Kuldeepak 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vash is cleaning the room. Shanti says work fast. Vidya comes in. She sees Vash mopping. Shanti says you are sir’s wife. I am shanti Vash’s mom. Vidya says how can you ask her to do all this. Shanti says I am asking her not to do this. But she doesn’t listen. She wants to do it all. Vash says okay mom if you want I will leave it. You do the mop. Vidya says I want to talk to vash. Vash goes out with vidya. Vidya says what was all that? Why your mom was asking you to do all this? Vash you worry about me? After my mom passed away dadu said only God will take care of me. Now you do too. Vidya smiles. SHe says what happened in the school? Vash says I kept an eye on chiragh. Tomorrow we have painting competition. Papa said he will get me a new kit tomorrow.

Shanti calls

Madhav. He says my foot is hurt. Bring my meds. He says I had to buy paint kit too. She says okay then let me die. He says I will bring your meds. Vidya says when you try with heart nothing can stop that person. Try your best.
Madhav comes home. Vash checks the shopper. She says where is the color kit. Shanti says this is my medicine. We don’t have money for all this. You won’t go to school tomorrow. stay home and do the chores.

Scene 2
Chiragh is leaving for school. Diwan says we will come and will bring ba too. He asks madhab where is vash? Madhav says she is not well. Chriagh says in heart if she doesn’t come our plan will fair. Chiragh says if vash doesn’t come I wont’ go as well. Diwan says but she is not well. Vash comes and says okay then I am coming. Chiragh smiles. She says in heart I can’t compete but I can help Vidya aunt. Diwna says all the best chiragh and vashnavi. they leave for school. Vidya says make good paintings. She says I am only going to keep an eye on chiragh. Vidya says you have win the competition as well. Madhav says what will you do without color kit? Lets go.

All the kids make fun of Vash. bulbul says she doesn’t have a kit. She said she will win. She can’t even compete. Kamiya goes where all the bags are placed. She does magic and floats bulbul’s kit into Vash’s bag. Vidya comes in and sees all of this. She is scared and dazed. Vidya hides. All the kids come in. Kamiya feels like someone was there. Kamiya says to chiragh today will be vash’s last day in school.
Vidya recalls what she saw. She is scared. She recalls every lie kamiya said. She says he is here to control my child. How do I save my child from her. I can’t even tell anyone. Please help me God. Show me a way. Vash comes and says you here.. The competition is about to start. Lets go.

The competition is about to start. Bulbul says where is my kit. Someone stole it. It was my new color kit. Bulbul says this vash has stolen it I am sure. Give it back to me. Vash says I didn’t steal anything. Bulbul says show me your bag. Vash says don’t call me thief. Kamiya says stop it. Vash bring your bag here and let me check it. Vash gives her bag to Kamiya. It has the kit. Principal says bulbul is that your kit? Kamiya is dazed. She says in hear this is not that kit. This is not bulbul’s. But I placed that kit in vash’s bag where did it go? Vidya says Vash didn’t steal anything. This is vash’s color kit. I brought two kits yesterday. One for vash and one for chiragh. See. She compares both. Kamiya is shocked. Teachers check all kids’ bags. They can’t fund bulbul’s kit. Bulbul says but i brought my kit. Principal says can we check your bags too? They check teacher’s bags. Kamiya’s bag has Bulbul’s kit. Everyone is dazed. Kamiya says what is all this. Bulbul how you blamed Vash. Now you will say I stole it? You find reasons to fight vash. Principal says lets start the competition. Kamiya says in heart vidya did all this. But how did she? She saw me? I have to find out what she knows about me.

Precap-Vidya says I know Kamiya’s reality. She is a witch. Kamiya says to chiragh there are two people behind your defeats. Your mom and vash. At night Chiragh says I will kill that vash.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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