Kuldeepak 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
The preparations for pooja and jagran are going on. She says my child has to go through this test. Please help me God.
dai says if Vidya takes him there lord will be destroyed. How can I save him. Its about tonight only. I will save my lord anyhow.
Vidya gets a call. Its bulbul. She says we met in school auntie. Is chiragh there? Vidya says okay. she smiles and says chiragh its bulbul’s call. He is shy. VIdya says its okay I will go out.
Bulbul says thank God I heard your voice. Where are you? Why are you coming to school. I really miss you. Chiragh says why? Why you mis me? Everyone is there. She says I miss you becasue you are my best friend. He says I already have a best friend. She says who is she? Stay away from her. Chiragh says thats my mom. She says sorry sorry.

He says you are my second best friend. She says promise me you will come to school tomorrow. He says yes I will.

Vidya places the idol. Shiela says this is so beautiful. Vidya calls yashodin. She says you did so wrong with my child. You tried so hard to prove him devil. Its my turn to prove him right. Chiragh will sit in the jagran. YAshodoin says he can’t sit there. Vidya says come here and you will see yourself. so. Are you coming? Don’t worry. No one will arrest you. Diwan won’t do anything either. I will wait for you.
Manjila says don’t expect too much Vidya. It will break your heart. Vidya says my son will take care of my hope. Manjila says you will see the truth yourself. Chiragh comes downstairs.

Diwan says to Viday that yashodin wont come here. I hate him. I allowed you so you can prove yourself. That doesn’t mean you can invite that yashodin here.
Vidya says please listen. I know you hate him but we have to prove him wrong. Diwan says chiragh doesn’t believe in all this. What if he doesn’t sit? Everyone will call him devil. Vidya says I have faith in my child and God. He says okay
Chiragh comes and says how will God be seen? Vidya says you will feel God when you sit in jagran. He says you are my everything mom. Vidya says get ready. I will wait for you.
Diwan says what happened? Chiragh says nothing. Diwan says did you homework? He says yes. Diwan says for you and your mom this is an exam. Don’t let her fail. Chiragh says I wont.

Shanaya says I think Vidya should believe mom. She is never wrong. What will you do mom if he comes? Manjila says he will prove today that he is a devil.
Churagh comes downstairs. Diwan brings him. Diwan says I am here for Vidya. I don’t want her to stand alone in all this. This is my responsibility towards her.
Vidya smiles. Paresh says truth will win. Manjila says yes everyone will see the truth. Let it start.

Scene 2
The jagran starts. Vidya says my child’s life is in your hands God. Everyone reads mantra. Chiragh sits with Vidya. His head hurts but he tolerates. Chiragh runs inside. Shanayaa says see mummy I told you you can never be wrong. Vidya runs after chiragh. She says I will talk to him diwan.
Viday says chiragh.. He drops his crystal. She says come with me. He says I am better here. I don’t like all that. She says you promised me. We have to fight this fear. Everyone will call me wrong. I will never be able to face anyone. Its your mom’s test today. Chiragh hugs her. He says I will go.

Precap-Yashodin comes in the jagran. Vidya reads the mantra. Chiragh sits with her. He dances on mantra. Vidya and dowan smile.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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