Kuldeepak 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Diwan asks madhav to drop Chiragh school. Vash comes there. Diwan says your daughter goes to the same school? Thats great. They can go together. Chiragh says she wont come with me. Diwan says whats the problem. Madhav says let her go today i will get her a rickshaw from tomorrow. Vidya says you and vash will go together. Diwan says she will become your friend. Chiragh says she is not my friend. Diwan says you can make her. Go now. They sit in the car and leave.
Vidya says thanks. We are both on same page. Otherwise we argue all the time. He says its not like that. Just change your attitude about chiragh.

Vash says AC. Radio. Chiragh says stop the car. I want to sit in front. He sits in front. Vash says the back seat is so comfortable. Chiragh says I want to sit in back. They

switch the seats.

Scene 2
Chiragh says come late. If my friends get to know we come together I will be insulted. All my friends will know you are my papa’s driver’s daughter and you live in my out house. If you tell anyone that you live in my out house I will tell everyone your dad is my dad’s driver.

Chiragh forgets his phone home. Vidya says he wont take it anymore. Manjila says thats a good decision. Diwan says thanks. Thats a good decision.
Kamiya calls diwan and tells him that vidya got Vash in the school. He says I didn’t know that. She says I am worried about chiragh. Vidya said vash will go with chiragh. Chiragh doesn’t like her and gets aggressive. Tell vidya its wrong. Diwan says vidya does everything for chirag’s better. I want him to understand how to share. I decided that vash and chiragh will go to school together. You should also teach him to mingle. I am getting late for office. Bye. Vidya overhears and smiles.

Bulul says get up this is my seat. Vash says why is your name written here? Bulbul says I sit next to chiragh. Chiragh says she sits here get up. Vash says I wont. Bulbul pulls her hand. Kamiya comes in. Chiragh says ma’am she is not giving bulbul’s seat. A kid says kamiya ma’am always supports chiragh. Kamiya says bulbul let vash sit there. You sit in the front seat. Bulbul throws water on vash’s seat. She says this is my seat. Only I can sit here.

In lunch break, chiragh spills vash’s water. She takes out another bottle. Kamiya says to chiragh I have a plan to kick this vash out. Kamuya says sometimes we have to make enemy friend to kill them from a closer distance. She tells him the plan. They both laugh.
Chiragh comes to class. Kamiya says kids listen there is an announcement. Tomorrow is painting competition. You will bring proper color kits and your parents will come to cheer you.
Vash says to chiragh I will beat you. He says I will win it. She says do you even know how to hold a brush?

Scene 2
Vidya asks chiragh and vash how was the day? Chiragh says very bad. Vash says it was good. Tomorrow is painting competition. He says I should tell you that. Why is she telling you. Now you stay with her. Madhav says i am sorry. Vidya says no no. Chiragh gets a little possessive. Vash comes home and sees stuff. Shanti is there. She says you have done enough fun here. Now go an bring me tea. Madhav says do you even know she is contributing int finances of this house. Madhav says I will bring your paints.

Vidya comes to chirgah. He has messed up his room. Vidya says what is this? I will help you. He says go and help that vash. Vidya says don’t be mad. tell me what are you looking for? He says I am looking for paint kit. She says I will get you a new one. Chiragh says yay. I will win the competition. You all come. She hugs him and says we will come.
Chiragh sneaks out. He calls Kamiya and says mummy papa will come tomorrow. Kick that vash out tomorrow.

Precap-Bulbul says where is my color kit? Someone stole it. I am sure Vash did. Kamiya says vash bring your bag. She takes out colors. Vash says I never stole this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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