Kuldeepak 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Guru ji is doing pooja. He opens his eyes and feels like something is wrong. His man says what happened? He says nothing. He says you look worried?
Dai is doing her mantra. She recalls Guruji asking Paresh to get Chiragh enrolled in school. She says for five years I have waited. Next month he will be 5 and will start using his powers. Then he can take care of himself. Till then I have to keep him in front of my eyes. He can’t go away from eyes to school. I won’t let him go to school.

Vidya wakes up chiragh. She says get ready you have to go to school. She sees his note books and smiles. Diwan comes out of shower. He says that was my slate. I went with this to school on my first day. She says I found this on Diwali. Chiragh will start with your slate too. He sit here.

He says mummy is the best teacher. Chiragh wakes up and says good morning. Diwan says my son will go to school today? Chiragh says yes. Vidya says very good. Lets go get ready. Dai comes and says I will get him ready. Vidya says not today is special I will get him ready today. Vidya gets Chiragh ready.

Everyone has brought gifts for Chiragh. Shanya says my blessings are enough for him. Shiela recalls Krishn. Bhagat and Imli bring gifts for Chiragh as well. Chiragh and Vidya come downstairs.
Vidya says I wanted to say something. Diwan started studying with this slate I want Chiragh to start with it as well. Manjila says thats right. Vidya says I want shiela bhabhi to make Chiragh write the first word. Chiragh sits in Shiela’s lap. Dai says let me give him milk first. Vidya says he drank already. Dai wonders how to stop Chiragh from going to school. Shiela makes Chirgh write. Dai ma writes on black sand. Chiragh writes what she writes. he makes spirals. Shiela says chiragh stop. Shanaya says write om don’t make circles. Vidya says stop. He keeps making circles. Vidya takes the chalk from him. Manjila says its okay he can say om. Shiela says say om.. Chiragh doesn’t say anything. Everyone is worried. Vidya says say om.. He says mom.. Diwan says are you happy now? He said mom. Sheila says mom has om too. And mother is like Goddess. Diwan says lets go to school Chiragh. Chiragh says no I won’t go. Diwan says you said you will go. Chiragh says you said you will go. Everyone shows him gifts.
Diwan says are you all happy now? He was ready but you all had to waste time in pooja. He leaves in anger. Vidya takes Chiragh upstairs. He is crying.
imli says I don’t know why he doesn’t agree to going to school. Alpesh says what if we show him that school is fun and his scare doesn’t take over him anymore. Shanya says but how?

Scene 2
paresh calls guru ji and tells him that Chiragh didn’t write om and didn’t agree going to school. Yashodan is worried. He sees the same symbol he saw on dai in his book. He is shocked. Yashodin says don’t worry. We will find a solution out. he says a trouble is on its way.

Everyone brings Chiragh downstairs. He says i don’t wanna go. Everyone sits in the class. Shanya becomes the teacher. she asks Chiragh mama taught you abcd? We are all students and Chiragh will teach them Abcd. He says A for apple. They all read after him. He asks Paresh to stand and asks him to read a rhyme. Paresh reads a rhyme.
Dai looks in chiragh’s eyes. He asks imli to stand up. He asks Bhagat to become a hen. everyone laughs. He says imli kaki you come here. Give me your hands. He beats her hands with a stick. Imli screams. Everyone is worried. Diwan stops him. Vidya says what is this Chiragh. Dai says I will show chiragh school of my kind and he wont’ ever go to their school.

Chiragh sees kids everywhere beating each other and being punished. He gets scared of going to school. He says I wont ever go to school.

Precap-Guruji says there is only one way to stop it. Vidya and Diwan get chiragh ready to go to school. Chiragh is happy to see kids playing in school. Dai asks imli where is chirgh? She says he went to school.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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