Kuldeepak 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vidya is shocked. She says I can’t believe all this. she recalls Yashodin telling her about the symbol. She says this is the only way I can know. Vidya comes to room and sees that chiragh is not there. She says where has he gone this late? Chiragh is standing in the balcony looking at the owl. Vidya says what are you doing here? You should sleep. He says I was sleeping but he woke me up. Chiragh says what happened mummy? Why are you looking at me like that? She hugs him. She touches his hair. He says what are you doing. Vidya takes him with her. She picks the knife. Chiragh says mummy I wanna sleep. She says come with me. She takes him to garden. Vidya says look at the sky its like about to rain. I brought you here to see the rain. You love rain right? Chiragh says no right? Vidya says

lets enjoy the rain. She says I want to see if he has that symbol or not. Chiragh says I don’t wanna be wet. I wanna sleep. Vidya says i don’t want to sleep. Come sleep in my lap. She tries to look for the symbol. Vidya says tell me one thing. Did bulbul call you? He says we meet in school every day. Why would she call? He sits down. chiragh says what are you doin? She says i was massaging your hair. you will like it. Chiraggh says what are you looking for in my hair? I am going inside. Vidya says stop. Chiragh collides with a pot and falls. Diwan wakes up. He looks for Vidya and chiragh.

Vidya says are you okay? chiragh says I am fine. Let me go to room and sleep. Why are you touching my hair. She says come with me. Lets wait for the rain first. He says no. I wanna go to room. His nails scratch her hand. Vidya says come sit with me. She says let me see your hair. He says no dai ma ask me not to let anyone touch my hair. Chiragh says am I important or her? He bows his head. Vidya picks the scissor. She starts cutting his hair but suddenly the scissor fall from her hands. Chirah says what happened? Why are you so scared. Vidya recalls everything manjila said.

Later, Chiragh is walking towards manjila’s room with an ax. Diwan is looking for chiragh. He falls down the stairs and chiragh stands in front of him with ax. Vida is dreaming all this? Chiragh says what happened mummy? Why are you silent? Vidya says nothing. Can’t you understand that? Chiragh you will listen to your mummy? Don’t tell anyone about it. He says why? What is in my hair? Vidya says nothing. Its late. Lets go sleep. He holds her hand. They both go inside.
Diwan says where were you two? Vidya says we were in rain in the garden. We were not sleepy. Diwan says I heard something breaking? Vidya says there are strong winds outside. Diwan says lets go and sleep if you are done with your rain? Lets go. Vidya recalls everything. She walks slowly towards her room. She recalls her moments with chiragh. Vidya sees chiragh and diwan sleeping together. Vidya says I wont’ let this happen.

Precap-Shanaya sees something and screams.
She says chiragh.. Everyone looks at him. Chiragh is playing with a live snake.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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