Kuldeepak 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vidya makes the bundles and ties them in the doors. Vash come and says what are you doing. Vidya says we have to make rangolis on door. Will you help me? She says yes. They both make rangolis. Kamiya is with her women. She sees all of this.
They are doing their mantras to stop all this.

Vidya is doing pooja in the house. A witch says we have to get chiragh out of there. She will stop him. Kamiya says chirgah won’t leave us if we harm Vidya. Chiragh loves her. Vidya’s weakness is her family. We have to win from that side.

A smokes enters prohit house. Vidya is doing mantra on the door. She throws sindur on door and the fire in Kamiya’s bowl blows. Kamiiyaa says she is making a circle around the house. We can’t go there. A witch says Kammiya this

is another mistake. How can you do that. Kamiay says I will stop them.

Kamiya calls shanaya and says I wanna meet you.

Scene 2
Shanaya meets Kamiya. She says why have you called me here? Kamiya says vidya is your answer to this why. I have a plan against her. She tells shanaya the plan. Shsnaya nods and goes back.
Kamiya calls shanti and says you have to do one thing for me. You have keep vash locked in outhouse. she shouldn’t enter prohit house. \
Shnaay comes back home. Kamiya gives her directions from her voice. She says remove all those things from the door. Shanay is about to pul them. Vash comes there, Shanti takes vaash. Kamiya removes everything vidya put there. Kamiya says well done shanaya. Now you are ffree. Shanay comes back in her senses. She says I went to meet kamiya. How did I come back home?

Kamiya says we will destroy it with our black powers. She laughs.

Scene 3
Chiragh shows vidya things he has packed. He says I have these chocolates I will share them with bulbul. Vidya says sleep. Chiragh says sing me lullaby. Vidya sings him lullaby. Chiragh falls asleep. Vidya sees the table. Vash story book is there. Vidya says I should return it to her.

Vash is locked by Shaniti. Shanti says stand there in the corner. Don’t say a word. Vidya comes and says to shanay vash forgot this in chirgah’s room. Where is she? Vash? Shanti takes the book and says I will give it to her. Vidya stops the door and says vall vash here. I haven’t seen her since morning. SHanti says she has gone out with her papa. She will be late. Vidya leaves.

Paresh is walking from the stairs. SOmeone shoves him. Kamiya and Chiragh smile.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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