Kuldeepak 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kamiya meets Diwan and says why you all think chiragh does wrong only? She says you ever thought whats behind his anger? the reason. This video will show you. She shows him the video. Vash said your mom has asked me to keep an eye on. To spy you. Diwan is dazed.
She says I wanted to prove it so I recorded the video.
You can see the truth. how can vidya do this. She asked vash to spy her own son. She doesn’t trust him. So he is violent and aggressive. I could get vash expelled for this. Btu the question is more on Vidya. Diwan says thank you for being so considerate. She holds his hand and says I can do that for you. Now I know why vidya doesn’t want me to counsel hiragh. If she doesn’t trust chiragh then how can she trust someone else. If I get your support I

can help him.

Scene 2
Vash comes to vidya and collides with Shanaya. It breaks her vase. Shanaya grasps her ear and says it is more than your papa’s whole salary. You poor people. How dare you. Vidya comes and says leave her. She asks Vash to go. Vidya says how can you do this. She is a child. SHanaya says she would be coming to ask something, they are greedy. Vidya says she is a nice girl.
Vidya comes to Vash. She says I am sorry. Vash says I didn’t break deliberately. Vidya says I know. Vash says I made a mistake. I told chiragh you have asked me to keep an eye on him. She tells him everything. Vidya says he went to say sorry to principal. Thats a good thing. My son is changing. she sees bruise on her hand. Vash says its nothing. Vidya says tell me truth. Vash says The milk boiled so ma in anger.. Vidya hugs her. Vidya take Vash to Shanti. She says what is this. Shanti says what is this vash? Vidya says if you hit her again I will tell Madahv. Shanti says leave it. That is such a small topic. Vidya says which mother does that? This is a crime. I can get you arrested for this. Shanti says she is filling your ears. Vidya says to Vash if anything happens to you tell me. I am always with you.

Vidya comes in. Chiragh says when you stop giving chiragh phone I thought you are changing. But that was all lie. vIdya says what did I do? Diwan shows her the video. She says I did this for chiragh’s better. Trust me. He says what mother sends another child to spy on her own. Vidya says you know chiragh has anger issues. Diwan says he is not the only person. No mother does that. Chiragh has no problem. The problem is with you thinking. What you think he is, criminal or devil? Sheila says she is chiragh’s mother. She must have a reason. Shanaya says tell us the reason. Parehs says this is harming chiragh. Shanaya says that vash is so clever. Diwan says till I am here no one can harm chiragh. He calls madhav in and says from tomorrow vash will not go in our car. Madhav says has she done something wrong? Diwan says ask her to focus on studies and stay away from chiragh. If she does another mistake I will be forced to throw you out of job and out house. Vash hears all this.

Shanti says to Vash you go to spy on chiragh? madhav says shut up shanti. Vash says I was just keeping an eye. Madhav says this is wrong vash. It bugged diwan. Vash says I did it for someone’s better. Shanti grasps her hair and says I will break your bones if we lose this house.
Sheila says don’t worry vidya. There must be some reason behind it. Vidya says I wonder who gave that clip to Diwan. Shiela says yes.
Kamiya says to chiragh this is the beginning. Soon vash will be out of this house along with her family.

Scene 3
Chiragh is playing with his toy car. Madhav gets diwan’s car ready. The car doesn’t start. Chiragh’s shadow goes out and moves the car himself. He hits Madhav with the car. Vash comes in and sees him. She sees chiragh. Chiragh goes inside. She asks madhav how it happened? He says the car wasn’t starting but then it started and hit me. Vash says chiragh did all this. She goes inside. Vash slap chiragh and says why you hit my dad. Everyone is dazed. Diwan stops her and says how dare you. Madhav says stop Vash.

Precap-Diwan says chiragh didn’t do anything.
He was inside. Leave this job and our house. Chiragh calls kamiya and says our plan is going good. Kamiya says now listen the next step.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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