Kuldeepak 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vidya says yes. I saw all that with my eyes. Manjila says what are you talking about Vidya? Vidya says I am looking for answers. All that happened with churagh why all this happened? What if Yashodin was right? Manjila says that is not right. Don’t create this doubts anymore. These doubts make us regret later. Vidya says what if a mother gets to know her child has a soul of devil? Manjila says she should sacrifice her motherhood for everyone’s better. She should send that devil away from her. Vidya recalls her times with Chiragh. She sits down in distress. Vidya says I don’t know what to do. I feel so helpless. My child is under control of black powers. he will be sent away from everyone. No I won’t let this happen. I brought him in this world. I will protect him.


reads in news paper about a professor who deals with all these issues.
Chiragh comes and says I defeated Bhagat. We were playing jungle he was bear and I was lion. I ate him. Vidya looks at him. He says I forgot I was mad at you. You locked me in store and didn’t let me go to school. Vidya says come let me take you somewhere. He says where? Diwan comes in. Chiragh says papa mummy is taking me somewhere. You come too? Diwan says where to? Vidya says somewhere. He says I have a meeting, after that we will go to the new game zone. Get ready I will be back in an hour. He leaves. CHiragh says I will go to game zone. Vidya gets him ready. He says but papa will come in an hour. Vidya says we need to go somewhere else before that.

Scene 2
Vidya comes to meet professor shastri with chiragh. They hear someone screaming. Chiragh get scared. He says who wa it? Vidya gives him headphones. She hears a woman screaming and crying. Vidya peeks inside. Professor is taking ghost out of a woman. She lies and screams.
Diwan comes home and says chiragh vidya where are you? Imli says they just left. diwan says where did they go?
Diwan calls on Vidya’s phone. Chiragh says mummy papa’s phone. Vidya turns the phone off. She says don’t tell anyone I brought you here.
The girl who was screaming comes out. Her parents are taking her out. Chiragh says lets go home. I don’t feel good here. The professor’s men take chiragh inside. Vidya comes with him. chiragh says leave me. All the lights start sparking. Professor shastri is dazed. They lay chiragh on the table. He checks Chiragh. Vidya says please save my son from these devils. He says I am not a pandit. I have studied the powers beyond humans. They look for ways to come to humans. The devil inside your son won’t be able to stand the power of om. He starts the mantra. Chiragh screams. his men hold chiragh. Shastri says leave this body. Chiragh shakes on the table. Chiragh looks at shastri and he falls down. His mouth bleeds. Chiragh screams and faints again. Vidya says what happened to him? Will he be okay. My son. Shastri says he is not your son. Vidya says I gave birth to him. Shastri says a devil was born from your womb. He used to your womb.

If the devil leaves his body he will die. Vidya is shocked. He says your son can’t live in this society. He is devil.
Vidya is on her way in the car. She says i will forget that I ever had my son. I will send my son away from my own hands. I will forget I ever gave birth to him. She is driving fast. A woman and her disabled son come in front of her car. Vidya says are you okay? She gives them water.
The woman gives water to her son. She says he is my son. He can’t walk. But he is my son. I gave birth to him. All his troubles are mine. I have to protect. He is a blessing of God. I keep him protected. Vidya looks at them. She says a child is a part of a woman’s heart. I will be incomplete without him. They leave. Vidya touches her feet. She says you told me why a mother is God’s shadow. Vidya says now I realize this is not chiragh’s mistake. He is a victim of devil and I will fight that devil to save my son.

Precap-Vidya says today I and Chiragh will be home. This is my first battle with devil. I will make chiragh angry and see if he attacks me or not.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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