Kuldeepak 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vidya says what will happen if I tell everyone. They will take my child from me. He is my child I will die without him. Shiela says what have you thought about this? What step have you taken? Vidya says every moment I only try to keep changing chiragh. To defeat that devil and make chiragh a good man. I try to keep him away from all this. There is a new hope in my heart and thats Vash. God has sent her as my help. First time I felt like someone is gonna help him. i saw her in my dreams before she came here. She is here to help me. her dad told me that her mom has died when Vash died. Vash was born in a temple. After Vash’s birth it rained and our fields were all green. People thought she is the blessing of God.
Vidya says on 27th march both chiragh and vash were born. Shiela hugs


Chiragh comes back to his room. Kamiya says this isn’t right. She is in her house. She looks at Vidya’s picture. She says no one can come between me and chirgah. Her guide says don’t underestimate Vidya. A mother is very powerful. Kamiya says I know. He says Dai was defeated by Vidya as well. Chirgah is vidya’s son. And that Vash is helping Vidya as well. Kamiya says devil will win. We have to rule the world. Chiragh is our hope.

Vash recalls what happened at the roof. She recalls how chiragh was scared of her locket.

Scene 2
In the morning, Vash says to chiragh you came to shove me? But why were you not harmed after falling from the roof? Are you made of steel? If I had fallen police would have arrested you. He says when did I shove you? Vash says you lie too now? You worry your mom so much. Why don’t we become friends? Will you be my friend? Chiragh is about to hit her with his cycle. Vidya comes. She says what is this chiragh. he leaves.
Vash says will you be my friend? Vash says you are already my best friend. She tells vidya everything. She says how was chiragh not injured at all? Vidya says God saved him. DOn’t tell anyone. She says I wont. Vidya says get ready there is a surprise for you.

Chiragh gets ready for school. Diwan says chiragh come here. Shiela looks at him. Chiragh looks at her she is a bit scared. Chiragh makes diwan eat. Vidya gives Vash a gift and says this is for winning competition. It has school bag and shoes. Shanaya says vidya you have a great heart. Your son lost and you are gifting in front of him.
Chiragh says you were clapping for her as well. Give her everything. Diwan says chiragh don’t say that. Manjila says chiragh I will give you a big gift. Madhav comes in and says I am sorry on her behalf. Vash says why are you saying sorry. He lost thats not my or your mistake. He says go from here. Chiragh says she thinks so high of herself. Vidya says be quite chiragh.
Kamiya says to chiragh hurt people who are close to vash. Madhav is going out. Chiragh closes the door with his power and it hurts him really bad. Diwan runs towards him and says are you okay? He says I am fine. I don’t know how the door closed. Diwan says it was air maybe.

Scene 3
In school, chiragh says to bulbul let me show you magic duster. Tge duster keeps on changing its place. the teacher feel weird. Al the kids laugh. She says who is doing this. Principal comes in and says what is happening here. Who is doing this. I will punish whole class. A man says sir this was chiragh’s trick. Principal says do you wanna be rusticated again? Learn to behave or I will have to call your parents. Vash says he is so angry. I have to keep an eye on him.

After class, chiragh comes to principal’s room. Vash says I won’t let you do anything wrong. He says who are you to stop me? VAsh says your mom has asked me to keep an eye on you. I won’t let you do anything. He says why would I do something? I came here to say sorry to principal sir. See this rose and sorry card. Kamiya has recorded all this.

Precap-Kamiya shows that video to diwan. He is dazed. Kamiya says how can she ask vash to spy on her son.
She has to trust her child. If I get your support I can help chiragh but vidya always interferes. Don’t let her come between me and chiragh this time.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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