Kuldeepak 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Sheila says to manjila ma you have only misunderstanding. Manjila says if you don’t trust me then please go from here. Shiela says please don’t get me wrong. I just want you to understand that Chiragh is our child. How can he keep someone. Manjila says there is a devil in him. Vidya comes and says ma he is stubborn. He would get better when he joins school. Manjila says he needs to be taken to a guru. Shiela says ma you can’t say that to Vidya. She is Chiragh’s mother. Vidya says ba is his grandmom. Grandma is even more respected than mom. Manjila says I am sorry. I know chiragh is our child. but what I saw after that.. Vidya says I dont’ know you saw and why are you so scared. But I promise you that after today whatever you see from today will only be good. Please

give Chiragh another chance.

Dai says to Chiragh you have been inside chiragh since his birth master. Now I am done with my duty. Please allow me to go from here now. Kaal says you can’t go. You have to teach and bring chiragh up. till he is 21. There are pure powers in this house. Dai says what puew powers? Vidya is looking for chiragh. Dai says but you super powerful. Kaal says I am inside Chiragh’s body but its weak. We have to wait for chiragh to turn 21. Then his body will take my powers completely. Till then teach chiragh about dark powers. Dai says don’t worry. i will raise chiragh up.
Vidya is looking for him. Kaal says Vidya is the greatest trouble. Chiragh is still under her influence. Mother gives birth. She knows every trait of her child. Kaal says Vidya shouldn’t doubt that her chiragh is getting out of her hands. Vidya comes near Dai;s room. She sees Chiragh sitting there with dai. All surrounded by smoke. Chiragh hugs Vidya. He says I am scared of the smoke. Vidya says what is all this? Dai says Manjila said she saw chiragh floating. I was just getting bad eye off him. Vidya says you know chiragh doesn’t like all this. I am his mom and I have bring him up not you. Got it? She leaves.

Dai says if you are mom then I am Dai. I will bring Chiragh up. Because my devil is inside chiragh. He is our prince.

Scene 2
yashodin’s apprentice says only you can save chiragh. Please open eyes. Only you know what happened that night in jungle.
Shanya and Alpesh are close. Bhagat comes in. He says sorry sorry. Your dad has called you downstairs. Shnaya says has diwan left? Alpesh says he is always in a hurry. Shanya says yes he has responsibility of whole city but he takes care of Vidya. He gives her time. Bhagat says a husband should always give his wife time. Alpesh says go from here. He says to Shanya love you.

Vidya is playing with Chiragh. She says you will become good boy? He says I just said that to make papa happy. Vidya plays with him. Vidya says why did you misbehave with dadi? He says because she is a liar. She said she is taking me to a good place and took to the temple. vidya says that doesn’t mean you will hit her? He says I got angry. Vidya says we have to treat that anger then. Now if you get angry you will say 5 times mummy I love you. Churagh says will anger go away from that? Vidya says lets try. What is your fav toy.
Chiragh picks one. Vidya breaks it. Chiragh get angry. He says it was my favorite. Why you broke it. He gets angry. He says mama I love you and smiles. vidya hugs him and says my good boy. Will you say sorry to dadi? Chiragh says yes. Vidya hugs her and says my son.

Sheila asks Manjila to sit in garden. She says let me bring something to eat. Vidya comes there with chiragh. Chiragh comes to Manjila. Manjila gets scared. She says go from here. Chiragh looks at Vidya. Chiragh says I came here to say sorry. Manjila hugs her. Manjila says my son.. My child. He hugs him. Dai is looking at all this. Manjila says you wanna sit on swing? He says yes ba. Vidya says I am coming. Manjila makes chiragh sit on the swing. She tell him a story. She says there a was a magician in a village. Chiragh says there was a lion’s head in his box. A girl saw it. She says how you know it? He says i know. Manjila says this was truth of my village but how chiragh knows it? Chiragh says what happened? Manjila says I have to go inside. She gets scared and goes inside.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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