Kuldeepak 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vidya recalls how she took that kit out of vash’s bag. She says I got to know Kamiya’s reality. She is like dai ma. I have to save chiragh from her. She turns back. Kamiya is standing there. Vidya gets scared. Kamiya holds her hand. She reads her mind. Diwna comes there and says what are you doing here? Kamiya says I came here to ask her to come for competition. She is worried about vash I guess. Vidya says I would be worried if she was the culprit. She leaves. Kamiya holds diwan’s hand. He takes his hand back. Kamiya says I am still embarrassed. Vidya is so nice she brought same color kit for vash and chiragh. I won’t be surprised if she will be more happy for vash. Diwan says i don’t think so. Vidya comes and says lets go diwan we have cheer chiragh. Diwan goes

with her.

Kamiya says vidya knows everything about me now. I have to get rid of her now.

The results are being annouced. Principal says tanesh wins the third price. The first price winner is Vashnavi. Everyone smiles for her. He congratulates and gives her shield. Chiragh is jealous. He is second. Kamiyq says to chiragh there are two people behind your defeat. Your mom and vash.
Chiragh is sad. Vidya says don’t be sad. You did so well. And we are proud of you. We will frame this painting in our hall. Chiragh says I lost because of you. You brought kit for vash. If she didn’t participate I would have won. Vash comes and says aunt see me trophy. Thank you for the kit.

Vash comes home and shanti slaps her. She says I told you you won’t go to school today. Throw these away. She beats her.

Scene 2
At night chiragh is angry. He goes towards Vash’s room. Shiela sees him and says chiragh where are uyou going at this hour. She sees lights sparking.
Vash is in balcony. She is crying. She says why are you not here ma. Chiragh comes there. Shiela is following him. Chiragh tries to shove her. She moves aside. He falls down but nothing happens to him. Shiela is dazed. Vash says you should thank God. He says move it aside. He runs in.
Sheila comes to vidya and tells her everything. She says was ma right? Vidya says yes. She tells shiela everything. Shiela is scared. Vidya says a devil was born from my womb.

Precap-Kamiya says attack the people who are close to vash. Chiragh injures Madhav. Kamiya says we will rule the world.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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