don’t be angry!” convinced Naira!
“okay! So are you that batch who came here from Udaipur?” asked that man!
” yes we are!” cousins shook their heads
“okay! Who is Karthik in you?” he asked again!
“it’s me” Karthik lifted his hand!
“so you are the person who called for rooms here? Isn’t it?” he asked
“yes! I’m”
“okay then take these keys!”
“oh…there is a travel agent too here? Good good even ghosts are developing” joked mishti again!
But everybody calmed her down!
“Sorry sir! We don’t want these keys! We want the keys of Kuldhara mansion!” Karthik requested!
“what are you mad?” he asked
“no sir! Please” Karthik said
“See…. I agreed to give keys of that lodge as you gave me extra amount…but usually we don’t allow any of the visitors… it’s okay if you want to stay here….no ghost will harm you but if you enter or atleast go to the side of that mansion….they will not leave you!” he said
“please sir! If  you want I’ll give you triple times the amount” Karthik requested and managed to take the keys!
“wow! Now we are going to Kuldhara mansion”   said excited mishti!
Suddenly they experienced the temperature cooled down!!
“what’s this strange change?” cried out keerthi!
“yes! It’s scary!” rose said!
When they are about to go Karthik gets a message!
“waiting for you since ages! Come on! Kuldhara mansion is waiting”
He reads the message and gets tensed!
“who sent this message?” HE said to himself”
Precap: they enter Kuldhara mansion!


  1. Fenil


    |Registered Member

    Loved it !!
    Awesome chppy ….not that much scary hope to see with that chapter that will make me scared but that impossible ! hahahah

    Msg sent by Lil Soumya dii she the main ghost of that mansion …lolss
    Can’t wait for next !!

  2. Vedanshidwivedi


    |Registered Member

    Wow yaar soo much horror
    Hii can i make a request that pls update this that tym of nite because at that tym it feels amazing reading such horror stories so if u can pls update
    And yaa horror is amazing


    Where is my comment???

    Its soo intresting….
    Kahi ye gayu bhoot toh nahi…..
    Eagerly waiting for next…..
    Update regularly ha….
    And love u my both writer sister…..

  4. Orchid


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    OMG seems like gayu is back in kuldhara mansion. Btw awesome ep post soon di waiting for it. Love u.😘😘😘

  5. N.M


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    ahhh thats so amazing , i am reading an haunted FF with this much interest for the first time

  6. |Registered Member

    tujhe pata he tune mujhe ek link diya tha jab comment kiya toh lasya ne reply kiya phir dekha toh woh uska ff he maine us ff ko bina pade keh diya yeh horror tha
    lekin pura padne ke baad tujhe kaungi yeh horror tha, u know u r a shakesphere of tu

  7. Omri


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    Wow i read the ff it is just superb. Love it. Plz try to post asap i am waiting btw can i call you somu?

  8. Neha-17


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    Ohh…so intriguing story… I loved this concept of fusion of Kaira story with kuldhara….Great…love ya..😘😘

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